November 18, 2016

PC MLA Jansen commits political suicide in floor-crossing to Notley NDP

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Sandra Jansen was running for the Progressive Conservative leadership just over a week ago, but has since crossed the floor to the Alberta NDP showing she’s a political chameleon who chooses her alignment based on who’s winning.

In the press conference with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announcing the floor crossing, she said she’s a centrist and that the NDP reflects these views. The NDP is a party that includes among its caucus members people who openly admire Hugo Chavez!

For those who have been following Sandra Jansen, her floor crossing is no surprise. We saw this coming at least a year ago when she started voting with the NDP almost as often as she did with her own party.

Then along with her leadership campaign bid came the attacks on Jason Kenney, allegations of abuse and harassment and labelling any right winger that crossed her path a bigoted extremist.

And while Jansen was a progressive conservative MLA, she was campaigning and hanging out with Federal Liberals including her buddy Nirmala Naidoo Hill and Liberal MP Kent Hehr, whose victory last year brought her near to tears.

She was a conservative in name only, clearly running as one to win a seat in the legislature.

Watch my video, as I describe how hypocritical this floor-crossing move is and why Sandra Jansen’s political career is over!

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commented 2016-11-19 22:25:46 -0500
The PCs must be left to die a natural death…
Even a PC provincial government right now would not reverse the damage that Rachel Notley did… The people who generally vote PC must understand that Brian Jean is the only one willing to reverse Rachel Notley’s bills and taxes…
Old diehard PC supporters must vote Wild Rose this time around so we may get control of our province back and reverse the damage of Rachel Notley.
commented 2016-11-19 21:11:55 -0500
Jansen has found her safe space. She’s at home now. However, this slow purge of the PC’s adds to their strength and competitiveness with the WR. I too was hoping they would just fade away and WR would be a clear alt but this just makes uniting the right a bigger concern. It’s a definite conundrum that the NDP has been hoping for. I think both Jean and Kenny are capable leaders but I sure don’t want to see the NDP come up the middle. We need one or the other with a clear majority.
commented 2016-11-19 16:34:26 -0500
To unite the right would be suicide for the province… As I have said many times before that the PCs “must die a natural death and become reborn”
None of the leftists can be allowed to drift in on the coattails of Brian jeans hard work and then start a cancer to rot away at the best party we have from the inside.
Brian Jean has publicly stated that he will undo what Rachel Notley has done but he will need our full support and a majority government.
Anything less than a Wild Rose government will be a revisit to the policies of Rachel Notley and her ministers.
the PCs as well as Notley with the NDP are frothing at the mouth and licking their lips and can’t wait to get their hands on more of our hard earned money in the form of this illegal tax…!!! The carbon tax…
I am already taking measures to leave this province for Saskatchewan as they are the last bastion of common sense in Western Canada.
If Kevin Hart has his way he will ruin Manitoba, BC has been ruined years ago, and Alberta is in the process with no guarantees unless we can have and maintain a majority Wild Rose government.
commented 2016-11-19 16:20:24 -0500
Well there’s one of the socialists posing as conservatives gone. Soon all the rats will be jumping ship. Need to get rid of all of them including Thomas Lukaczic. He’s a commie as well. ON DEC 3 BE AT THE LEGISLATURE GROUNDS TO STAND UP AGAINST THE BITCH.
commented 2016-11-19 16:14:44 -0500
Donald Allen…
You pretty much summed up everything that Albertans are thinking with your post… The NDP will never face the public or have a debate or anything where they could be intellectually crushed or firsthand visually experience their unpopularity.
commented 2016-11-19 14:10:47 -0500
What this does do is prove the old adage is so true…" the flies definitely are attracted to the shit pile ".

@deb GRAUPNER… I’m with you, can’t wait for the Nothead smirk to be permanently wiped from her nicotine ravaged wrinkled mug.

@mongrel…..lay off thew malt. ha ha ha…just kidding

Good posts all…. hope to see many of you at the Ledge on Dec3rd
commented 2016-11-19 12:52:37 -0500
This is precisely why women should stay out of the political realm.
commented 2016-11-19 12:36:31 -0500
One cannot justify or explain away the trading of even moderate conservative values ,policies and principles to join a party which is the antithesis of those stated tenets . One can only conclude that the principles were totally lacking , in point of fact never existed in the first place.
This makes her candidacy a total fraud , a conniving piece of obfuscation in the pursuit of power. How can this be a surprise? A so called career journalist ? Really? If you believed her act I’m sure you would vote for George Stephanopoulis for Leader of the Republican Party.
Around 77% of ballots cast in the election were against her. And I think it safe to presume that she would not get the percentage of votes by the PC faithful for her act of tergiversation.
Albertans seem completely stymied by the fact that they have no Recall Law. So what. Why not have three or four thousand constituants write and deliver by hand demands for her to resign her seat? Demand a meeting . Demand she face the public, her constituents. Demand she reply in writing to those who have written todemand her resignation. Where is the riding association that nominated and signed for her candidacy? Are they not accountable? WHat are they doing to right the wrong?
It really is pathetic that nobody can organize any type of protest against these miscreants like Jansen.
She needs to be “politically” destroyed. Not at next election . Now !
commented 2016-11-19 12:21:40 -0500
Sandra Jansen is typical of what has been passing themselves off as “Progressive” Conservatives in Alberta for decades. Far-left loons that pretend . . . like the loonie HR Lawyer that became leader a few years back. Time to wise up Alberta and bury the PCs forever.
commented 2016-11-19 10:14:27 -0500
guess she didn’t have the 50 000 to run for the leadership. First she was bullied, then it was because she was a woman she was picked on, she is pulling all the progressive cards to try and save face. Supported trudeau, Best she is gone most are happy to have her with the dippers as it will be certain the talking head is gone next election.
commented 2016-11-19 08:36:38 -0500
This is what a lack of integrity will lead you to. Having fleeced the voters for her own gain, it will be fun watching her go down in the next election. I’m sure she will blame the people, just like that communist Notley does at every turn. I can’t wait to see that smile wiped off Notley’s face in the next election.
commented 2016-11-19 04:25:16 -0500
Glad the gigs up for her…she will never win next time. She calls the NDP Centrist!!!

