June 24, 2017

Opinion: The Heresies of C-16

David MacKenzieRebel Columnist

Ottawa has now entrenched controversial transgender theory in its books. And just as the sun still rose in Alberta on December 12, 2015 — the day after the Legislature in Edmonton did something similar — one can assure all Canadians that the sun will do likewise despite this latest decision in Canada’s capital. 

Yet, ironically, one reason conservatives can say this with confidence is because we tend to be among the few these days who still seem to care about natural law; in things like planetary motion, or in laws like “objects in motion tend to remain in motion.”

The same, however, cannot be said for those purveyors of political whimsy, such as we increasingly see on the socially experimental Left. Yet, it gets worse, if only because the same Senatorial sentiments that passed C-16 this week have seemingly succumbed to heresy. Heresy is back, and a calculated response is more apropos than ever.

Since there are those who consistently ally themselves with the politically correct, “theo-cons” (theological conservatives) may need to counter, as if from the historical crypt, with the theologically correct.

Does anyone remember history’s heretics, such as the Manichaeans, or the Docetists? Likely very few, but (in effect) their troubles are once again our troubles.

For, among other things, they had a tendency to divide body from spirit: the former being rather earthly (they thought), and the latter quite divine. The predictable result of this unintegrated duality was that people became free to morally “detach” from their own bodies, all while their souls could remain pure and inviolate.

In modern “evangelical” terms, their “hearts” could belong to Jesus while their bodies might belong to the local cult prostitute.

Today’s detached dualism, however, is slightly different. One prevalent form of the new heresy comes via psychology, which now suggests that in instances where one’s feelings of gender do not coincide with one’s bodily form, one’s mind can merely override one’s DNA. As the new legal bulwark of such unintegrated dualism, Canada’s Bill C-16 is, therefore, heretical.

Curiously, I used to observe a closely related heresy from within the ranks of mainline Protestantism in Canada. Sounding vaguely reminiscent of MacKenzie-King, some radical feminists would say things like, “I believe Jesus is the Christ, but not necessarily that the Christ is Jesus”.

By this, they generally meant that the cosmic spiritual essence of Christ was far greater than the mere male particularity of Jesus. For reasons of gender politics and female empowerment, then, these radicals wilfully divided historical flesh from cosmic spirituality. The historical Jesus could remain male, but “Christ-ness” would be inclusive and even female.

Hence, some 25 years ago, these radicals were celebrating communion dedicated to the “Christa”, were renaming theology “thealogy”, and were generally denying reality all while making a gnostic nuisance of themselves. Knowingly or not, they had joined the ranks of the heretics.

Truthfully, though, such unintegrated and deliberately detached thought almost constantly nags at all of our society. Is driving a philosophical wedge between Jesus and the Christ particularly different from driving a philosophical wedge between procreation and sexuality— in order to politically justify abortion or pansexuality?

This, too, is a form of deliberate disintegration— as though one could endorse fire while denying heat. Collectively, though, we’ve been denaturing nature for quite some time now in politics— and usually in order to justify somebody’s idea of sexual license, or some latest and greatest gender-agenda.

But C-16 is also heretical for another reason. Not only is it a modern reflection of the Manichaean heresy, but it quite arguably reflects heretical anthropology. The bathroom legislation that invariably seems to accompany the transgendered “revolution”— whether in the United States or Canada— has one unique feature that keeps being reiterated.

The Left not only advocates for radical inclusion, it rejects the bathroom “safety” theme of the political Right— arguing that any perceived threat from transgendered people is vastly overblown. On this, the Left is likely correct. Yet, the heresy remains. Bad anthropology gives rise to bad law. Marxists tend to be utopians. Progressives seldom, if ever, believe in social decay, but rather that historical change almost inevitably produces the betterment of society.

Consequently, the Left seldom seems to acknowledge that strong computer networks— like good laws— are deliberately conceived with hackers in mind. Once again, the net result is obvious. A naive anthropology, which believes that all people are basically “good,” will produce laws with weak and ineffective protections because those laws won’t take evil seriously enough.

One can say what one wants about the First and Second amendments of the American Constitution, but one thing should be obvious: such amendments took the corruption of power seriously, because they took sinful human nature seriously. Various American Founders may not have been Christian, but neither were they anthropological heretics.

Still, can the same be said for the post-modern devotees of Canadian “sunny ways”? Sunny ways may welcome radical inclusion, but when combined with assumptions of the validity of fluidity, C-16 may well become a clarion-call for the heterosexual predator, a curtain-call for free speech, and a soothing siren-call for those who perceive fame’s opportunity in the death of women’s sport. Bad laws, after all, favour the opportunist.

True, C-16 will not cause the sun’s failure to rise above the horizon. But while it will seem to benefit a few, its implications will deceive and penalize many more in the years ahead.

In this sense, C-16 is very typical of heresy.

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commented 2017-06-26 09:12:42 -0400
Rebelation Rebelation—-I also agree that your solution is the only cure.
commented 2017-06-25 12:11:27 -0400
Rebelation Rebelation, I agree with your comments.
commented 2017-06-25 11:58:05 -0400
Love Prof Saad!

The best way to reduce this growing trend is to make the recipients of such medical treatments pay for it themselves, by overturning the activist Supreme Court decision using the not-withstanding clause. Tons of people out there have issues they have to learn to live with, whether it’s physical or mental disabilities, these folks can do the same if they can’t afford the operations or ongoing hormone treatments.

