Help fund our advertising campaign in Montreal!

For months we’ve had a billboard right across from Montreal’s City Hall demanding that their Liberal mayor, Denis Coderre, stop blackballing an oil pipeline from western Canada.

Quebec Liberals love equalization payments from Alberta and Saskatchewan oil. But they refuse to let that oil pass through in a safe, state-of-the-art pipeline, called Energy East. 

But the billboard company refused to run our latest ad. They ripped up our contract.

We asked them why, and they told us: they are afraid of offending people and Montreal’s city hall was pressuring them to stop running our ads — and if they continued, their business might be in jeopardy. Liberal politicians might not give them any more permits.

Well, we don’t take kindly to censorship at The Rebel. So we found a Montreal entrepreneur willing to put our billboard on the back of his truck, and drive it around Montreal for eight hours a day!

But our mobile billboard campaign isn’t cheap — it’s about $6,000. And unlike Coderre, we don’t have taxpayers dollars to fight our battles. We rely on you — our loyal viewers and supporters.

Please click below to contribute to our campaign and help us keep the pressure on!