December 13, 2018

Paris fuel tax riots cast “darkness” on UN’s Climate Change Conference in Poland

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

All week long we’ve been working in Katowice, Poland covering the United Nations climate change conference, from the outside, after being banned from the conference by the United Nations at the request of the Canadian government.

Our friends from CFACT and Marc Morano from Climate Depot hosted a panel discussion in the nearby city of Gliwice, Wednesday night.

Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham was beamed in on Skype to rebut the so-called settled science of climate change, and Polish academics blasted the United Nations global warming wealth transfer scheme.

We were excited to attend the event, and happy to be inside for once!

After the event I had a chance to talk to Marc Morano to get his expert take on the conference in Katowice, Poland.

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commented 2018-12-16 13:34:29 -0500
SHELDON EISLER commented 2 days ago
Let the Yellow Vest protest continue with growing strength and let’s hope it starts to gain traction here and fast!!


Sheldon before buying that yellow vest you might want to read this…..

(Cut and pasted from REDDIT)

“The People’s directives” Demands made by the yellow vests in France.
The original source is in French but someone over at r/onguardforthee translated them into English. I thought you guys here would probably appreciate it.
End of the tax hike on fuel.
Promote the transport of goods by rail.
Tax on marine fuel oil and kerosene.
Monthly minimum wage at 1,300 euros net ($1947 CAD per month after taxes).
Indexing of all wages, pensions and allowances to inflation.
Nationalization of the fuel for home heating and electricity sectors.
More progressive income tax (more marginal tax brackets).
The end of the austerity.
No withholding tax.
Restoring the taxes for the ultra-wealthy.
Same social security system for all workers, including the self-employed.
The pension system must remain in solidarity and therefore socialized.
No retirement pension below 1,200 euros ($1797/month CAD).
Increase of disability allowances.
Retirement at age 60, and a right to early retirement at 55 for workers who have worked a hard manual labour job.
Continuation of the Pajemploi help system until the child is 10 years old.
End of outsourcing of work for French corporations.
Limit the number of fixed-term contracts for large companies, replaced with more full time employment.
Maximum salary fixed at 15,000 euros [monthly] ($22469/month, or maximum annual salary of ~$270,000).
Jobs for the unemployed.
Any elected representative will be entitled to the median national salary.
The popular referendum must enter into the Constitution. Creating a readable and effective site, supervised by an independent control body where people can make a proposal for a law. If this bill obtains 700,000 signatures then this bill will have to be discussed, completed and amended by the National Assembly, which will have the obligation, one year to the day after obtaining the 700,000 signatures, to submit it to the vote of all French.
Return to a seven-year term for the President of the Republic.
End of presidential allowances for life.
Proportional voting system.
Elimination of of the Senate.
Accounting of the protest/blank/none of the above ballots.
Promote small businesses in villages and town centers. Stop the construction of large commercial areas around the big cities that kill the small business. More free parking in city centers.
No further privatization of French infrastructure.
Improved funding for the justice system, the police, the gendarmerie and the army.
All the money earned by highway tolls will be used for the maintenance of motorways and roads in France and road safety.
Immediate closure of private trains, post offices, schools and maternity homes.
Maximum 25 students per class for all ages.
Large corporations (McDonald’s, Google, Amazon, Carrefour …) pay big [taxes], small businesses (artisans, SMEs) pay small [taxes].
Protect the French industry to prohibit outsourcing.
End of the business tax credit. Use this money for the launch of a French hydrogen car industry.
Eliminate credit card fees for merchants.
Lower employers’ charges.
Continue exemption of farm diesel.
Improve the lives of the elderly, by banning exploitation and making money off the elderly.
Substantial boosts in mental health fund.
Prohibition of glyphosate.
Immediate end to temporary foreign worker programs.
Plan for improving insulation of housing (help the environment by helping the household).
Rent control. More low-rent housing (especially for students and precarious workers).
Treat the root causes of forced migration.
Fair treatment of asylum seekers . We owe them housing, security, food and education. Work with the UN to have host camps open in many countries around the world, pending the outcome of the asylum application.
Return of unsuccessful asylum seekers to their country of origin.
Real integration policy is implemented. Living in France means becoming French (French language course, French history course and civic education course with certification at the end of the course).
commented 2018-12-13 21:28:33 -0500
What a great interview! It gladdens my heart to know that people are seeing through the climate deception. Let’s hope it becomes a full-blown revolt against UN bullying.
commented 2018-12-13 17:40:56 -0500
This is the how the next war is going to be played out, is being played out, and these globalists are motivated. They have a lot of money to make in this scam—- Big money. While we were sleeping………evil was planning. It is going to be a long war.
commented 2018-12-13 15:35:21 -0500
The Yellow Vest movement is spreading, The UK and Canada has had their riots, not like France but a start. What is needed is a major Anti Trudeau protest, all across Canada. Peaceful of course…..Hmmm!
commented 2018-12-13 14:30:56 -0500
Let the Yellow Vest protest continue with growing strength and let’s hope it starts to gain traction here and fast!!
commented 2018-12-13 13:19:44 -0500
Paris-ites are a menace to the free world.
commented 2018-12-13 12:31:28 -0500
These yellow vest rallies are in part a rebuke of carbon taxes, but more so an uprising against the out of touch elites, and their globalist agenda, including the UN/EU dictated open borders mass migration, out of control rape & sexual assaults by migrants, the censorship of free speech, and the total disregard for the people that are suffering so the wannabe dictators like Macron & the Socialist fairy Trudeau can enjoy the luxurious lifestyles that regular folks can only dream of. On a positive note, the rallies are starting to spread around the world, and people are waking up to the ugly reality that is being imposed upon us by the UN and its puppets.
commented 2018-12-13 12:02:01 -0500
I foresee greater polarisation.
On the one hand, public protests and populist election victories in the West are unravelling the Climate Change agenda. (As well, the rejection of the IPCC’s latest horror story by USA, Russia, and KSA is unprecedented.)
On the other hand, the Climate camp is doubling down. Two instances:
1. September 17, 2018: in San Francisco 29 philanthropic foundations pledged $4 BILLION in funding for climate activism over the next 5 years!
2. October 18, 2018: an alliance of 3,500 European businesses and utilities issued the Manifesto of the European Gas Industry demanding a complete coal phase-out!
Bad moon rising.