November 30, 2015

Paris Climate Conference, John Robson on gun rights & more

Rebel Staff

500 killed or injured in Paris just a few weeks ago, but now the world's leaders are there to talk about... the weather.

And spending other people's money, to talk over fine wines and gourmet foods, about going back home and spending more of other people's money.

Speaking of taxpayer dollars, the CBC is in full propaganda mode. They're acting like a "Sharknado" is on they way but for the efforts of the thousands of politicians and lobbyists at COP21.

Global warming science has long ago been repudiated.

If you still doubt it -- or know someone who does -- WATCH while I present the evidence.

NEXT:'s "resident historian" John Robson has a new project in the works, this time about gun rights. Like his most recent documentary, about Magna Carta, you can help bring this project to life. He'll explain how.

I'm also joined by Quebec journalist Eric Duhaime. He's watching the refugee situation in the province and brings you a perspective you won't get anywhere else.

As always, I end the show with viewer feedback. Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments or via Twitter, Facebook and email. We give all that contact information out at the end of the show.



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