Immigrants to Canada must be screened to ensure they share our values!

Rebel Staff

Immigrants who hate Canada, should not be allowed to move to Canada. That was the statement that had Conservative MP, Kellie Leitch in trouble with everyone. 

How is it even possible to disagree with that? "No, I don’t want to keep out anti-Canadian people?" 

Only a liberal could take the other side of the argument so blindly, as to accept, to welcome people who hate them.

But the media party was pretty much unanimous — not only was Leitch wrong to talk about it, she was racist in fact! 

But it wasn’t just the liberal media elite. It was fellow Conservatives, from Michael Chong, who accused Leitch of racism, to Rona Ambrose, the interim leader, who put her thumb on the scales of the party leadership race in which she is meant to be neutral.

The Globe and Mail denounced Leitch — but their own survey showed Canadians love it, and agree with her, from a mere 69% in Quebec to 80% in the prairies. 

Even the Toronto Star published a poll showing that strong percentages of Canadians of every single political stripe — Conservative, Liberals, NDP — support screening for Canadian values.

There’s nothing racist about it. Race has nothing to do with values. Values are ideas, beliefs. It’s got nothing to do with skin colour.

Canadian values are liberal, democratic, western values, used to be called Christian values, or Judeo-Christian values. They’re enshrined in our laws — no polygamy; no honour killings; equality of men and women; freedom of religion, separation of mosque and state.

This is all so obvious it shouldn’t even have to be said. But the elites don’t agree.

So we need to tell the elites — in the media, in politics, even in the Conservative Party itself, that standing up for Canadian values, and keeping out people who hate us, has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with Canada being Canadian — and having a bit of self-respect.

If you think our values matter, then please sign the petition below. 

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Immigrants to Canada must be screened to ensure they share our values.

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