October 01, 2015

Opposition parties fear-mongering on free trade deals

Brian LilleyArchive

Manufacturing is still a big part of Canada's economy, making up about 10% of our total GDP.

During the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement talks, Harper has been defending Canada's interests but still trying to reach a deal. He's been clear about standing up for supply management and the auto industry regardless of the fear-mongering we hear from the opposition parties.

The truth is, the left wants us to withdraw from these kinds of deals altogether but if we want to see a prosperous Canada, we must work out the devilish details and trade.


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commented 2015-10-09 00:03:25 -0400
I am sure that Canada’s poor will be glad to know that they will not have to pay the unnecessarily high prices for milk, cheese and eggs so that millionaire dairy farmers can pay back the loans they took out to buy milk quotas.
commented 2015-10-05 15:22:37 -0400
I am not singling out anyone in particular, but over the past few weeks I have noticed some commenters being quite disrespectful, often using very colorful language, to one or the other of our upcoming Federal Leader candidates or to each other. Often there are very good articles and videos on The Rebel which I would like to pass on to my more liberal and leftish friends and relatives. However, when they read such comments they tend to judge The Rebel as a very right wing crazy website. As conservatives, perhaps, we should be a bit more conservative in our comments in order to show opposing viewers that we are sane and rational in our beliefs. One other note, is that no matter who a leader is, Federally, Provincially or Municipal, and no matter how much I may despise their views, I have always tried to show respect if I encounter them in public, or if I correspond with their offices. When I first saw Premier Wynne in a public venue, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada 2013, I merely called out “Hello, Premier Wynne!” waved to her and she waved back. Under my breath and to myself I did have a few non-choice words but I refused to show a “Leader” a disrespect by using harsh comments, foul language or whatever. Let’s make The Rebel a class conservative forum, even for the few oddball lefties who visit us.
commented 2015-10-04 00:14:23 -0400
Both Justin and Mulcair have demonstrated their honest ‘derision’ of the Average Canadian voter. How these 2 faced morons were allowed to go on and on for weeks on end and never be attacked by the MSM - demonstrates how both they and the MSM are in cahoots. Honest Canadians – have a reason to be afraid—— Pick Justin or Mulcair if you want a demonstration of how you were fooled.
commented 2015-10-03 15:14:37 -0400
A vote for either the Liberals or the NDP is a vote for a broken economy and a third world living standard in Canada. The proof of that is the broken economy of Ontario from years of Liberal mismanagement, and the broken economy of Alberta from only months of NDP mismanagement. They are destroying those economies for ideological reasons. If either of them become the government of Canada, we will be brought down to a third world standard of living.
commented 2015-10-02 18:07:50 -0400
even the cbc grudgingly admitted that this was a good deal for the country……………. this came of course after, peter “i dont make the news” mansbridge cited a 3 year poll about israel and palestine.. and the night before giving 5 minutes of news time to a leadnow child spouting about strategic voting.. cbc its all about our money..
commented 2015-10-02 14:15:20 -0400
This big fear of the TPP stems from protectionists in our country. No trade deal is perfect, but it can be shown that every one Canada has been involved in has benefited the country as a whole. There are is one reason we are losing so many manufacturing jobs here; we have priced ourselves out of a competitive advantage. 400,000 jobs lost, 300,000 in Ontario alone because of union wage demands, skyrocketing electricity prices, and an increase in the public service jobs in Ontario of about 300,000 positions, which increases taxes and regulatory burdens on companies. This failed premier’s advisers are now working for Prince Justin, so we should expect a different outcome for Canada? INSANITY
commented 2015-10-02 13:52:01 -0400
Basic economics states that if you have a product to market, you MUST have a market for your product! Otherwise, why have the product in the first place.
commented 2015-10-02 12:06:52 -0400
We have to accept a World economy and protectionism doesn’t work. NAFTA is a success. The deal does need be transparent though – I agree with Justin here. He is right in saying that we all have a need to know – I don’t think he said we shouldn’t accept the deal. I understand secrecy in negotiations but we do have a right to know.
commented 2015-10-02 07:52:11 -0400
MSM funny we had a few disputes with the US and they were handled by the courts. No militia . I don’t remember the issues but I believe we were found at fault in atleast 1 of them.
commented 2015-10-02 07:44:20 -0400
I can remember in 1988 the left screamed big time over free trade with the United States, saying it would mean the end of Canada within 10 years or so. As it turned out, within about that timeframe, I got a job with a small company that benefited a great deal from the FTA and gave me very important work experience in my field.
commented 2015-10-02 07:29:45 -0400
Again I agree with you Peter. We have to strike trade deals to keep our economy going. Obama is a protectionist amongst other things but he pushed made in America from day 1. I used to laugh at Canadians who went by bus loads to support him in the 1st election he won. Gone are the bus loads as he showed what an ass he is.
Our prices are higher because we have tariffs. I imported goods from all over the world and paid the tariffs. Free trade will make things cheaper for everyone.
commented 2015-10-01 22:49:57 -0400
Elisabeth said, " It is a trade agreement wrapped in the free movement of peoples, social and environmental justice issues and it comes with a commission that can over rule national governments."

