December 07, 2015

Out with the coal, in with the renewables: Meet Notley's crony friends

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Pembina Institute put out an ad with several renewable energy companies signed on to support the acceleration of the phase out of coal fired plants in Alberta. So I decided to take a closer look.

It looks like there’s a tie between the NDP government, the Pembina Institute and Alberta Treasury Branches. Remember that Dave Mowat is the CEO and President of ATB and he’s the head of the Royalty Review Panel. And the Pembina Institute is a left wing think tank that wants the oilsands shut down and lobbied against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington.

Many of the companies signed on with the Pembina Institute to accelerate a coal phase out are small to medium sized green eco renewable companies. Not a surprise since the ATB was given $1.5 billion in cash from the NDP to disburse to small and medium size businesses.

In fact, I found that BluEarth Renewables, employer of Chief of Staff to Catherine McKenna, secured $17 million to build wind turbines near Provost, Alberta.

Skyfire Energy is also signed on with Pembina to phase out coal and they’ve received a small business award from ATB in the past. Dan Balaban from Greengate Power, that is also featured on the Pembina ad and Bruce Edgelow from ATB are both Fellows with the Energy Futures Lab – a group dedicated to addressing future energy challenges. Other supporters of a coal phase out and listed on the ad are KCP Energy and Arusha that are members of the Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association, along with ATB.

Why does this matter? Well, these companies are mostly small to medium in size and they qualify for the funds allotted to the ATB by the NDP government. And with the phase out of coal, they have the opportunity to grow their businesses and create jobs – the Notley government promised a $5000 subsidy for new jobs created.

The NDP used to talk about the apparent cronyism going on between the Progressive Conservatives and oil and gas companies. But it appears that they’re doing the same with renewable energy companies. Weren’t we supposed to diversify our economy, according to the NDP?


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commented 2016-11-12 01:06:36 -0500
Unfortunately when we look at any other form of cronyism it is given an entirely different level of scrutiny when compared to the ‘alternative fuels’ category of power business concerns. Not unlike Affirmative Action it is allowe Treatment well beyond ‘preferential’ and it would appear that any kind of collusion, right down to outright corruption is not just ignored by the politicized anti-oil conglomerate know as the NDP but it is celebrated as ‘bold’ and ‘commanding’ instead of ‘organized’ and ‘criminal’. As the similarly ‘bold’ Liberals of the ‘commanding’ Ms. Whynne have done , Notley would push out all semblance of affordability and install cumbersome burocracy and unreliable technology to give Albertans similarly exponential increases in their power bills with no communication or consideration for their desires or needs. Under her shield of implied ‘Mandate’ she and her communist minions she will ensure that her short tenure will result in maximum damage to the oil and gas industry, the Alberta economy and the livelihoods of both Albertans and Canadians. More insulting is that she is happily enriching the same king of Oligarchs she pretends to deplore in the oil and gas industry as if a different type of fuel makes it just fine to behave in the same manner of organized crime!
How dare you Ms. Notley?
But we all know ‘how’ she dares, don’t we? She is happy to trade any number of Citizen’s welfare to accomplish her goals, like the zealot that she, and her appointed task forces, truly are.
commented 2015-12-09 00:14:43 -0500
And for all you regular readers remember Ezra’s coverage of Dave Mowat attending Al Gore’s climate change/ global warming/ how to get easy money ‘The sky is falling’ school of rhetoric. Hardly a non biased viewpoint on royalties. Let’s see how many mortgages. pickups, Rv’s and recreational vehicles ATB will own next year.
commented 2015-12-08 23:58:52 -0500
Really, notley, do you think your father would be proud of you? The way you seem to be led around by people from out of this province, dictating policy. The Ontario experiment did not, will not work. I say shame on you, this province will not survive on civil servant jobs alone. How about a dollar for dollar comparison on government investment returns on oil and gas versus bird chopping windmills. Review the number of votes that somehow got you a majority against the number that voted other. Your arrogance and lack of respect for the citizens gives you and your eastern directors 3.5 years. Again, shame on you and your collection of misfits.
commented 2015-12-08 19:37:42 -0500
Right on Holly. Your are just seeing the tip of the ice berg. Look at Ontario and the selling of Hydro one to foreign investors like China. They, Ontario is also shutting down Nanticoke coal fired electricity. It is happening all over. They are destroying the oil sands and oil production under the false U.N. Climate Change hoax and bolstering Saudi Oil dominance, meanwhile enriching their crony NDP (political) friends. Al Gore and his U.N. Global Governance is using the Climate Change lies to usher in their world domination plans and collecting Global carbon taxes. Oh yes, the wealth redistribution, you know the wealth from your pockets to their pockets. These corrupt politicians are selling all of us out and the way I look at it we are at a tipping point, the Crossing of the Rubicon if you will. Good work Holly, keep digging, the rabbit hole is DEEP, and scary.
commented 2015-12-07 22:57:16 -0500
The ATB has always been a slush fund for political hacks in the Alberta government.

