Ontario Not Greece: Send a message to Kathleen Wynne

Rebel Staff

What's happening in Greece is frightening. Banks have been shut down and when open have imposed cash withdrawal limits in a feverish effort to prevent a bank collapse. The government is boosting taxes on all kinds of everyday items. 

Greece’s unemployment rate is 26% and of those who are unemployed, nearly 75% of them have been unemployed for more than a year. Can you imagine living in that situation?

It's not something we like to think about but we must because it could happen here. Not in Canada as a whole but specifically in Ontario, now the most indebted sub-sovereign government.

Ontario has borrowed so much money it has more debt that any state or provincial government in the world.

Consider this: Ontario has one third the population of California but twice the debt.

That’s important to point out because when you compare Ontario to Greece people will say, yes but Ontario isn’t Greece, it has a strong economy and can afford this. Well California has a strong economy and it is struggling with a debt load of about $150 billion. Ontario’s debt load is nearly $300 billion and it will only grow.

The madness has to stop.

What does that mean? 

Please sign our petition on this page demanding that Kathleen Wynne and Ontario's other political leaders stop the reckless spending and borrowing and put Ontario on a path to fiscal sanity.

Also: Listen to our radio ad and please help chip in to get this ad on the air in Ontario. It's imperative that we act now to rein in the fiscal irresponsibility of political leadership in Ontario:

Sign the petition!

To Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, members of the Ontario government and Opposition: We the undersigned Canadians demand that the Ontario government stop its reckless borrowing and out-of-control spending that is leading to greater provincial debt and higher taxes for families.

Will you sign?