December 02, 2016

Oregon teachers told not to put up Christmas decorations or images of Santa Claus in order to be 'sensitive' to minorities

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The Hillsboro School District in Oregon has taken the war on Christmas to another level.

A memo sent to teachers said, “You may still decorate your door or office if you like, but we ask that you be respectful and sensitive to the diverse perspectives and beliefs of our community and refrain from using religious-themed decorations or images like Santa Claus.”

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Some parents think this is going too far. One parent told KATU “I'm from that generation where we believe in Santa, and my kids believe in Santa, and they should be able to celebrate it.”

Beth Graser, communications director for Hillsboro School District, defended and explained the memo. “It really went out as a notification to staff, not even parents, just to make sure they are being sensitive and thoughtful as they enter the holiday season,” she said.

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While Graser understands the frustration, she continued to push the 'sensitive' angle saying “Again, it's just really a reminder to get people to be sensitive.”

The news of the ban has caused the school board to issue a statement.

“This started with our Human Resources team sending out a memo to central office staff explaining that we would not be having a door decorating contest this year because the “competition” aspect had led to some decorations getting a bit excessive. As a result, we had some staff members and visitors to our building indicate that they were uncomfortable and didn’t feel welcome due to the overwhelming Christmas atmosphere that had been created,” it said.

Uncomfortable? The statement continues...

“We have no policies or directives around this issue, we merely want to remind staff that we need to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all of our students and realize that many of our students—because of their religion, culture, or other beliefs—do not feel comfortable (and in many cases may not be allowed by their parents) participating in activities that are holiday-based or religious in nature, or being surrounded by imagery that is a direct affront to them.”


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commented 2016-12-05 00:21:42 -0500
Here we go again with those " offensive words Merry Christmas". Well, too bad, so sad, pagan heathens, I will continue with the tradition until I die & for anyone offended, suck it up. What happened to that new found word “diversity” that the left & politically correct like to throw at us. If Christmas decorations, Christmas greetings, offend you, then stay home curled up in a fetal position or maybe still shut your pie hole & quit your whining. How about being sensitive to what I believe in, instead of cowering & catering to some thirld world minority.
commented 2016-12-05 00:17:28 -0500
Merry Christmas to all! It is what we celebrate here in Canada!
commented 2016-12-04 20:25:37 -0500
If Christmas “offends” anyone, perhaps they are too dark-hearted to understand what a celebration of " peace on earth goodwill to all mankind" means to people of higher spiritual make up. - maybe just ignore them or better yet, give them a Christmas message of good will because it sounds like they are spiritually wounded creatures who lash out at those more at peace than themselves.
commented 2016-12-04 19:51:55 -0500
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! That’s the old way that it was done.
commented 2016-12-04 18:22:26 -0500
Does the Rebel have any Christmas decorations such as … “I voted for Conservatives, don’t blame me, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
commented 2016-12-04 15:39:25 -0500
Liberalism the great enabler of everything that is wrong in our society. It is the ‘mommy’ philosophy incarnate…everyone is a good little boy…until they cut off your head and eat pizza off your chest. But those of the mommy philosophy will say oh we have to be nice…we have to do this…we have to do that… we have to be a footwipe. No sorry girls we dont have to do anything because we in western society live in the greatest societies in the world…and everyone else knows it.
commented 2016-12-04 13:01:38 -0500
This is the liberal run school system running amok, parents need to speak up, though even when they do the liberal paid for media will not give them the voice.
commented 2016-12-04 03:45:16 -0500
Pretty much any thing goes nowadays if you are a Muslim . You could probably kill your wife and sell your Daughter.
commented 2016-12-04 03:24:32 -0500
For Ramadan, will the schools ban lunch? How about inclusive Muslim images such as.. Oh, they don’t really have any. Maybe drawings of beheadings?

A society loses itself when it bows to the whims of the minority. Accommodation is fine. Losing yourself is cultural suicide.

There is a hell. Its called Politically Correct.
commented 2016-12-03 18:58:15 -0500
What’s really bizarre is they all want to celebrate the ‘season’ but don’t want a reason to celebrate and neither give it a name. Who ever heard of a national holiday for no reason and without a name?
commented 2016-12-03 18:16:18 -0500
These ‘minorities’ came to our countries because their countries are holes. WE have our culture, religions, values, laws and so on which apparently are working well because our countries aren’t the holes theirs are. In short, assimilate, contribute, show respect and gratitude, obey the laws or go back to your shit holes! We don’t need to change but rather it is YOU who needs to change because YOUR SYSTEM HAS FAILED! Stop destroying our countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-12-03 15:11:23 -0500
My response to that is that we have freedom of religion. I believe the States have freedom of religion too. Most people misunderstand the meaning of freedom of religion. It does not mean to exclude our own to be able include all the others, it means to include ALL. Anyhow do in Rome like the Romans do.
commented 2016-12-03 15:02:07 -0500
I have a feeling that Trump will be putting and end to this kind of BS once he’s sworn in!
Trumps whole platform is based on putting America first.

