October 12, 2017

Oxford College BANS Christian Union Over 'Homophobia & Neo-Colonialism'

Rebel Staff

Liberals claim that they are open-minded towards all types of people and religious faiths. That is, of course, unless it comes to white conservative Christians... 

Balliol JCR prevented Christian Union (CU) representatives from attending its college freshers’ fair, a leaked email chain seen by Cherwell reveals. 

The JCR committee initially attempted to prevent any CU representation whatsoever, stating that it wanted the freshers’ fair to be a “secular space” as it “couldn’t guarantee every major belief system” would be represented, which risked “alienating” new students.  


During the initial email exchange, JCR Vice President Freddy Potts, on behalf of the JCR Welfare Subcommittee, justified the ban by telling a CU representative: “We recognise the wonderful advantages in having CU representatives at the Fresher’s Fair, but are concerned that there is potential for harm to freshers who are already struggling to feel welcome in Oxford.” 

He added: “Our sole concern is that the presence of the CU alone may alienate incoming students. This sort of alienation or micro-aggression is regularly dismissed as not important enough to report, especially when there is little to no indication that other students or committee members may empathise, and inevitably leads to further harm of the already most vulnerable and marginalised groups." 

“Historically, Christianity’s influence on many marginalised communities has been damaging in its methods of conversion and rules of practice, and is still used in many places as an excuse for homophobia and certain forms of neo-colonialism.” 

Liberal college students don't like some of the "closed-minded" opinions of a conservative group, so they have decided to ban the group altogether. Banning the Christian group is much easier for them than actually putting forth the effort to try and understand why it's members feel the way they do. After all, doing that might challenge the way the liberals look at the world, and they can't have that happen! 

College leftists in the West are always trying to create "safe spaces" for themselves. These "safe spaces" are effectively progressive bubbles that silence any voice that is remotely conservative. This isn't just happening at Oxford, it's happening at college campuses all over the Western world.

Protesters at U.C. Berkeley spent the last year launching violent protests when conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos or Ann Coulter were scheduled to speak on campus. These protests were so intense that the conservative speakers often ended up cancelling their appearances over security concerns, allowing the liberal activists to win and stay in their "safe spaces" unchallenged. 

What do you think about what is happening on college campuses today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.  

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commented 2017-10-13 12:27:45 -0400
Andrew Stephenson:
You have a great sense of humour, your comment "Maybe the Christians need to grow some balls and stop whining about how they’re always victims. Normal people are getting tired of the whining. " is absolutely hilarious.

I know you are being humorous since no one is actually stupid enough to believe what you say.
commented 2017-10-13 11:13:45 -0400
“…For the power of Man to make himself what he pleases means, as we have seen, the power of some men to make other men what they please. In all ages, no doubt, nurture and instruction have, in some sense, attempted to exercise this power. But the situation to which we must look forward will be novel in two respects. In the first place, the power will be enormously increased. Hitherto the plans of educationalists have achieved very little of what they attempted and indeed, when we read them — how Plato would have every infant ‘a bastard nursed in a bureau’, and Elyot would have the boy see no men before the age of seven and, after that, no women, and how Locke wants children to have leaky shoes and no turn for poetry — we may well thank the beneficent obstinacy of real mothers, real nurses, and (above all) real children for preserving the human race in such sanity as it still possesses. But the man-moulders of the new age will be armed with the powers of an omnicompetent state and an irresistible scientific technique: we shall get at last a race of conditioners who really can cut out all posterity in what shape they please…”
C.S. Lewis – University College, Oxford. Don.
commented 2017-10-13 10:51:22 -0400
Maybe the Christians need to grow some balls and stop whining about how they’re always victims. Normal people are getting tired of the whining.
commented 2017-10-13 10:06:30 -0400
But on the other hand Muslims are provided with affirmative action. I don’t see the use in attacking Christianity when it’s essentially part of European culture – though not as indigenous as the Hindu culture of South Asia.
commented 2017-10-12 22:19:50 -0400
Oxford University itself is a micro-aggression. For centuries, it graduated the world’s finest colonialists – especially Balliol College. The JCR should ban Balliol, if not Oxford University entirely.
commented 2017-10-12 20:35:46 -0400
… Always the lie of “homophobia”- as if to disagree that a homosexual lifestyle is a healthy and natural lifestyle is to be somehow subconsciously afraid of it. It is a false smear to imply that there is something wrong with anyone who disagrees with homosexual behaviour.
… The Left has no issue with hypocrisy, bullying, and dishonesty.
commented 2017-10-12 20:19:28 -0400
Religious bigotry writ large – Oxford is no longer a center of tolerance and reason but a tool of ideological oppression.
commented 2017-10-12 19:58:22 -0400
Oxford College, with attitudes like this, are denying straight people of their right to be straight.

Who grants them this authority? Certainly not a Christian.
commented 2017-10-12 19:10:58 -0400
Marxism is what they value, and, the voice of reason simply doesn’t exists for these adherents.
commented 2017-10-12 18:44:45 -0400
Liberals are the most bigoted people around. Even ISIS is less bigoted because they are taught to be by their beliefs, Liberals choose to be bigots out of the hatred in their hearts.
commented 2017-10-12 18:43:45 -0400
These clowns sure have narrow view of history.