July 28, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson: Media’s terrorist attack “cover ups” will cause the very “right wing backlash” they dread

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last night, journalist Paul Joseph Watson joined me to dissect the media's shameful reporting on the latest Islamic terrorist attacks. Remember all the newspapers that blamed the Nice massacre on the truck? Well, the BBC may have outdone them all with sentence you just have to hear.

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commented 2016-07-29 03:40:03 -0400
How many people really think that what the MSM is telling them sounds believable? Are there that many people without an internet connection? It’s comedic. It isn’t 1990, & the mainstream media doesn’t own the narrative. Even Twitter, Facebook & Google don’t control that no matter how hard they try. They’re just a source of comedy at this point. Watching the BBC, CBC or CNN is like watching an old rerun of last year’s show, nothing, just a time wasting form of meditation.
commented 2016-07-29 03:13:40 -0400
Today I was sent an email about Ezra wanting to pressure IRAN about Isis bla bla bla usual Ezra isreal ass kissing bla bla bla hey Ezra it’s not Iran it is SAUDI ARABIAN SUNNI WAHABIESTS that are Isis not the big isreali enemy Iran pull your head out of your ass Ezra we are too smart for your jew world order
commented 2016-07-29 02:32:40 -0400
As long as there is no backlash these attacks will continue and go unpunished. I would have expected our traitorous leaders to react on our behalf and take the necessary steps to insure our safety. Well, they’re not doing it in Europe, so I guess we won’t be seeing anything in response to mass murders here either. But if you really want them to do something, demonstrate a so called backlash and watch how they pounce on you without hesitation, like a pack of wolves. It’s always the same, they can’t do anything about them, but they won’t have any trouble sorting you out. That’s our politicians, police and certainly you will get bad press as well, while the prosecutors try to send you to jail. And it will all be happening here soon in your community.
commented 2016-07-29 02:21:18 -0400
hate to say it-but—with any luck the Muslims will Kill a whole batch more of Americans in the next few months—- This will probably help Trump win.
commented 2016-07-29 02:21:18 -0400
hate to say it-but—with any luck the Muslims will Kill a whole batch more of Americans in the next few months—- This will probably help Trump win.
commented 2016-07-29 02:21:15 -0400
hate to say it-but—with any luck the Muslims will Kill a whole batch more of Americans in the next few months—- This will probably help Trump win.
commented 2016-07-29 02:11:10 -0400
I value human life , but only to a point, when you bring death and destruction on yourself i do not care since it would be futile anyways. The people who enable the fanatics and hide their actions do not deserve my concern. They would just hate me for it anyways.
commented 2016-07-29 02:07:54 -0400
Well i will certainly not lash back when they murder progressives and MSM sheep.
commented 2016-07-29 00:45:24 -0400
Which is more EVIL -- The Clintons -—-Islam, It is just a simple question.
commented 2016-07-29 00:36:01 -0400
Well, we won’t worry about that because Hilary will fix everything!
As per her speech tonight, the Iran nuclear crisis was solved without one bullet being fired.
I guess she thinks she could talk herself out of a beheading – ??
commented 2016-07-28 23:27:39 -0400
Hey! 4 Freedom—— I would really like you to make that post again—-in laymen’s lingo.
This way—sombody might understand you.
commented 2016-07-28 22:56:30 -0400
This is just another putrid example of Relativism and Post-modern Deconstructionism’s subversion, executing the genocide of Freedom, Liberty, Sovereignty, and Self-determination. Truth is rejected and replaced with proselytized falsehood in order to annihilate Western Society from both within and externally. This has been going on for decades. It only gets more blatant, outrageous and “normalized” as time goes on.

Now that the complicit, as Ezra states, “five ‘P’ professionals” (police, prosecutors, press, politicians, professors), along with their cabal and neurotic sycophants, are firmly in place in all aspects of influence in society throughout the Western World, the willful contempt, utter grossness and disgust of the cancer of what is being witnessed and experienced, is being pompously escorted in, hollywood style, to obfuscate and proliferate the masses in stunning tsunami-like fashion, with barely a whimper of questioning, or, resistance, from the anemic and capitulated populace. This multifarious treasonistic and traitorous slaughter of decency, respect, common-sense, principles, values, ethics and sovereignty is all being conducted with the morbid arrogance and total disregard of severely inflicted, malignant sociopathic/psychopathic elitists, leaders, power brokers and MSM.

The SJW’s, apologists, special interest groups, Islam, et al, have been easily and cleverly subjugated and shaped, via the scourge of political correctness, iteration and repetition, into the overt drama projectionism of the narcissistic infantile child ego, by the kneading dough hooks of the Marxist MixMasters, with the single purposeful intent of utilizing them as the ‘useful idiots’.

All of this is merely the slippery slope of the Marxist New World Order of socialism/communism/authoritarianism/totalitarianism. Mass corruption, willful contempt, proselytized gross falsehood as reality and truth, uber cronyism, anti-Christianity, disregard for the Common Law of the People, total rejection of truth, gross demonstrations, atrocious violence, cajolery, gluttony, hedonism, debauchery and anarchy are circumventing accountability, responsibility and peace, for which, is now readily excused as the new ‘normal’.

Courage, Willpower, wisdom, critical analysis, situational ethics and being ‘battle-ready’ have never been more important than it is today.
commented 2016-07-28 18:56:52 -0400
This is weird. The Media paints the Right as being Violent and disruptive while facts prove that, since every violent protest in society is committed by Lefty’s, it’s actually their own ilk they’re truly concerned about. This is true. What is more weird is when the Left tells us that if we get angry when Muslims kill us -- we are just playing into the hand and plan of ISIS. . Talk about reverse Psychology. And the MEDIA eats it up.
commented 2016-07-28 18:26:36 -0400
The notion of a Right Wing backlash is so silly. Us conservatives already know what’s going on, if we were going to backlash, we’d have done it already!! Maybe, since every violent protest in society is committed by Lefty’s, it’s actually their own ilk they’re truly concerned about? But I think Paul is absolutley right, their refusal to acknowledge it is infuriating ppl more than if they did, and is MORE likely to result in a backlash. If they named it, we’d feel like it was being dealt with, and less upset. But remember, Lefty’s suffer from backwards-brain, so don’t expect them to understand this!!
commented 2016-07-28 17:17:26 -0400
Right Wing Backlash ! That is a joke. There is really not much of a back lash when Devout Muslims kill innocent people. The media has propagandised this, so well, that if you become upset about Muslims killing you ,then your are an Islamophobe , a Racist or Right Wing Hater. I don’t think that it is the Terrorist cover-ups by both media and Politicians that is going to drive most common sense people to a Backlash. People are too used to it and besides it will probably never happen to them. What does happen Everyday is the Moderate Muslims - pushing , demanding, bullying , suing , disrupting Society as they demand exceptions from the rules that Govern the rest of Normal Society , because they are soo Special. A Muslim cannot even even bring their kids to a Community swimming pool without disrupting the place and demanding a special exemption from the rules. The MEDIA makes a trivial complaint by a Muslim into front page news—- this really pisses the ME

off. The Muslim will cry Racism , and sue and the life guards which were just doing their job will get fired.
Normal citizens are FED UP with the Media
commented 2016-07-28 15:49:06 -0400
Right wing backlash? Methinks more common sense revolt!
commented 2016-07-28 15:27:27 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,412 Attacks, 199,573 Killed, 280,366 Injured.
commented 2016-07-28 15:27:24 -0400
Paul Joseph Watson doesn’t mince his words. He speaks the truth clearly and forthrightly.
commented 2016-07-28 14:39:54 -0400

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