February 19, 2015

Ontario sex-ed: They're teaching my kids to do what?

Brian LilleyArchive

The province's controversial sex-education curriculum is back -- and parents won't get a say about its radical content.

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commented 2015-02-24 13:35:28 -0500
The government has no role whatsoever in anyone’s “identity” or what they know about sex. This is an act of a government that doesn’t trust people, and wants to stake as much space in people’s personal lives as is possible. The idea being that this will make them indispensable in areas formerly occupied by your free will, reason, and humanity.
commented 2015-02-23 11:28:23 -0500
The LOCS, (Liberal organized crime syndicate) will stop at nothing to turn Ontario into their own bastion of perversion and Detroit-like economic destruction using the MSM and union thugs as assistants and proxies. All great societies can trace their destruction to one common element: The decay and obliteration of basic morals and values. Sadly, were almost there.

Remember one thing. When the Left wins, we ALL lose!
commented 2015-02-22 23:33:07 -0500
Wynne wants to teach children the “liquidity of sex” because that’s how her life is.