What do you think ppl did before such medical options became available? Just because we can – doesn’t mean we should!!
commented 2017-06-25 00:29:17 -0400
I Enjoy Prof. Saad’s clarifications. He’s irrefutably logical – he must explode heads in that asylum in Ottawa. Biology and proglodyte mythology clash in legislating again. Maybe if they wish really really hard, and threaten to jail everyone, their irrational gender mythos will transcend fact, science and reality.
commented 2017-06-25 00:01:10 -0400
The new Watters Show on Fox News was making fun of Canada and this new law C-16.
Really that Effen Idiot Trudeau is turning Canada into another Pakistan, and that is as low as you can go.
commented 2017-06-24 23:41:40 -0400
Natural Law and being “theologically correct” are not necessarily the same thing.
commented 2017-06-24 21:50:04 -0400
DIANNE SKOLL commented 6 hours ago
“Umm… huh? Was there a point to that article?

Oh, and you know who was a huge heretic? Good ol’ Jesus Christ himself. That’s right. JC was not looked on with particular fondness by the establishment."

True but it wasn’t because he was in denial of reality. It was because he challenged the establishment with the truth. Our government plays the role of Rome and Pontius Pilate. To quote Pilate (Trudeau) , “What is truth”.
commented 2017-06-24 21:47:12 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented
“The senate is supposed to be our ‘sober second thought’.”

A bunch of sailors on shore leave couldn’t be less sober.
commented 2017-06-24 18:27:53 -0400
I have always had a hard time understanding the victim-hood rut. Encouraged to develop their own sense of empowerment instead of this festering victim stance, these people would realize that in victim-hood you have to rely on others. Personal empowerment requires no crutch, which is what makes it so rewarding. I can see why the government is propagating twisted mental health issues starting with children. It is a better fit for the nanny state. Compelled speech is wrong and this child abuse is worse. These people must be evil to think this is okay.
I watched that Senate hearing. It was absolutely astounding. The senate is supposed to be our ‘sober second thought’.
commented 2017-06-24 16:28:54 -0400
DAVID MACKENZIE, excellent article and brilliant insight. Thank you.
commented 2017-06-24 16:17:47 -0400
There are two Genders, Male and Female, all others are mental/chemical unbalance, that can be treated.
commented 2017-06-24 15:56:25 -0400
Umm… huh? Was there a point to that article?

Oh, and you know who was a huge heretic? Good ol’ Jesus Christ himself. That’s right. JC was not looked on with particular fondness by the establishment.
commented 2017-06-24 14:54:45 -0400
That’s great Justin! Now get on with using all these bills to attack Islam. Hello? Can you hear me? Is anybody home?
commented 2017-06-24 13:35:06 -0400
Alan Stockdale, the links below help explain the legislation.
Senate hearing on Bill C16 –
Published on May 18, 2017 – Jordan B Peterson
Update: on May 18, C16 sailed through the Canadian Senate with no amendments.

“I served as a witness at the Canadian Senate yesterday, regarding Bill C16, which adds the ill-defined categories of gender expression and gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. The Federal government, in a website which has since been taken down, stated clearly that this legislation would be interpreted in keeping with the policies of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which I regard as one of the most dangerous institutions in Canada, in relationship to all rights other than those of “equality,” including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association. I was partnered with lawyer Jared Brown, whose courageous and detailed analysis of Bill C16 can be found here: https://litigationguy.wordpress.com/2
which amends the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code"

commented 2017-06-24 13:08:52 -0400
Excerpts from the text would be useful to help us to understand the objections to C-16
commented 2017-06-24 13:00:10 -0400
Oh, come on, people! There are at least 3.14159 genders, ’cuz life is a never ending circle!
commented 2017-06-24 12:20:34 -0400
There are only two genders, male and female, XY and XX. Period.
If you choose to be anything else you’re a freak with a mental disorder – so seek professional help.
When ‘thegovernment’ starts telling me what I can or cannot think or say then ‘thegovernment’ can go f**k itself! Or go pound sand and C-16 up your arses with a baseball bat! I WILL NOT comply!
So-called transgenders offend me. These freaks offend me in every possible way. What about my right to not be offended? I feel severely traumatized every time I see one of these sick puppies in disguise and it’s that sudden realization that they’re not what they appear to be that traumatizes. What about my right to not be violently traumatized by these creepy freakazoids and bullies?

Yup, there’s that offensive lefty/liberal two-faced hypocrisy rearing it’s ugly head yet again…
commented 2017-06-24 11:56:53 -0400
David MacKenzie, I appreciate your commentary and perspective.
commented 2017-06-24 11:53:38 -0400
Faith, great interview with Gad Saad. His term “collective Munchshausen syndrome” is an excellent description of what the ideology truly is. Reason and logic have become an enemy of the state!

The Liberal senator who said he could not support Professor Saad’s recommendation to vote against C-16, because of genocide, is an example of how truly indoctrinated the Liberal party is.

Foisting transgender people on abused women in the shelter in Kelowna is absolutely wrong, and, it shows how backward things are. Dangerously backward! The two women who objected were evicted! Where did they go? The employees at the domestic violence shelter failed these women, and, shouldn’t be working there; additionally, the Board should be fired!
commented 2017-06-24 10:16:53 -0400
“Truth” and “facts”, aren’t those made up concepts by those evil “Hitler” white supremacist racist right wingers who are seeking to dominate and enslave the world?

Maybe we should take the safe route and stick to the 423.14159 genders that we all know exist!