I see that nothing has changed.
commented 2015-12-07 21:49:32 -0500
That was very well researched Holly. <3
commented 2015-12-07 21:37:33 -0500
The corruption never ends. We are being ruled by an oligarchy (federally and provincially) and are the road to ruin. Only the friends of government profit from their largesse while we who pay the freight are forced to lower our standard of living. The time of torches and pitchforks is coming and I for one will be using Alberta oil on my torch!
commented 2015-12-07 20:15:57 -0500
i wonder how many people would approve these green generating ideas if they knew it would triple their hydro costs in a few years
commented 2015-12-07 16:30:50 -0500
While reading this article, I realised that I never, ever hear any news, anywhere about all the ‘science’ dedicated to developing legitimate and realistic alternatives to our fossil fuel dilemma – or to use the PC term, ‘renewable energy development’.
Nor do I ever hear any news of valid development of realistic alternatives to the currently useless greeny-tech-scams – or renewable energy developments – subsidised by the taxpayer.
I suggest it’s because there is no valid, realistic, renewable energy development, happening…for whatever reason.
This greeny-agenda begins to resemble the no-cancer-cure scam…
commented 2015-12-07 16:17:47 -0500
Reply to ANDREW STEPHENSON : Andrew, if you read my comment carefully you should have understood that the electrical cost is recouped by the sale of the byproducts. The carbon powder is used in many products such as printers, and the carbon nanotubes are used in steel and plastic manufacturing and many other uses.
commented 2015-12-07 15:36:46 -0500
And does anyone believe all these green jobs will go to rural Alberta. No probably not if they create any jobs at all. Mostly these will just cost tax dollars and never get any further than they are right now.
commented 2015-12-07 14:39:28 -0500
If Venezuela can kick out their socialist dictators, then Alberta can kick out the NDP socialist dictators! Now, just where did I put those pointy steel toed cowboy boots …
commented 2015-12-07 14:18:05 -0500
Climate change freaks are just Greens who are to Yellow to call themselves Red. The traffic light syndrome. Lord Christopher Monktons words, not mine.
commented 2015-12-07 14:09:57 -0500
“There is a new invention being tested by the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. It is scientifically based on electro chemically reducing or removing CO2 from the exhaust from coal and natural gas burning. The by-products produced is carbon nanotubes, ozone gas, and carbon powder. These will be sold back to the $3 trillion chemical markets and will be very cost effective.
This will save the coal electricity generating plants and petroleum industries. It will also stop the dangerous and costly carbon capture and storage. "

Kind of curious if you’ve considered the energetics of such a device. You burn carbon for energy, then convert it back to carbon, which you can presumably burn again. Perpetual motion machine!

In fact, you need energy to reduce carbon dioxide back to carbon. Given the latent inefficiencies in such a process, you’re better off simply using whatever energy source this is coming from directly.
commented 2015-12-07 13:42:16 -0500
The ATB guy studied under that crook Gore. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the ATB, but Rachel has him and their buddies lined up to steal the wealth from AB, for themselves, and their crony friends. Dave needs to step down due to the conflict of interest here.
commented 2015-12-07 13:26:40 -0500
So true Doug Shaver, there are more innovative ideas being developed out there, but are being stifled by Gore and Suzuki in order to push their Marxist agendas. With left governments also falling in line, and of course there is no media voice, in the main stream, to expose it.
Conservative leaders have got to bone up on this type of technology in order to make better and stronger arguments when debating these ding bats.
commented 2015-12-07 13:11:33 -0500
Windmills are bird killers and eyesores . . . nothing more.
They will NEVER replace oil and gas to power a modern industrial city.
This is a SCAM which will set back Alberta for decades.
These Green Loons are dangerous to your wallet and your future.
commented 2015-12-07 12:59:39 -0500
There is a new invention being tested by the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. It is scientifically based on electro chemically reducing or removing CO2 from the exhaust from coal and natural gas burning. The by-products produced is carbon nanotubes, ozone gas, and carbon powder. These will be sold back to the $3 trillion chemical markets and will be very cost effective.
This will save the coal electricity generating plants and petroleum industries. It will also stop the dangerous and costly carbon capture and storage.
The NDP policies to shut down these industries should be stopped.
commented 2015-12-07 12:40:29 -0500
The global economy is winding up for an epic collapse.

Expect riots and death threats Notley. Install electricity producing fans will be the least of your problems Notley.
commented 2015-12-07 12:34:43 -0500
just change the name of Alberta to north korea. then you can justify having no gas, no oil, no hydro, no job and no future. are these ‘leaders’ going to be flying around in solar-powered airplanes.
lead by example, not edict.
commented 2015-12-07 12:31:45 -0500
Just another ndp scam to ensure their (her) buddies are taken care of.
commented 2015-12-07 12:26:36 -0500
Eggs in one basket falling ten stories
commented 2015-12-07 12:12:13 -0500
So what is this? Screw people now to help people 20 years from now, if that? Sorry Notley, but these things are not going to replace the revenue of oil, gas, and coal that your province so dearly needs, not to mention Canadians. Oh yes, if they increase the debt are they really even helping people 20 years from now?
commented 2015-12-07 12:12:11 -0500
This is the same type of cronyism that the Ontario Liberals are doing with their “green” energy plan. I guess cronyism is okay if it is 1) done by the left wing parties and, 2) when it is the righteous green energy and not the evil oil … or is it that the left doesn’t have to follow the same rules and laws as the Conservatives?
commented 2015-12-07 12:08:07 -0500
I known for some time that ATB had become a corrupt outfit. I closed all the accounts that I had with them. Hopefully most of these mortgages that are starting to default are with the ATB, and end up crashing the whole damn thing to the ground.
commented 2015-12-07 12:04:52 -0500
Good investigative work, Holly! Keep it up!
commented 2015-12-07 11:46:20 -0500
Sorry, I meant Holly not Ezra!
commented 2015-12-07 11:43:25 -0500
The NDP hand picked the ATB guy because they need them to push through the funding to their crony friends. Is this how this group of criminals is going to treat the AB taxpayer. Keep on them Ezra, where there is smoke, there will certainly be fire. This is a blatant conflict to steal the taxpayers money. I hate the NDP!