Conservatives need to be really intense in their choice or I will not vote for them next time…there are too many iffy ‘conservatives’ these days…we need Harper back! Perhaps he might consider returning.
commented 2016-11-19 02:22:08 -0500
Jansen is your stereotypical lifelong trough slurping elitist politician completely out of touch with normal laypersons. The fact that she would even think for one moment that she had any chance of leading the PC party and continueing the left wing free spending money wasting status quo proves that.
commented 2016-11-19 00:55:24 -0500
Two words: term limits.
commented 2016-11-19 00:38:46 -0500
In her riding, it was conservatives 1st and NDP 2nd and wildrose 3rd.

This infiltration of left wingers in Alberta politics happened in the aftermath of the overthrow of King Ralph. That’s what prompted the wildrose party. That’s also why I’m dead set against Kenney trying to unite the right , because the only right wing party left in Alberta IS the Wildrose party. How many seats do the conservatives have now, 8 ? Let that party die a natural death, and let’s start rebuilding our province. Start off buy ignoring anything that the NDP says and does, that bitch ain’t my premier.
commented 2016-11-18 23:53:12 -0500
M. Flebotte this is hardly confined to women.
commented 2016-11-18 23:47:51 -0500
Honestly, women like this make our sex look bad. A troll could just chant, “This is why women don’t belong in politics!”… and I would have few arguments to counter with. A political whore. Wow. :-(
commented 2016-11-18 23:34:32 -0500
This is this is absolute bull s*** as soon as she crossed the floor her riding should have went in for election, because she is a conservative and voted in by conservatives. She will find herself out of a job immediately. Her riding must be completely pissed off.
commented 2016-11-18 23:27:27 -0500
You’re absolutely right Holly, she’s a farce with no political backbone. She was never a Conservative in the first place & just look at Notley’s smirky face again, so pompous, all she got was a backstabber & traitor who deceived her constituents. I hope those people realize her goal was never to stand up for them, but rather what she could get for herself. Good riddance is what I say to this hypocrite. Now she’s bashing the party she wanted to lead because they are not politically correct & have common sense. If you don’t have the leftwing mindset, they call you racist, sexist, bigots & all the rest & frankly this is really getting boring & funny they never think of themselves as being extreme, when in reality, they’re the ones who fit that description perfectly.
commented 2016-11-18 23:05:10 -0500
Totally agree with the other commenters when it comes to crossing the floor, it should abolish your standing and an election should be held for that seat again, when you cross the floor you are no longer what the people voted for.
commented 2016-11-18 22:08:01 -0500
She has certainly shown her true colours.
Better now than later.
Maybe she just doesn’t know what she should be thinking without a written script in front of her.
commented 2016-11-18 21:58:06 -0500
My dog came home a couple days ago I licked his ass for a couple of hours after supper… I asked him why he did that and he told me that it gets the taste of the NDP out of his mouth
commented 2016-11-18 21:44:46 -0500
ndp problem now another bimbo in the ranks. Totally agree stick a fork in her shes done
commented 2016-11-18 21:25:22 -0500
Nobody yet appears to have asked the obvious question: Why would someone as liberal as Jansen choose to run for the leadership of a conservative party? Now, I know that the PCs aren’t really conservative anymore, but still—there are the Libs and NDP and Greens she can go play with.

I believe the Left is simply trying to subvert anything conservative by getting their people into positions where they can pull everyone farther left, opening the way to pass laws strengthening their position and thereby stifling any and all opposing thought. It’s nothing less than the infiltration and internal destruction of a democracy.
commented 2016-11-18 20:42:13 -0500
Her constituents should arrange a special welcome home party at her riding office bring tar and torches.

She must be weapons-grade stupid because the track record of career longevity for floor-crossers is not good.
commented 2016-11-18 20:34:55 -0500
Jansen was a socialist shill in the pc party. At least we know her true nature now. Alberta is under God’s judgment for too many years of living the high life and abandoning God. Wake up Alberta, Canada, North America and the entire world… the final judgment is coming. Jesus is Lord.
commented 2016-11-18 20:17:09 -0500
What do you expect!!!! She was a news reader talking head for the MSM!!!!!! The cats out of the bag on these people, they can’t be trusted!!!! The hypocrisy runs rampant, it happens on a hour by hour basis with Canadian politicians. If nothing else this is an illustration of how out of touch our politicians are with their constituents. Somebody lick her luscious lips and stick her to a wall or just stick a fork in her, she’s done. Damn it these clown are disgusting!
commented 2016-11-18 20:05:31 -0500
Yay hey. One more progressive bites the dust.
commented 2016-11-18 19:56:13 -0500
The PC party has been the party of slow motion NDP for a long time.
commented 2016-11-18 19:28:27 -0500
I voted for this traitor who is in my riding.