July 15, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: For seven years, Ontario Muslims have been EXEMPT from meat safety regulations — but there’s a bizarre twist

David MenziesMission Specialist

There are myriad rules governing the slaughtering of animals in Ontario. Case in point: after an animal is slaughtered, the meat is immediately refrigerated, to minimize the potential multiplication of harmful bacteria. All of these rules are outlined under Section 83 of Ontario’s Food and Safety Quality Act.

But recently, TheRebel.Media was tipped off by an insider, who told us:

If you are a Muslim farmer and you are slaughtering animals for the purpose of Eid celebrations, you are actually exempt from those refrigeration regulations.

Indeed, it turns out that for the last seven years, Ontario has allowed religious and/or cultural stipulations to override its food safety rules.

The Ministry of Agriculture even outlines the exemption to its own rules in a pamphlet entitled, “Eid Mubarak! What you need to know to get safe inspected meat from a provincially licensed meat plant to celebrate with your family and friends.”

Unfortunately, Jeff Leal, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, declined to be interviewed for this story.

As well, no representatives at the Ministry would come on camera to answer our questions. The ministry would only provide written responses via email.

One of our first questions was:

Since religious and cultural considerations do not alter biology, should Ontario consumers be concerned that there are exemptions being given to existing slaughterhouse procedures for non-scientific reasons?

WATCH to see all the non-responses I received from the Ministry, plus this story's truly bizarre twist…

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commented 2016-07-18 11:48:09 -0400
Hey David,
Maybe its just me, but hasn’t this site become a bit of a Muslim bashing site. I know the new and the events and the crap flying sort of lends to it, but I fear all their stupidity and killing may stop this news source from being a wider bodied channel.
While I am glad you cover this stuff, I am just saying, I hope its not a hate fest and I hope you all are not getting obsessed. I know they are sick bastards. I know some of those terrorists are running people over, And I know that they are obsessed with taking over our country and changing our laws we worked to set up. So I don’t want you to stop pointing out the crap being dished out. I just don’t want you guys to become a hate channel.
commented 2016-07-17 11:04:12 -0400
David Church,

You sound like an apologist for Islam. Is this the case?

Why is halal yogurt usually less expensive than everyday yogurt?

commented 2016-07-17 01:38:40 -0400
Ontario abatwas should all claim to be Muslim, and let The Rebel report on it.
commented 2016-07-17 01:10:36 -0400
Shebel Raj – and I’m curious about the halal yogurt!
commented 2016-07-16 23:04:29 -0400
The demand for Sacrificial meat is growing in the West.
And it is proportional to the number of Muslims.
Why don’t you fill us in on the sacrificial Chicken ?
It is a bloody farce.
10,000 get killed and the Imam says a prayer and then collects his money.
I am more curious about the Halal potato.
This should be a good one.
commented 2016-07-16 22:32:41 -0400
I shop at stores like Safeway where the halal meat is labelled as such so I stay clear of it and for a very good reason . In England a few months back a health inspector was inspecting a Muslim restaurant that catered to " take away" or take out food as we call it. Under the kitchen sink he found a ceramic jug with a handle and it was covered in both brown fingerprints and brown stains. He asked the owner what is was doing there and the owner replied he was a devout Muslim and he wiped his ass with his left hand as the Koran dictated even though there was TP availible and used the jug to pour water down his backside. . He said devout Muslims follow the Koran as much as possible. He was fined and I don’t know how his business did after that but I’m sure only devout Muslims patronized his place after that.
Now consider the devout Muslim that works in a halal meat processing plant . Would you take a chance on buying a chicken or piece of meat that was handled by a devout Muslim just coming back from the bathroom ?
I would never buy anything that says halal on it simply for safety reasons. They can have the walls plastered with Wash Your Hands signs but that doesn’t mean its being done.
commented 2016-07-16 21:23:57 -0400
David P Church – you bloody Progs and your Islamic Relevatism will be the death of the West. Who cares how the Halal butchers are shipping meat ?? we should be concentrating on the fact that Halal slaughter is – like Islam – cruel, sick, backwards and revolting. Animals killed by halal are subjected to being hung upside down and slowly bled to death while some retarded bearded asshole says a prayer to his pedophile God. For God’s sake,man, look at the problem. It’s ISLAM in all its sick, perverted ways.
commented 2016-07-16 19:12:01 -0400
I suspect that most of these Ministry of Agriculture bureaucrats are more afraid of offending Muslims than they are about poisoning Canadians.
commented 2016-07-16 19:08:36 -0400
William Collins – It’s difficult to “research” hearsay and unsupported allegations. Do you have a verifiable source we can check to confirm your allegation that Muslim retailers are transporting meat products from slaughter houses in unrefrigerated pickup trucks, then selling it to consumers?

