May 14, 2015

Patrick Brown, you owe us the full Monte

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

What an inspiring week for opponents of one-party rule in Canada! First, last Tuesday, the Alberta PC Party was decimated by the wrath of its own electorate scorned. Then, on Saturday, Ontario conservative voters flipped the bird to the incompetent PC Party establishment that, by the time of the next general election, will have handed 16 years of governing power to the most depraved bunch of Liberals this country has ever seen, defeating its anointed candidate in a landslide.

Make no mistake: Barrie MP Patrick Brown earned the victory granted to him by that collective middle finger, out-hustling, out-organizing, and out-finessing Whitby-Oshawa MPP Christine Elliott. How did it slip off the rails for Elliott, whose campaign was supposed to be a coronation? Many factors came into play, including Brown’s now-legendary ethnic community outreach; Elliott’s Seinfeldian “campaign-of-nothing”; and long-simmering grassroots discontent at the tightly-controlling downtown-Toronto leadership cabal that achieved nothing but failure since 1999.

Still, in the month leading up to the membership-filing deadline of February 28, all of the intensity in the campaign belonged neither to Elliott nor Brown, but to the third candidate in the race at the time, upstart MPP Monte McNaughton, who grabbed the headlines first by receiving the endorsement of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (who declared him “the only real conservative in the race”); and then by becoming the leading champion of principled opposition to Premier Wynne’s radical Sex Ed curriculum changes.

McNaughton activated the small-c conservative base in a race where Elliott and Brown were running well-oiled, well-funded, but mostly uninspiring campaigns. In a February debate, for example, both Elliott and Brown joined together in expressing concern over “global warming” and committing to “social justice”. Pretty much tells you where things were headed at the time.

McNaughton could not match the organizations of his competitors, and therefore could not sign up enough new members of his own to make victory possible. On April 9, with most pollsters and pundits predicting an easy Elliott win, McNaughton emerged from a meeting with Brown to make his announcement: he would be withdrawing from the race, and strongly endorsing Patrick Brown. 

The ensuing month prior to election day saw escalating anti-Wynne protests, with McNaughton using his credibility on the sex ed issue to direct all PC voters concerned about the issue to the Brown camp. With Elliott choosing the foolish strategy of running against the protestors as a wedge, it was easy pickings, and Brown became the beneficiary of a huge gift – complete ownership of the #1 hot-button issue of the day, lifting him from a close contention to landslide victory.

The new leader knows where his bread has been buttered, and he knows, like his boss for the past decade, Stephen Harper, that elections cannot be won by conservatives in this country without the active support of the small-c conservative base. I, for one, joined the party only to support Monte, and would have simply not shown up to vote had Monte not convinced me that I could put my trust in Patrick.

Patrick: the media and the party establishment has already begun pushing, prodding, begging and bullying you to shun Monte McNaughton and disavow any interest in the social issues that are near-and-dear to the radical leftist agenda. You can bow to their sly charms, or you can do what is right and just.

Your continued embrace of the man who contributed so much to your victory, is what is right and just. You owe us nothing less than The Full Monte.

Your honeymoon period will carry you far, and we’re all impressed so far with your fresh and impressive style. But turn wrong on Monte, and that collective middle finger could indeed return in a flash. As we saw last week, there’s no wrath worse than you own voters scorned.


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commented 2015-05-28 18:21:48 -0400
JUST remember harper picked him!
commented 2015-05-19 11:43:31 -0400
Joan Abernethy, your hysteria over promoting the government’s new sex-ed radicalism over any objection makes me wonder, what is your agenda?
commented 2015-05-16 09:24:15 -0400
Miroslav – “the normal family”? You mean where the man goes out to work, his wife stays home and submits to his every command, the boys go to university and the girls get their clitoris cut off?

My points have nothing to do with your alleged queer agenda in education.

Far too many hysterical latent and closeted queers see a spectre of homosexuality around every corner, especially whenever anyone uses anatomically correct words like “penis” or “vagina”.

The Ontario sex-ed curriculum is not driven by some grand homosexual conspiracy, Miroslav. It is intended to save the lives of children at risk of life-threatening and life-truncating sex abuse.

You may believe only your children deserve the chance to live, but Ontarians disagree. It may come as a great shock to you, Miroslv, but Brown also disagrees with you.

Canada has a Constitution that protects the human rights of all children to equal opportunity. That equity includes the right to a childhood without pedophilic abuses, without female genital cutting, without neglect including the truncating of education for child marriage.

Canada cares about all children, not just yours.

If you don’t like Canada’s equity or diversity, you have the right to pay for a private education for your children at a school that will segregate them from the children you think don’t deserve to live.

