May 18, 2015

Our media thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Here, from our lazy, boring, and super left-wing Canadian mainstream media, is yet another “Canada’s Declining Reputation Abroad” article. 

You don’t have to read it to know what it says. You’ve read this article and zillions like it since Harper first won in 2006. Big fat meanie Stephen Harper doesn’t play nice. He isn’t sufficiently convinced of global warming. He’s too pro-Israel. He’s too tough on crime. He rejects consensus at the U.N. His hair looks funny.

You could, of course, make use of actual evidence - such as a 2013 study showing Canada’s international reputation was doing fine - to argue otherwise. Here’s a whole Maclean’s article full of facts and figures (if you’re into that sort of thing) showing the good health of Canada’s international reputation.

But evidence can’t compete with the seasoned wisdom of former Prime Minister Joe Clark, who declared firmly for Team Harper’s Killing Canada’s Rep in the pages of the Toronto Star.

Back when Joe Who was Prime Minister, same-sex marriage was a distant dream, residential schools were still going strong, and a woman or person of colour in politics was a rarity worth remarking on. But, by all means, let’s talk about how Harper’s leadership is something for progressives to be ashamed of.  

Things must really be great outside of Canada for people abroad to have nothing better to do than tell Canadian journalists how much things have changed for the worse since the CPC took over, huh?

Why does this myth about Canada’s reputation persist? Because the Canadian media doesn’t view Harper as a legitimate leader.

Now, you can have your quibbles with the CPC. But let’s make one thing absolutely clear. No Canadian with ties to a conservative party - no, not even Joe Clark or the rest of the Progressive Conservative useful idiots who talk about the threat posed to Canadian society by “the neo-cons” - is viewed by polite Canadian society as legitimate.

That’s also why the media gleefully repeats the other big lie about Harper’s government- that because a majority of Canadians voted for other parties, Harper has no right to say he has a majority (despite that this is a massive misunderstanding of how our voting system works).

Now, when called on this, the media will tell you with a straight face that they play no part in conservative alienation.

Remember when the Toronto Star proudly and without hesitation said that the media storm surrounding Rob Ford was his own fault? As if Rob Ford was writing the Toronto Star columns, editorials, editorial cartoons and the rest of the obsessive day-after-day coverage of everything he did?

Of course, Rob Ford did refuse to talk to the Toronto Star, so I guess, kind of like the guy who blames the woman for dressing sexy, that Rob Ford should have known that Canada’s most powerful newspaper was going to reduce him to atoms.

Even if you’re a relative unknown, like, say, Patrick Brown, that wouldn’t preclude the media from writing all of the columns about your social conservatism and checkered past and resemblance to Mike Harris.

So you see, although some of us wouldn’t otherwise ignore the considerable flaws of right-wing politicians in this country, the media leaves us no choice. No matter what you do, you’re not going to get a fair shake from these people.

This- and I hope the mainstream media is listening- is why you have that stubborn 30% of the population that votes conservative, and why sites like TheRebel exist.

But hey, it wouldn’t be the first instance of the press creating a story…and then following it.  


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commented 2015-05-20 11:17:44 -0400
I avoid watching the MSM news at all costs. There is a mass attack on being a normal, caring, human being from this classless bunch of liars, and deceivers. They are self-important only, as the rest of us, that are paying attention, see the evil that they are spreading as a disease, to be avoided. It is easy to be a liar and deceiver of others; it is telling the truth that is hard. If I would have known that being a so called “journalist” would be so easy, and that they seem to have such fun while destroying others, I may have considered it a career. Though, I confess, that I could never use my power or position to do the damage that these left wing losers do. They slap each other on the back for destroying others. I think that is truly disgusting and disturbing. Something is definitely wrong with this picture, which is why I avoid these story spinners. I much prefer to hear and read the truth, not some magical lie that others want you to believe.
commented 2015-05-20 07:27:30 -0400
Joshua – Got to digress a bit.

Hate the term “people of colour” – I guess white is not a colour? Those “people of colour” love to perpetuate the myth of “white privilege”. Look around you – everything that is built in Canada – good and (yes)bad – was built by conservative white folks for the most part – most of them from Europe.

I will say it again – white folks built Canada. Others want to destroy it.

Go to Africa, Middle East. many parts of Asia – those countries and societies have been around for ten thousand years and are still cesspools – and will be cesspools long after you the reader is dead. And we are bring them into Canada by the boat load (pun intended) – to tear down what our ancestors built. Want to live like them? Please go there and do not bring them here.

And before you call me a racist – let me tell you I am a realist – but in the true Canadian way – you can only be racist if you are white – all others can declare victim status. Anyone here been to Nigeria lately? I have.

The charity and generosity of those white folks (you know – those who do not have any skin colour) to allow others into their society is now leading to the downfall of our society. All you have to do is look at Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and more – complete regions of people who do little more than draw on the dole. A new generation of people who we have taught few morals and few ethics. We are spending hundreds of millions to support new refugees and illegal immigrants – while our own seniors are hungry and cold.

“No Canadian with ties to a conservative party – no, not even Joe Clark or the rest of the Progressive Conservative useful idiots who talk about the threat posed to Canadian society by “the neo-cons” – is viewed by polite Canadian society as legitimate.”

