Tell Justin Trudeau’s best friend, Gerald Butts, to repay $127K he billed taxpayers to move to Ottawa

Rebel Staff

UPDATE: Our billboard is driving around in Ottawa:

Brian Lilley reports on the feedback TheRebel has received driving around Ottawa in a billboard truck urging Gerald Butts to repay the money he charged taxpayers for moving expenses

UPDATE: Butts investigates himself, vows to repay fraction of $127K — but that's not good enough:

Ezra Levant explains why Gerald Butts' offer to pay back a fraction of the cost isn't good enough. Ezra calls for a continuation in the campaign until all the money is paid back. 

Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s advisor and best friend, billed Canadian taxpayers $127,000 dollars to move from Toronto to Ottawa.

$127,000 to move. How do you even do that? 

Moving should involve renting a U-haul for the weekend — that’s a few hundred dollars. Or hiring a moving company to help you pack and move down the highway — call that $10,000.

But Gerald Butts billed $127,000 just to move from Toronto to Ottawa.

The Liberals claim the money is to cover Butts’ realtor fees. But they were already covered in the million-dollar sales price for his house. Butts is double-dipping — getting paid twice.

Butts double-dipped $127,000.

How is it that Mike Duffy gets prosecuted for $90,000 in real expenses, but Butts is able to sock taxpayers with $127,000 in expenses that he was already covered?

This is sick. We need to fight back.

Sign our petition below and help spread the word.

But we want to go one step further. We want to put a billboard up in Ottawa reminding the mainstream media, and Liberal MPs, and Butts and Trudeau himself that we’re not going to let this slide.

A regular billboard costs about $2,000; a mobile billboard costs more. If you click here and chip in — whether it’s $10 or $100 — we’ll put the money towards the billboard campaign.

Gerald Butts is a disgrace. He’s a liar when he claims to care about the poor or the middle class. He’s a hypocrite. But worse than that, he’s corrupt and entitled.

My friends, we can’t let him get away with it. 

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We demand Gerald Butts repay the $127,000 moving expenses he took from taxpayers.

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