October 23, 2016

Paul Weston, leader of Liberty GB gives The Rebel a State of the Nation update for the UK

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Paul Weston, one of the great voices of freedom and classical values in the UK, gives the Rebel an exclusive interview, describing the state of Islamization in England.


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commented 2016-10-27 07:11:48 -0400
It can only end in civil war!!
commented 2016-10-25 17:41:52 -0400
Cathy Rochford – I’m afraid that this whole thing has gone off the rails. The problem is that the lying politicians in our democratic countries, have been deceiving the public, via the press, for quite sometime now. They have all bought into the globalist goals of the UN, and are being paid to destroy our country borders. There are so many corrupt people running the show, that it’s taken on a life of its own. I’m a Christian, and I believe this world is going down, and that this is a part of the plan.
commented 2016-10-25 02:30:08 -0400
I don’t understand how—- how our so called Leaders—- can embrace the Destruction of our Society. Obama never acknowledged his White half which made him President. Justin—has never acknowledged his ELITE half which made him PM. Both of you —are FAKE.
commented 2016-10-24 18:45:16 -0400
Deborah Graupner, It appears that any country that’s a member of the UN is now being controlled by it. This is illegal. We didn’t fight in 2 world wars to have our freedom threatened and taken away by this global Islamic threat. All democratic citizens in the world should demand a strict investigation into the UN immediately. This is a global emergency regarding the Islamic terrorism in our countries and the millions of islamic muslims invading our countries threatening our econonmy, our sovereignty, our freedom and our very lives. These invaders are breaking many laws and are never held accountable or prosecuted (example: the muslim pig that raped a 10 year old boy at a public pool and all charges were dropped.) It needs to end, now.
commented 2016-10-24 15:05:20 -0400
The media-globalist-Islamic assault on Western countries is crumbling as populism finds its strength in numbers.

I wonder how many years it will take for the average Canadian to cast off his/her radical leftist worldview.
commented 2016-10-24 14:54:24 -0400
Cathy Rochford – he handed control to that terrorist infested UN.
commented 2016-10-24 14:10:38 -0400
Something else I heard, not sure if it’s true, is that Obama has sold out the internet’s control to Europe or was it facebook. You know Europe, where there’s people being prosecuted and jailed for saying the wrong things?
commented 2016-10-24 14:04:34 -0400
Whoever is behind all this will be found out someday. Some say it’s Soros, others the middle east terrorists, the UN….it doesn’t matter. It’s a war against freedom that the world has never seen before because the enemy isn’t wearing military uniforms. Some of the enemy is sitting behind a desk on MSM spewing the take down of freedom, with it’s non stop brainwashing. It’s a one sided war that the enemy designed to never be defeated. It all began with simple basic politically correct words that are covering up the evil agenda of war. People who uphold political correctness are submitting to the enemy and committing suicide of western justice and democracy. It will blow up in their faces once all democratic governments get together to fight back. We are not slaves and they will never win.
commented 2016-10-24 13:03:10 -0400
Bob Egli – they certainly couldn’t keep the sheeple confused without the steady stream of BS propaganda.
commented 2016-10-24 12:39:38 -0400
The good news is Canadian Newspapers are in financial trouble as more readers realize that they are not getting the truth or they are being censored, or they receive a front page story on Trudeau’s socks.
The bad news is on Friday Oct. 21st, CBC’s News Channel ‘s Ticker Tape said "The Federal Gov’t is considering helping out the Newspaper Business ’s that are in Financial trouble."
commented 2016-10-24 11:46:34 -0400
Never forget the fact that it’s liberal governments that starts these conflicts, then send troops to die on their behalf. They then have the audacity to try them for crimes.

And never forget the chicken shit campaign that the CBC tried to pull against our troops in Afghanistan.

Corporate media should be on trial here, not us citizens.
commented 2016-10-24 09:35:19 -0400
The only thing the enemy recognizes is violence. Their ideology is based on their self perceived superiority, and they demand the world convert to their evil ways. The UK and the western world is being taken over by the evil cult, and with the blessing of our corrupt political systems, and the MSM propagandists. Evil is overcoming this world, and it is the corrupt, and the appeasers who will lose in the end. Crooks and cowards are running the world into the ground. As a Christian, I can’t wait until Jesus returns to judge this corrupt planet.
commented 2016-10-24 09:01:35 -0400
What Paul Weston said I can see plainly coming in Canada.

The foundation of socialism and its’ submission to Islam is apparent for everyone to see here in Canada. We are only maybe a decade behind Britain … or probably less.
commented 2016-10-24 07:04:50 -0400
Agree with your comments Paul.I have joined Liberty GB and am trying to inform people what is happening in the UK with islam.As you know one of the problems is stealth jihad with muslims gaining public service positions and then implementing creeping sharia.With the islamophobia law we now have to be careful what we say about islam.There is now a George Orwell 1984 feeling about restrictions on free speech in the uk.
commented 2016-10-24 02:53:00 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,031 Attacks, 203,844 Killed, 285,596 Injured that we know of
commented 2016-10-24 02:40:08 -0400
Yvette Mozol said..
“I have great empathy for Paul Watson, who’s trying to do the right thing, but all he’s getting is pushback from the left & politically correct spineless politicians who are all running away like dogs with their tail between their legs.”

I think it’s more like dogs running away with a piece of the kill from carcass.
commented 2016-10-24 02:19:27 -0400
Our Conservatives sound like their Conservatives.
commented 2016-10-24 01:59:51 -0400
Ah, but Yvette, they can run but they can’t hide… for long.
commented 2016-10-24 00:55:29 -0400
England is in a bad state of affairs. Cameron should have been booted long before he had to resign. The English have allowed the Muslims in large numbers to come in & look what’s happened, nothing but chaos. I have great empathy for Paul Watson, who’s trying to do the right thing, but all he’s getting is pushback from the left & politically correct spineless politicians who are all running away like dogs with their tail between their legs. The media is also a big part of the problem & the newly elected prime minister is also a farce, so it will be up to the people, the ones who voted for Brexit to try & get their country back if that is even possible.
commented 2016-10-23 23:31:13 -0400
The media party in the US is starting to feel the onslaught of the freedom movement, latest poll suggests that they only have a 6% approval rating. Corporate media is becoming a dinosaur as more and more people are switching them off and turning to alternative media in their search for the real truth. I truly believe that humanity, if they wish to survive, must once and for all rid this planet of the corporate media types, and once that is done then the corrupt elite and their government lackeys will fall.

The media IS truly the enemy of the people.
commented 2016-10-23 22:42:58 -0400
This site is under cyberattack…..or maybe it’s me….again…..:-)

I keep getting crap outs and reeboots when I play the videos on this site….I can get them on YOUTUBE….and elsewhere….

Seems like we got another hate criminal alt right deplorable in the UK who wants to be heard on this site…….I’m like a rabbit…I;m all ears…….:-)
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