Since we do not have the agreement yet to read it, how do you know this? Is it because you read it some place, heard it some place, but where did he/she/they get their information?

MSM IsDead said, "All of those decisions would be handed over to a foreign regulatory body with the ability to spy on the public and arrest any dissidents with the use of a foreign military. "

Again, since we do not have the agreement to read, where do you get this information?
commented 2015-10-01 22:02:42 -0400
Is “Supply Management” why Canadians pay way more for dairy products than the US? Milk cheese , butter and eggs are way cheaper in the US. These are essentials for low income families.
commented 2015-10-01 21:13:23 -0400
I am also against the TPP – unless we have some sort of veto power and are not afraid to use it I believe we will lose more than we will gain.
commented 2015-10-01 19:36:33 -0400
Its not fear mongering when the TPP is a death sentence for industry in North America. We would have no say at all on regulations, working hours, resource management, etc. All of those decisions would be handed over to a foreign regulatory body with the ability to spy on the public and arrest any dissidents with the use of a foreign military. Sounds like a good deal, I guess that’s why they don’t want us to see it.
commented 2015-10-01 19:19:22 -0400
Okay, this is one where I’m pushing back. The TPP is not a trade agreement. It is a trade agreement wrapped in the free movement of peoples, social and environmental justice issues and it comes with a commission that can over rule national governments. Nope, I’m not for the EU Eastern version.
commented 2015-10-01 17:44:41 -0400
Any economist … that knows anything … will tell you that any economic model cannot survive in isolation. Trade is required for a any health economy.
commented 2015-10-01 17:40:12 -0400

Yes, that is doable. Let’s call Webster! ;o)
commented 2015-10-01 17:38:59 -0400
Forget a couple months VLAD, I would just love to see Trudeau up against Putin for 1 hour! I’m imagining a Putin bitch slap…….
commented 2015-10-01 17:34:26 -0400
I’m getting so tired of hearing Justin’s blathering idioticness (I just created a new word for him!) that when he comes on TV or on the radio I change the channel. “Justin’s just not ready.” He’ll NEVER be ready!
commented 2015-10-01 17:26:15 -0400
So the left claims that this is a secret deal but they know that all the details are bad……
commented 2015-10-01 17:06:34 -0400
Lies and deception come naturally to the left. Tommy the troll is a lying loudmouthed lawyer. And JT is a no nothing simpleton. Be forewarned, what is happening with the radical NDP in AB, is the plan for Canada. Vote for PM Harper, the only leader who has Canada’s back!
commented 2015-10-01 16:31:28 -0400
I don’t know if Trudeau is just stupid or a liar but one thing I know for sure … He is just not ready!
Mulcair is just an angry lying weasel who will say whatever he thinks will get him votes but if elected will do what he wants and there will be as much clarity as the Alberta NDP = NONE, just tyrannical dictatorship!
commented 2015-10-01 16:29:46 -0400
A number of people talk about Harpers mistakes and he’s made some for sure, but does that justify the blatant lies that Mullcair wants us to believe about Harper’s position on the TPP? I predict this type of attack is going to backfire on him big time.
commented 2015-10-01 16:24:33 -0400
If Ontario is suffering from losses in Manufacturing maybe they need to Terminate Wynne, her AGW staff and all the expensive contracts with unusable “green” power mafiosos.
commented 2015-10-01 16:22:14 -0400


This guy just makes me want to puke. I would love to see pig stupid troodo as PM for a few months – like the idiot in school that we all knew and set up to put on display as to just how much of an idiot they were.

Oh yes, stupid fuck troodo would be pure entertainment for a few months to laugh at – the game of " how many stupid fucking things did pig troodo say or do today"?

But this would be an expensive prank and frankly not very practical. SO FUCK OFF TROODO.
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