May 28, 2015

Ontario Ombudsman's Twitter campaign to keep his job crossed the line

Brian LilleyArchive

Some public servants don’t know the fine line between doing their job and campaigning.

Should we really have public servants engaging in politics openly?

I say: Even if you support their cause, the answer is no.

Do you agree? Talk about it in the comments.


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commented 2015-05-29 11:05:59 -0400
The lilac Lilley? Hmmm ….

I agree with Brian that public servants should not engage in politics.

But neither do I think he ought not to have alerted the public the government might just get rid of our ombudsman with a quiet act of attrition. He ought to have got a friend or colleague or have created a fake Twitter account to do it for him.
commented 2015-05-29 06:23:41 -0400
I was always a bit puzzled when the press referred to Marin as a pitbull; his record sure doesn’t support the appellation. He was supposed to shake up Ontario’s Municipal Property Assessment Corp. All we got was a new type of assessment notice designed to create the impression that our properties are under assessed. He was supposed to have shaken up the military – but, if the recent stories coming from the armed forces are any indicator, it doesn’t look as if much has changed there. And now with this hydro thing, he has identified problems that everyone knows existed, and although the language is strong and oozes anger, he can’t bring himself to recommend charges. I thought pitbulls were supposed to bite and hang on.