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On November 13, 2015 Muslim terrorists launched five attacks around Paris, murdering at least 129 people and injuring 352.

Ezra Levant immediately decided to book a flight to Paris, France. 

In Paris, Ezra will provide the reporting that you will not see anywhere else.

Ezra's goal is to talk to Parisians about the waves of unscreened Muslim men who have streamed into their country. Ezra also wants to talk to the Muslim men themselves — to ask them their candid views on democracy, the west, and terrorism.

In short, Ezra will have the kind of honest conversation about radical Islam, migration and terrorism that is virtually banished from the mainstream media.

You just can't trust a word the mainstream media says about the threat of Muslim terrorism in the west. We need to know the truth about terrorism and the risks of mass Muslim migration.

We will show you things that you simply won’t find on the other news media. They are too busy excusing terrorism to do their jobs as reporters.

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