July 28, 2015

Pay no attention to the Official Jews. They certainly don't pay any attention to you

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

One thing you might or might not have noticed is that while I’m Jewish myself, I don’t normally write about Israel or Jewish issues. There are two reasons for this. The first has to do with professional courtesy - there are other Megaphone bloggers who do it a lot better. 

The other reason is that I have accepted that Jewish issues are lost causes, and I don’t wish to waste time on lost causes unless there’s nothing more important to talk about. Seeing as how it’s July and there is nothing more important to talk about, I guess I will make an exception.  

I don’t know if any Jew, past or present, has ever put to paper the idea that Jewish issues are lost causes not worth talking about, and it might seem odd if you have noticed the proliferation of Jews who can’t shut up for five seconds about Jewish issues. I have noticed, however, that constantly talking about something is usually a sign that that person is trying to avoid talking about something else.

That ‘something else’ is that these Jews are unlikely to ever be heard or listened to by the decision makers, the so-called “Official Jews”, and everyone knows it. The aggravating joke about “two Jews, three opinions” is funny because Jews try so hard to be heard that they must invent more opinions than there are people speaking, and they try as hard as they do because they think it’s a question of effort or rhetorical skill. In truth, their opinions, no matter how loud, regular, or correct they are, simply do not register.

For comparison’s sake the PC Party of Ontario is another organization famous for ignoring its own base, and even so when I wrote a blogpost elucidating the precise mechanism by which the party keeps its members on the merry-go-round, an MPP was kind enough to retweet it. No Jew who has reached Official-dom would ever retweet a critical post such as this, not just because the other Official Jews wouldn’t take it well, but also because they think they are doing such an incredible job of managing Jewish issues that anyone who criticizes them must be crazy.      

Let’s use a particularly deplorable column in this week’s Canadian Jewish News by the most Official of Official Jews, Bernie Farber, as an example. Bernie is extremely proud of the fact that he and his Official Jew friends had a gala in Toronto where 750 of only the most conspicuous “Ontarians” (he says “Ontarians” so you won’t get the impression that only Jews or Torontonians attended) honoured Kathleen Wynne with the Words and Deeds Award for her “contribution to humanitarian causes and to tolerance, inclusion and civil discourse.” Unfortunately, Stephen Harper didn’t sign the tribute book, so Bernie takes him to task for “disrespecting the office of prime minister.”

As many of you no doubt noticed, there’s a lot that’s wrong with Bernie’s opinion, but I don’t suggest that you waste your time saying so. Bernie and his Official Jew friends couldn’t care less about what you have to say because you are not one of those 750 gala-going “Ontarians” he mentioned. A Jewish parent asking Bernie why he doesn’t use his connections to the Premier to ease the financial burden on families trying to pay for Jewish school will be ignored, but Bernie will certainly notice that the Prime Minister skipped his gala.

Such are the priorities of the Official Jews, and such is the metric by which they evaluate their performance. Small wonder, then, that un-Official Jews such as myself have checked out. 


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commented 2015-07-28 14:31:56 -0400
Agree with both statements here. He also is a friend of the kangaroo courts.
commented 2015-07-28 13:02:29 -0400
Well said, to both blogger and commenter.
commented 2015-07-28 12:04:41 -0400
Bernie is a Leftist jerk who kisses the butts of Jew haters.