If you have evidence this is happening, you should be reporting it to the relevant provincial and federal authorities. After the consumer panic from the listeria outbreak at Maple Leaf Foods (NOT from their halal processing plants, BTW) the government is obviously anxious to prevent another tainted meat crisis.
commented 2016-07-16 15:21:39 -0400
DAVID P CHURCH do some more research. Muslims regularly pick up meat at slaughterhouses in half-ton trucks with government inspectors on the premises while regular butchers can only transport it in refrigerated vehicles.
commented 2016-07-16 13:07:39 -0400
The appetite for sacrificial meat is growing exponentially in the west and so does the cruel halal slaughtering techniques , where a conscious animal { western abattoirs stun the animal prior to slaughter } is slaughtered and in deep pain and anguish slowly bleeds to death. All the while an Imam blesses the sacrifice to the most benevolent the most merciful ! These halal abattoirs hire only practicing muslims, and there is also a fee for the imam’s blessing and a fee for halal-certification. Quite the shakedown in this lucrative industry . The meat industry is being taken over by islam.
commented 2016-07-16 12:59:12 -0400
Are these accomodations made only for Muslim farmers and/or consumers or are there exemptions for other religions and cultures? For example, do Jews get exemptions for kosher products? Do Buddhists get exemptions for their foods? etc.
commented 2016-07-16 11:01:38 -0400
This article doesn’t make sense in that…… Muslims are forbidden to eat pork and wouldn’t participate in any pork husbandry.
commented 2016-07-16 10:55:14 -0400
This has NOTHING to do with halal meat and poultry products sold in supermarkets and butchered shops. Halal refers just to the method of slaughtering animals. Halal products sold to consumers must still adhere to the same food safety regulations, including refrigeration, as all other meat and poultry products. That halal rotisserie chicken from the supermarket is just as safe to eat as the non-halal chicken sold beside it.

The exemption to the refrigeration regulation applies only to people bringing live animals to be slaughtered at slaughter houses specifically for Eid celebrations. (All animals for human consumption MUST be slaughtered at government regulated slaughter houses. There is no exemption for any religious group.) The entire process is supervised by government meat inspectors and the slaughtered and butchered animals are immediately handed to the people who brought them. They are simply not refrigerated and stored at the slaughterhouse. Just as Christians are not required to bring their hot dogs, striploin steaks and pork chops home from the supermarket in a refrigerated truck, neither are Muslims who bring slaughtered animals home from a slaughter house. Once you have purchased meat, good food safety practices is up to you.

Read the regulations on the Ontario government website:
commented 2016-07-16 10:43:39 -0400
«Unfortunately, Jeff Leal, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, declined to be interviewed for this story.»

