May 18, 2016

Ontario’s Auditor General cites “unusual practice” in Wynne’s pay-offs to teachers’ unions

Brian LilleyArchive

Ontario's Liberals have been slammed by the Auditor General once again and once again, they’re claiming the woman in charge of overseeing provincial spending just doesn't understand.

The issue? Millions of taxpayers dollars given to teachers unions with no strings attached or to pay for standard union bargaining procedures.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk found that over the last 16 years, the government has provided more than $80 million to teachers unions, often without any strings attached.

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commented 2016-05-19 21:13:54 -0400
I cant believe all the lower liberals drank her koolaid
all the money wasted and her sic perverted sexual mindset to have little kids learn everything from anal sex to masturbation
in F(u)cking credable
commented 2016-05-19 16:42:42 -0400
Looks like Toronto Star cant get numbers right ??
commented 2016-05-19 11:10:46 -0400
Looks like WYNNIE the shit is practicing for another job, keep at it WYNNIE, once you’re out of office, you’ll be able to turn tricks to supplement your income

commented 2016-05-19 10:41:14 -0400
Pat McCaughey commented – “What is it with lift wing governments and teachers unions anyway?”

Well one feeds the other Pat.

One is a kleptocratic Marxist power cabal which relies on Marxist pedagogues to politically indoctrinate the next generation of “useful idiots” who will slavishly sacrifice themselves to Marxist kleptocracy. Left hand washing the other left hand.
commented 2016-05-19 10:05:11 -0400
This is one of the many ways liberals buy their elections. It is hard to fathom that this could even be legal and that it takes the auditor general to have to uncover how our money is being given away. This shows how sneaky they act despite their calls for everyone else to be open and transparent.
commented 2016-05-19 09:36:12 -0400
She has that " look " doesn’t " she"

Thanks BRIAN -- we it will get as bad here out west - WARNING!!!!!!!
commented 2016-05-19 02:49:02 -0400
“Oh nothing can be so sweet, as when cricket bat and Winnie The Poo’s face do meet…”
commented 2016-05-19 00:40:13 -0400
Those big fat teachers pensions won’t be worth anything if the province goes bankrupt which will happen if the Wynne government stays in power.
commented 2016-05-19 00:18:17 -0400
At what point,or should I say at what amount does this finally fall into the category of bribery? Same thing here in Alberta, the government bribes the unions and the unions blackmail the government.
commented 2016-05-19 00:11:05 -0400
Why do leading women in socialist politics never wear make-up? (i.e.. Wynne and Notley) Your visually too ugly to be taken seriously. I guess lipstick on an ndpig is still a ndpig. Only trust a conservative women in lash plumping mascara and red,red lips. They work, they mother and they pay taxes.
commented 2016-05-18 23:18:21 -0400
Is not, Unusual Practice one of Wynne’s hobby’s
commented 2016-05-18 22:42:58 -0400
What is it with lift wing governments and teachers unions anyway?
commented 2016-05-18 22:38:12 -0400
Bill well said
commented 2016-05-18 21:38:15 -0400
Criminal influence pedaling which would result in dismissals, indictments and an ousted leader in any other functional rule of law jurisdiction – but not the lawless moral cesspool that Ontario has become. Banana republic politics will soon produce 3rd world living.
commented 2016-05-18 21:36:58 -0400
Take note Alberta, it’s coming to a province close to home, if it’s not here already.
commented 2016-05-18 21:29:23 -0400
I’m looking at Whinny’s picture. It looks like she is holding a pair of grapefruit or something and what is she doing with her mouth?
commented 2016-05-18 21:12:50 -0400
Aw gee wiz how are the teachers going to run all those attack ads with some whiney spokesperson telling the public about the horrors Conservatives will impose on the children if they don’t get some pay back?
commented 2016-05-18 21:07:30 -0400
Every year we are pushed deeper into mental issues by the HRC/court system. Just because someone has a fetish/erogenous thoughts, does not make them “normal”. Our government does! I look forward to the day that the “closet” door doesn’t open, for awhile.
commented 2016-05-18 20:46:49 -0400
……..and the teachers have that VERY, VERY big retirement fund. What else do they want; 20 hour week; 6 months vacation; freedom from paying taxes; classes of less than 10 students; ………..get your list ready teachers, the Lying Libs will give you anything to get re-elected next time around……….and I think you will be slimy enough to take it.
commented 2016-05-18 19:39:57 -0400
Ya right. If she hasn’t been jailed yet she’s obviously above prosecution
commented 2016-05-18 19:39:55 -0400
What could you do with eighty million dollars? Better facilities for special needs students, better athletic and sports programs to help promote physical fitness among all students, it goes on and on, doesn’t it?
commented 2016-05-18 19:06:19 -0400
This is just one big misunderstanding. When Kathy says the Auditor General doesn’t understand what she means is that the Auditor General doesn’t understand how the Liberals do business. Bonnie Lysyk just needs to get up to speed and everything will be just fine. There is nothing to worry about as Kathy and Dalton have been doing business this way for years and everybody is happy. Nobody is complaining except for that pesky Brian Lilley and he is in Ottawa so don’t worry, be happy.