January 17, 2019

RAW: Owen Jones, Danny Tommo and the Yellow Vests clash over Brexit in London

Rebel Staff

In London last weekend, pro-Brexit "yellow vest" marchers clashed with Antifa types — and well-known UK leftist pundit Owen Jones got caught up in the fight:


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commented 2019-01-17 16:01:44 -0500
If PM May dose not pass a Bill that gets the UK out of the EU, with no strings attached, in the very near future, then there will be the riots on the streets of London like none ever seen before. The people have spoken and their numbers have grown. After 2.5 years of kicking the can down the road by Theresa May, the people want to see some results. The alternative is a 17.4 (plus) angry English Men on the streets and out of control. Don’t bother calling out the Army when it happens, they are all Brexiteers who do not like the idea of being given away to the EU and do not like the idea of fighting for Foreign Countries, when the war is at home.
Wake up or step down Madam May, the choice is yours. This is your last chance….Leave means leave.