August 04, 2016

Liberal Mayor Denis Coderre banned our pro-pipeline billboard — so we put it on a truck!

Rebel Staff

Denis Coderre is the Liberal mayor of Montreal. He hates the oil sands and he’s vowed to block the Energy East pipeline to bring Alberta oil to New Brunswick. But The Rebel has been fighting back. 

We put up two pro-oil sands billboards in Montreal as part our campaign at

But Coderre pressured our billboard company to stop doing business with us.

Well, I don’t take kindly to censorship! So we found a Montreal entrepreneur willing to put our billboard on the back of his truck, and drive it around Montreal for eight hours a day!

That was me riding in the passenger seat — I was smiling, because Coderre’s heavy-handed censorship of our billboard just backfired. A reporter for one of Montreal’s biggest newspapers, La Presse, saw our truck and came over to interview me about it. They did a huge story in today’s paper — with a giant picture of the billboard!

We showed that Coderre can’t get away with silencing our message: anyone who opposes Canadian oil is tacitly supporting sharia oil from OPEC countries.

But our mobile billboard campaign isn’t cheap — it’s about $6,000. And unlike Coderre, we don’t have taxpayers dollars to fight our battles. We rely on you — our loyal viewers and supporters.

Please consider helping us out, with a contribution of $10, $100 or even $500, by clicking here.

If we raise more than $6,000, we’ll put the extra into other similar ad campaigns.


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