And this is the reason – you just read it. The people who built this country are now despised – yet those who despise the builders do indeed owe those builders (those people without colour) for everything they have today – and for everything that will disappear tomorrow.

Saying the above means the mainstream media will make me, you and every person like you a bad guy – it is the “media privilege”.
commented 2015-05-20 01:11:09 -0400
Well, Joshua—- Did you ever think of practising the art of the Precis?
commented 2015-05-19 22:11:20 -0400
Exactly Anonymous, look at the climate coverage of Vice for example and remember that pathetic Obama interview? Vice is very popular, and a lot of it is marxist crap. Tyhee is another. Our media thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves??? I have never been more proud of a PM.

How to decipher info on the internet should be taught. A set of checks, and questions. Multiple sources considered, date of the info,who wrote it, background of author, as well as the publication, where does funding come from if applicable, for example any climate science declaration is only as good as who funds it. Things need to be vetted, young adults seem to do less of that. If everyone is saying a certain thing about a particular issue in their social media interactions a lot of them just jump on that bandwagon, without understanding what they have committed to . Easy targets for snake oil salesmen. That is what we’re fighting against. I don’t believe anything I read or listen to or consider it , until I have done some homework on my own.

Left wing slander of Conservatism is easy when no one does their own homework. The ill-informed masses are why the left is getting away with so much.
commented 2015-05-19 16:16:03 -0400
Socialist Media. Nothing better than a captive audience to overcharge/get taxpayer money from. Watch. The next big push will be to regulate the internet as China has done (Justin’s “admired administration”) and apparently Obama is considering in the US. The Socialists hate free speech and alternate opinions to their own. Idealogical warfare.
commented 2015-05-19 14:18:34 -0400
Joan, I think the relevance of msm is just shifting to other sources disguised as alternative media outlets…
commented 2015-05-19 12:33:03 -0400
The Canadian MSM has , over the post war decades, become used to its self-appointed roll as America’s moral conscience (the result of Monday morning quarterback syndrome and total detachment for the harsh realities of maintaining national sovereignty in the face of UN-Russia-China-global governance hegemony) – that preachy holy-than-thou arrogance has now blossomed into full blown moral megalomania towards Canadians and anyone not yet surrendered to the global governance agenda.

The observed formula with the Kanukistatni MSM is the higher they turn up the moralizing the more they expose their own toxic hypocrisy – Kind of like a scolding moralizing feculent whore. I just ignore it or turn it off – it’s all BS only focused at zombies.
commented 2015-05-19 09:03:18 -0400
Yeah, except who attends to so-called mainstream media anymore? Oh sure, maybe not as many people watch Internet news like as watch TV news media but that is changing. Young people may not watch hard-right news entertainment like but they follow vice news and youtube and get news that way. Lots of people, adolescents and older, me included, follow a variety of independent news journalists via Twitter. The relevance of msm is fast fading.
commented 2015-05-19 01:02:37 -0400
Marshall McLuhan,’’The medium is the message". The propaganda machine has never been bigger, more effective or more dangerous. Think misinformation on steroids to the uninformed morally vain masses. Its the new weapon. Brainwashing, mind f*ck.
commented 2015-05-18 22:45:32 -0400
“- and I hope the mainstream media is listening-”

Even if they do read your article, they will not be able to recognize that they do indeed treat the Conservatives as you have stated because they have convinced themselves that they are being fair minded while simultaneously having convinced themselves that the Conservatives are evil impostors having stolen the seat of power from the true and only legitimate party, the Liberals.

I am very thankful for TheRebel. There are very few conservative media voices in Canada. If the MSM had their way, they would shut down TheRebel just as they desperately tried to block Sun News’ from starting up and after they did start up a continual barrage of anger, hate and mockery was continually spewed at Sun News. The left MSM can be unbelievably childish. They do not tolerate a different opinion than their own while out of the other side of their mouths (using the other side of their forked tongues) claim they are the champions of free speech.
commented 2015-05-18 22:36:29 -0400
Gotta agree with everything you’ve said here Joshua. It’s not just Canadian media either. Look at what Sarah Palin’s life has been like since she first announced her candidacy those many years ago. And the media party never forgets, either. They’re still going after her, for daring to suggest that a woman could be smart, competent, and somehow not left wing.
commented 2015-05-18 22:27:08 -0400
Joe “who” Clarke should take pointers from George W. Bush when it comes to critiquing a sitting Prime Minister…..“keep your mouth shut”. I guess Joe feels he is so much wiser than PM Harper….how long was Joe in power?
As for peacekeeping, where would the troops be sent to keep peace when we are all at war with ISIS & the dozens of other terrorist orgs.
Harper was smart to pull out of Kyoto which is nothing more than spreading the wealth to corrupt dictatorships.
Joe says Harper has no respect for the UN…..well who would when they appoint countries who are the greatest oppressors of women to sit on Human Rights committees. It’s a farce & we should pull out of there as well.
Right now, Joe sounds a lot like a socialist liberal rather than a conservative. What’s the matter Joe, a little envious of Mr. Harper’s successful government