March 07, 2016

Patrick Brown, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative leader, says PCs are “all in”

Brian LilleyArchive

Patrick Brown, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, tells me that the party has emerged from their convention with a new theme - “All in”. 

What does that mean? Tune in to our interview as we discuss the new theme, the growth of the party, Kathleen Wynne’s destructive policies, putting a price on carbon and more. 

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commented 2016-03-07 19:32:59 -0500
Other than the cap and trade business, it sounds like Brown is aware and has a decent plan. I just hope they start campaigning every day just like the Liberals. If they wait too long they could get burnt again in Toronto. An additional 4 years of Wynne would be the end of Ontario and they would drag down the rest of the country.
commented 2016-03-07 19:17:23 -0500
What a bloody idiot, get ready for another 4 lieberal years
commented 2016-03-07 19:11:59 -0500
Carbon pricing? What a progressive bunch of claptrap. Yup, the Progressive Party is born.