May God have mercy on your hard and selfish heart.
commented 2015-05-16 00:48:36 -0400
Joan, you would make a great contributor to the homosexual rag Xtra (nothing wrong with that, of course). Your points match the program of Queer Ontario, an organization closely linked to Wynne’s government, which in 2013 came up with a program on “Queering the Education System.” You can’t convince anybody that the majority of the parents in Ontario would accept with open arms a curriculum designed by those who advance the homosexual agenda and helped by filthy pedophiles like Ben Levin (and implemented by people like “coachperv” – Brian Mallette – the newest (alleged) contribution to the TDSB pedophile row). Even if Patrick Brown rents a whole float at the homosexual parade and French-kisses Smitherman, he still won’t the queer 2% and he shouldn’t. It’s about time somebody ran a campaign in defense of common sense morality and the normal family.
commented 2015-05-15 11:12:11 -0400
Dee Leach – don’t you dare put words in my mouth. Nothing filthier than that.

“If we taught our children …” – sorry, Dee, but that sort of attitude fails to give a damn about innocent children whom far too many pedophile parents disable for life with sexual abuse that goes on until they leave home or kill themselves because no one tells them it is wrong and that they don’t have to keep silent about it as they have been told. Are you so invested in the illusion of a Disney childhood that you would prefer innocent children to die so your children can continue to believe the lie that nothing bad ever happens?

I have posted nothing that is “sly”, whatever you mean by that. I openly and frankly expressed my opinion. If you don’t like it and choose to attack me with false slurs on my motives and character just because my perspective is different than yours, expect me to self-defend.

I don’t think parents – at least not most parents – are lunatics. But as you said it, clearly you do.

Please provide a reference to what section of the curriculum sexualizes children. If you can’t back up your claim, it is utterly meaningless and, quite frankly, suspect. Now who is the fox? Eh?
commented 2015-05-15 10:12:40 -0400
Joan, you wrote six paragraphs, in a very sly way, that condemns anyone that opposes the curriculum as lunatics, who are “endangering” their children because they oppose it. Honestly, I don’t know how you get the energy to continue on like that.

Powerful, small groups, have swayed consensus more than one time in history, and I personally hope it happens again. If we taught our children morals, and reinforced the ramifications of “messing around”, we would not be in this boat. Stats can go either way, but HIV in Ontario is up, and so are teen pregnancies, and this is WITH sex-ed already in place. H&P Sex-ed via the co-parenting school system, has contributed to these stats in a negative way.

The curriculum (current and new), is total filth. I have read it twice; it sexualizes children, and removes their innocence. Our society is hyper-sexualized and permissive, and the proper solution is to revert this, not band-aid it over by teaching more of it. I am sickened that my generation has allowed this to happen. The shame of previous generations is gone.

No shame = no consequences = hyper-sexualization.
commented 2015-05-15 04:46:48 -0400
Patrick Brown has no seat, and therefore no voice, in the Legislature. He cannot even speak for those who voted for him until he fixes that. Once he gets a seat – and let’s hope he doesn’t repeat John Tory’s fiasco in Kawartha Lakes, a Conservative stronghold that voted Liberal rather than elect Tory who dismissed and ignored and snubbed local Constituents – once Brown gets seat, he still can do nothing on the “full Monte” file until, at the earliest, 2018. Because – hello – Wynne has a majority.

Having said that, Brown is a skilled wordsmith politician. He has not made the promises that many who voted for him think he has. He just let them think he has. And it worries me that may backfire badly on him in 2018. He may have won his personal battle for leadership but lost the Ontario war.

Brown cannot win Ontario on the basis of elitist exclusion politics, which is what those who voted for him want. They want him to oppress all those parents – the 1,800,000 who do not protest the changes to the sex-ed curriculum – to satisfy the selfish interests of the relative few in denying education to many students who need it just to survive their childhoods.

Think about it. Brown claims to have police, firefighters, and nurses in his camp. Those are all enforcer lobbies that have, for many years in Ontario, voted Liberal. They may oppos sex-ed – although I doubt that most nurses do – but they benefit from strong unions so sex-ed may be about all they agree on with those new PCPO members who voted for Brown.

As soon as he was elected, Brown said he will not oppose abortion or same-sex marriage. He wants to control the narrative about who he really is and good for him. I do not think he is who many who voted for him think he is. I don’t think he has any intention of changing the sex-ed curriculum. He has said he will “revisit” and “review” it after – if – he is elected in 2018. He has not said he will change or scrap it. By the time he reviews it, it will be 2020 and the children of parents who now protest it will have grown up, unscathed by the sex-ed curriculum.

Brown is a skilled politician but his job now is to win Ontario, not cater to those sex-ed protesters who voted for him. So don’t expect the full Monte from Brown. The sex-ed opponents may have some power within the PCPO but they are not a majority in Ontario and Brown knows that.
commented 2015-05-14 17:05:20 -0400
All I can say here is that 12,000 people – including me – supported Monte McNaughton’s conservative values whether it is sex ed, Hydro and other platform planks. If Patrick Brown has anything in him, he should make Monte an integral part of his team and recognize him for his fearless work as one of a handful of MPPs who actually care about their constituents.