Poll UPDATE -- 70% agree: Pay for your own nannies, Justin!

Rebel Staff

December 17 UPDATE: The results of our poll are in!

As you may recall, we crowdfunded a professional opinion poll asking Canadians: 

"Which of the following is closest to your own point of view? Justin Trudeau should pay for nannies with his own personal money.” or: " It is an appropriate use of taxpayers’ money to pay for childcare for Justin Trudeau's family.”

A massive survey — 1,543 Canadians were surveyed, which gives an accuracy of plus or minus 2.5%, 19 times out of 20. This is a serious poll.

Well, Canadians aren’t stupid.

70% say he should pay for his own nannies — like the rest of us have to do.

And, as you would suspect, that result is even higher amongst low-income Canadians.

WATCH my video as I break down the numbers, and answer a question that's been raised since the start:

Stephen Harper has two children. Didn't taxpayers pay for his childcare, too?

The answer is no, but Harper also paid for something else out of his own pocket when he was PM.

It's only been mentioned once by the media. (No surprise there...) Can you guess what it was? WATCH and find out.

The Liberal government just issued two executive orders, using taxpayers money to hire not one, but two nannies for Justin Trudeau’s children.

The orders were back-dated to November 4th. That’s the day Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister. That means that hiring two nannies is literally the very first thing he ordered the government to do.

There are six things wrong with this.

1. Every other Canadian has to pay for their own nannies. We’re already paying for his house, his driver, his private chef, and every possible work expense imaginable. 

2. Trudeau is filthy rich — he was literally born a millionaire. He doesn't need to expense help. 

3. Billing the taxpayer for nannies is hypocritical. During the election campaign Trudeau made a big deal about not taking government money for childcare. 

4. Trudeau is lying about being for the middle class. In the days before the election, the Trudeaus did interviews where they said they’re super-normal, they’re just like you and me. They pretend to be middle class but it's just not true. 

5. A fish rots from the head down. The entire government, every cabinet minister, every MP, and every civil servant, is watching Trudeau to see what the new standards are. The precedent being set is terrible. 

6. The media is showing its true colours. The same media that called for the head of Bev Oda, for expensing a $16 orange juice. Now they are all lined up to defend Trudeau needlessly spending thousands on two nannies. 

Trudeau is billing his personal child care expenses to the taxpayer, and that's wrong. 

No-one begrudges the Trudeaus a nanny. Or even two nannies. But a millionaire with a trust fund, who earns $334,800 annually, can pay for his own babysitters.

Please click below to sign the petition. Tell Trudeau that our money isn't his personal money. 

You can also click below to help us conduct a professional, independent opinion poll. We want to find out what Canadians think about Trudeau using public funds to hire two nannies.

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Justin Trudeau should immediatly stop using public funds to pay for his nannies. 

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