Tell the Al Quds Day hate preacher to!

Rebel Staff

Sheikh Shafiq Huda from the Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ont. gave a horrific speech at the “Al Quds Day” hate rally in Toronto — an annual rally sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran. He called for the “eradication” of any Israelis and Zionists in the world, he said he looked forward to the destruction of the American and British empires, and made other shocking comments, in plain English, on the steps of the provincial legislature at Queen’s Park.

It was a shocking display of anti-Semitism. But even more unbelievable: Sheikh Huda’s hate group actually received a summer jobs grant from Justin Trudeau’s Liberalsthe same summer jobs grant denied to more than 1,500 Christian-oriented organizations, from food banks to summer camps. 

Sign our petition now to demand that this hate preacher return his money. We’ll deliver the petition to Sheikh Huda himself, as well as the Trudeau Liberal who gave it to him, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu. 

Sign the petition below now!

Sign the petition!

We demand that hate preacher Sheikh Shafiq Huda pay back his government summer jobs grant, and we demand that Trudeau’s Labour Minister Patty Hajdu, insist on its repayment.

Will you sign?