March 07, 2018

PC Party insider: It's between Christine Elliott and Doug Ford

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, The Rebel's Community and Campaign Manager, Eitan Gilboord, joined me to discuss the Ontario PC leadership race.

Doug Ford has made allegations about a secret deal between Christine Elliott and disgraced former leader Patrick Brown. Barrie area MP Alex Nuttal's endorsement of Elliott added fuel to this rumor due to his friendship with Brown, Eitan doubts this was the result of backroom dealing but won't rule out the possibility.

The results of the leadership race will be announced on Saturday, and Eitan thinks it's coming down to Elliott and Ford.

WATCH my video to hear how we think Brown's infamous carbon tax may come into play again, and which candidate Eitan would put his money on.

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commented 2018-03-09 08:57:46 -0500
Women talk, men act.
Ever notice that when a project of any kind is contemplated, if women are involved there are an incessant number of meetings whereas if men are involved, there are way fewer meetings and more decisions are made.
Women are wonderful but they tend to think that talking gets things done.
commented 2018-03-08 21:22:01 -0500
Doug Ford is a street fighter?

commented 2018-03-08 18:21:12 -0500
Quite frankly the province of Ontario does not need another woman running it.

It needs a street fighter from Hog Town.

I have come to the point that I no longer trust many women and do not trust any female politicians.

I am certain that I will be run over the coals for this comment but we need a street fighter who will tell folks to eff off.

Ford would do a good job.
commented 2018-03-07 23:45:34 -0500
My original ‘sign up’ for PC membership was when Patrick Brown ran the first time as leader. I voted for him then.
The second time (this time) I was renewing my membership.
Does my membership still show as part of Brown’s stats on memberships and where did his memberships go to, Elliott?

I suspect Brown’s memberships were all given to Elliott because of her backroom deals and those who originally supported Brown are being used…..AGAIN!!!!!

Eitan…Doug Ford asked for an extension. It is a practical and sensible request.

I hope everyone here actually bought memberships and voted.
commented 2018-03-07 19:09:45 -0500
Could you clarify that statement Terry, I am confused as to what you mean.
commented 2018-03-07 18:27:50 -0500
If Doug Ford doesn’t get voted in I wouldn’t bother with this what will be a Second Liberal Party!

I would definitely vote for that other Conservative Party that was running when Patrick Brown was the head of the PC party!
commented 2018-03-07 17:11:31 -0500
My wife and I are liberals and we hate Wynne, so we will be voting for Elliot if she is leader. I suspect many other people will as well.
commented 2018-03-07 16:57:10 -0500
It matters not who runs against Wynne, the Liberals will continue to rule.

Their success is guaranteed by the large number of young potheads who have never worked in their lives and depend on social services to live, the young people who suffer from a Liberal education and the large influx of Muzzie voters.

Sorry, but Ontario will continue to go downhill and will become what Donald Trump calls a shithole. Seems pretty apt considering that a majority of the folks living here (those responsible for the Liberal rule) are nothing but worthless pieces of shit.
commented 2018-03-07 16:53:42 -0500
If Christine or Mulroney (doubtful) were to ‘win’ the contest it would be a disaster for the party, because of the black cloud of doubt surrounding them as well as the actual voting procedure itself. Its already tainted. What a mess.
commented 2018-03-07 16:14:14 -0500
Looks like The Rebel staff is getting small and smaller. Christopher Wilson, Holly Nicholas and Mark Latham are gone.
commented 2018-03-07 14:49:30 -0500
Go Christine Elliott. She will beat Wynne and has a brain unlike Ford.
commented 2018-03-07 12:51:16 -0500
It had better be Doug Ford or I’ll be parked on my couch come election day.

I won’t support a closet Lieberal!!!!!!!!!!!! This goes for Scheer as well. Grow a set Andrew!!!!!
commented 2018-03-07 11:46:41 -0500
I hope Doug wins out over Christine. Her privileged position given to her by Wynne should be a huge red flag. And if she’s making deals with Patrick Brown on the side, then that is a huge clue that she has some bad habits already.