Well said, Maryanne!! Fit in or fuck off is right!!!!
commented 2016-12-03 14:16:53 -0500
commented 2016-12-03 14:15:57 -0500
commented 2016-12-03 11:22:13 -0500
Again it’s PCism going amok. Most minorities either participate themselves whether or not they “celebrate” or simply ignore it.
commented 2016-12-03 06:58:49 -0500
I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And if you are going on a vacation this winter THEN have a happy holiday!
commented 2016-12-03 05:15:14 -0500
Having lived on the West Coast for many years I can tell you that Oregon is a split society…. Much like Ontario’s land mass being dominated by the voting base within sight of the CN Tower, Oregon is dominated by the dope smoking lefties around Portland and Salem… Hence the recent anti-Trump riots in Portland… Hillsboro is just more of Portland West, which is the population base… Outside of that hippy base there is a strong culture of traditional values Americans to the east and the south that chop logs and feed livestock and want nothing to do with the druggies in downtown Portland…
commented 2016-12-03 04:15:30 -0500
Settle in for a long bumpy ride folks… It just gets better and better from here.
commented 2016-12-02 20:55:30 -0500
Funny where i work i am a minority and they still have a Christmas party and call it that , and they celebrate all other religious events as well, what the hell is wrong with that?
commented 2016-12-02 20:53:38 -0500
But any other religion can shove pretty much anything in Christians faces. That is equality according to the gutless left.
commented 2016-12-02 19:31:17 -0500
liberalism is a mental disorder!
commented 2016-12-02 19:13:14 -0500
You see what Obama and Trudeau have done?
They’ve been fighting and trying to eliminate Christian values and practices and now they have an immigrant population that will do it for them.
Pontius Pilate.
Obama down; one to go.
commented 2016-12-02 19:12:03 -0500
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commented 2016-12-02 19:09:27 -0500
North Americans, especially Canadians, are doormats. No one will defend our traditions and values, but they will allow themselves to be stepped on and write ‘welcome’ all over them.
Just disgusting.

This school is bending over for immigrants so no one will blow them up, drive over them or cut their throats.
commented 2016-12-02 17:00:16 -0500
Those intolerant of Christian’s, should be forced to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special, just to remind them of why we celebrate Christmas. And they should refuse their paid day off, and stop being hypocrites.
commented 2016-12-02 16:49:25 -0500
Christmas is about remembering our Lord Jesus’s Birthday, first & foremost.
Speaking as a Christian, I like decorations even if they have pagan routes. It is a big part of Canada’s tradition.

These new immigrants are guests who have been forced upon us. We have accepted them. Given them welfare and have been paying their expenses to live here.

Get out your decorations! Sing those carols loud & strong! Pass the Turkey & Cranberry sause and share with our new neighbours. Forgive the idiot that came up with the idea of not decorating!

They have not demonstrated very much in the line of gratitude towards us tax payers.
Too bad if they find our decorations offensive! Tell them to live with it and wish them a very Merry Christmas!
commented 2016-12-02 16:42:08 -0500
I’ve never thought of Santa Clause as a Christian let alone a religious symbol. Sure the name relates back to Saint Nicholas, but Santa is really now just a creation to represent the spirit of giving and caring, and especially directed towards children. Is the Easter bunny really a religious symbol? Or an Easter egg? This silly “War on Christianity” is just another example of ignorant politically correct idiots being sucked in to the 1500 year old campaign to eliminate, step by step, our culture and to replace it with another.
commented 2016-12-02 16:39:08 -0500
Blasphemy should be a 2 way street. If Muslims want to have the right to kill anyone that insults their murderous ,paedophile , slave owning Prophet then Christians should be able to kill anyone that insults Jesus for his Peaceful,loving and kind ways.
commented 2016-12-02 16:30:19 -0500
Guess which “diverse perspectives and beliefs” group the teachers are being instructed to be sensitive to?

Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,348 Attacks, 207,033 Killed, 289,864 Injured that we know of.