Presumably, he would say things like “Who cares if some brown people die from food poisoning?” or “So what if animals are tortured to death by brown people?” to justify this insanity.
commented 2016-07-16 09:33:38 -0400
So the Ministry of Agriculture houses a bunch of cowards. The Minister is obligated to reply, we pay for his salary and he represents us the taxpayers. More work to do.
commented 2016-07-16 09:28:05 -0400
Just read your comment.
Cathy Rochford commented 13 hours ago
The other day I bought a roasted chicken at the grocery store. Did not know it was halal until I checked out with the cashier,
Today (the white store) whole chickens are on sale for $1.97 a lbs. In the same counter halal and non halal chickens, they were in the same types of plastic bags different printing. Asking the “meat manager” if he could guarantee the non halal chickens were slaughtered at the same plant he looked at me like I had just landed from Mars. When I worked at Steinberg’s in the meat department our meat manager knew exactly when and where the meat came from. Today the so called meat managers are just stock packers. I did not buy their chickens
The other day (the green store) I bought 2 fully cooked Bar B Q chickens for $14.00 they were on the same counter mixed with halal chickens YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFULL read all the labels before you buy even the small print.
Have you noticed most of the sea food products are coming from China and Viet Nam Why! Is Canada not surrounded by oceans read the label and buy North American our fishermen and farmers take care in what they sell. I never buy food from these countries I respect my health, do you?
commented 2016-07-16 07:11:19 -0400
hmmmm…is the reason we’ve been having problems with listeria the last few years?
commented 2016-07-16 05:42:36 -0400
Having known a prisoner who did work at an abattoir and the stories he told me, I’m not surprised.
commented 2016-07-16 02:08:05 -0400
And they sell it to non-islamics in their stores.

Never patronize an islamic store – they are actually quite dirty – in fact if you know what to look for most are actually quite filthy.
commented 2016-07-16 01:25:24 -0400
Any way you cut it, Muslims and Jews compose way less then 10% of the population of Ontario. Google the details.

But still, in Ontario there are Kosher and Halal food outlets — restaurants and grocers — as if Jews and Muslims made up the majority of Ontario’s population. To prepare halal meat or to prepare Kosher meat takes a lot of work. Why would any butcher do that?
commented 2016-07-16 01:08:09 -0400
How the hell did the way of the Muslim take over the way in which our food supply is prepared and handled ? This could explain why there has been grocers and restaurants that have sold or served tainted meat products and people have taken ill. This situation will of course just get a lot worse as those tasked with keeping us safe will continue to fall down on the job. The problem we have with every violation on our way of doing things, on our culture, on our traditions, is always the same, Political Correctness and the simple fact that we do not have any Leaders.
commented 2016-07-15 23:48:17 -0400
Well Muslims are special after all they get away with things we would never get away with .
Have seen first hand at airport fully covered females not having to show their face before boarding.Image if I put a paper bag over my head in the airport the RCMP would arrest me .
Or what about the alleged assault in London of a Muslim ,LPS reported the religion of the alleged victim as if that had a bearing and said they had no idea what the motivation was behind the attack ,as if it was a forgone conclusion that it happened
Canadians are eating halal meat everyday and not knowing about it ,as there is no law demanding restaurants tell us if the meat was slaughtered under sharia law .
Muslims are special they follow sharia law no other
Get used to it Canada
commented 2016-07-15 22:29:00 -0400
Fraser Mcburney commented 1 hour ago : “Interesting facts
There are 1.2 billion Muslims in this world. there are 14 million Jews in this world
Since the Nobel prize has been set up there have been only 7 Muslin Nobel prize winners.”

And all those Nobel prizes awarded to mohammedans were not for any invention or discovery but for ‘peace’. In other words useless.
commented 2016-07-15 21:27:01 -0400
Interesting facts
There are 1.2 billion Muslims in this world. there are 14 million Jews in this world
Since the Nobel prize has been set up there have been only 7 Muslin Nobel prize winners. Meanwhile there has been over 1,100 Nobel prizes awarded to Jews………..VERY INTERESTING….RIGHT
The grand alibaba of Iran has just issued a calling for all Muslims to boycott Israeli and Jewish products. I wonder or I wish all Muslims should do it like Jonas Salk the inventor of the polio vaccine Theodore Maiman successfully fired the first working laser
REALLY PRACTICAL INVENTIONS: Jeans, Lipstick, the Ballpoint Pen, Contraceptives, Instant Coffee, Television Remote Control, Traffic Lights, Scotchguard, the Flexistraw.

CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Hollywood, the Sit-Com, the Long Playing Record, Woodstock, Sound Movies, Videotape, Color Television, Instant Photography, Holography

I FEEL BETTER ALREADY: Prozac, Valium, The P