March 23, 2016

PC win in Calgary-Greenway by-election shows “the NDP is back to being a fringe party”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last night there was a provincial by-election in Alberta, in the riding of Calgary Greenway, and for this campaign, Notley’s NDP pulled out all the stops.

First, they mimicked an illegal scheme tried by the Ottawa NDP, where they diverted funds meant for constituency offices for sitting politicians, and turned them into campaign offices.

Then Rachel Notley called a snap election, before the other parties had nominated their candidates.

But it didn’t help. Their candidate, Roop Rai, came in fourth, with just 20% of the vote. It’s been less than a year since Notley’s sweeping election, but the NDP vote plummeted from 32% to 20%.

The PC candidate, Prab Gill, won with 28% — enough to win a four-way race.

I don’t like the fact that Gill won; as our own Sheila Gunn Reid revealed, Gill is hardly a conservative. Just a few months ago, he was as giddy as a schoolgirl in his support of Justin Trudeau.

But let’s not quibble. The NDP is back to what it was, a fringe party.

Our job now is simple: to mitigate the damage Notley and her destroyers do to Alberta over the next three years.

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commented 2016-03-25 18:29:37 -0400
All the more reason to keep an eye out for Notley at the upcoming NDP convention in Edmonton. Notley was in Ontario recently, fundraising for the provincial and federal NDP there, so I know she has been networking in advance of the Thomas Mulcair’s inevitable leadership review. Notley’s aspirations to succeed Mulcair as leader will be apparent once she is spotted roaming the convention hall and promoting herself as a candidate. Since Mulcair is about to be booted, and no else wants the gig, Notley will become the favourite as a successor.
commented 2016-03-24 23:37:58 -0400
Peter I know this much. The PC’s old boys network has to go away and retire. The Wild Rose has more than enough old PC hacks in its ranks. This needs to be purged or sent to the back of the room. It is time for some serious debate. These old school hacks need to be sent packing. Good God people, if ordinary farmers, patch hands, contractors, retailers, and anyone else who is hard working and honorable cannot sit down and have a rational conversation then we are all doomed. Enough of the power brokers. There are always going to be the slimy underbelly of humanity in politics. We can clean this up. I am in construction. you do not have to tell me how corrupt the PC gov’t was when it came to crooked business practices. I also know that if we tolerate this crap, we deserve it. The PC’s don’t want to listen to anyone but the baglickers. The Wild Rose think they are the chosen ones. It is tiresome at best. They fight over a name, and our province goes down in flames. they should all hang their heads in shame. Really. Somebody has to put these goofs in a room and get them to talk. respectfully and intelligently to each other. You mouth off, we slap you. Then we try again. We will have to treat these miscreants like unruly children until they act appropriately. I have NEVER been hired for my personality. I was hired because I got results that owners wanted. I motivated people, and made the owners money as in profits. Surely to God, there are people out there who can accomplish this without the dirty backroom dealing. That my friend, has to end. In both parties.
commented 2016-03-24 23:19:15 -0400
Alberta Buck

Leadership review comes at a pre-determined time, probably after two or three years unless the party determines otherwise. If you are that frustrated with Jean why not write to the Wildrose with your concerns.
Your frustration in your own riding is understandable. I am in a NDP riding also and I do not like it either. What you are saying is that the nomination and selection/vetting process sucks and I do not disagree with you. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on Greenway though because it is like Millwoods in Edmonton, the vast majority are ethnic groups. Wildrose was decimated and made a decent come back but they still have lots of work to do, including improvement on vetting nominations.
commented 2016-03-24 23:06:44 -0400
I wish this site utilized the usual forum style rather than just comments, as it would make these discussions much easier to tie back to previous comments on other articles on here.

NDP SUCKS commented 19 mins ago
Jean may not be the best leader but I think he will do for now. What is required is a merger between Wildrose and the PC’s to consolidate the right wing vote and prevent another NDP victory. The PC’s have to flush out the Liberals in their party, such as Sandra Jansen. If this is not possible the PC voters deserve to know that they are in fact voting for Liberals.

I actually couldn’t agree more on everything I quoted you on here, except for one. The WR is dragging their ass the same as the PCs on getting a competent and capable leader. Why wait till later? The time to be rebuilding the right is now, not three years from now. This ends where I am replying specifically to your quote.

Lets see a show of hands here as to who remembers the Reform Party? You can ask Lloyd just how far I went to publicly show I was supporting them, that sign hung on the grill guard of the pickup all fall. Did they accomplish anything? Sure they did. But did they ever form government? No.
Now we have much the same situation with the WR. At the far end of the right politically, small pockets of support, but not enough to ever form government. Well like I said to Netterville on another page on here a couple weeks ago, there is only two places you can be with government, in power, or on the outside looking in. Big deal, the WR is currently the opposition. Do you have any real power? Do you have any power for that matter? No, none. Is that how you want it to stay? Because unless the powers that be and the backroom people behind the WR realize that to get elected into a ruling government, you need to present a platform and candidates that the majority will support and vote for, opposition is about as far as you will ever get.

I’ve said it before, of course there is room for improvement with the PCs. Some of the rancid stunts they pulled make me sick. But the reason I support them is because next to the NDP, they are the only ones capable of winning seats in a large enough majority that they are in power. I saw in my own riding the NDP win because an undesirable WR candidate managed to siphon off enough PC votes that the NDP come in ahead. WR still come in last, just like he did the first time. And contrary to Netterville saying that it was only my opinion he was unsuitable, the majority of the entire riding was of the same opinion…well what more do you guys need that you can see the WR needs to make some changes as well?

I’m tired of being accused of having low or no morals on here, little you folks saying such know of me, well keep hurling the insults, I got big shoulders. But I also do know, whether we like it or not, the demographics of this province have changed, it is not the same province it was say even 20 years ago. And if someone wants to form government in this province, you need to present something that enough voters will support. And if that means sacrificing some things, well I guess that’s the price we need to pay. Are we not sacrificing almost everything today because of the NDP capitalizing on the bickering?
All comes down to whether or not you want to be the ones in charge, or like now, at someone else’s whims and desires, while we sit on the outside looking in.

And someone commented about me being excited or lathered up or such…well maybe I actually am quite pissed about watching the province I grew up in and loved, being flushed down the proverbial sewer and am going to do whatever I can to get it back.
commented 2016-03-24 23:01:56 -0400
Sarah McCullough
The Progressive Conservatives are not conservative. If this is true then they should rebrand to a new name such as Liberal. Then the true conservative voter knows who they are voting for. The PC’s have been liberal for at least ten years and they were responsible for the high cost of public servants, the highest in Canada.
commented 2016-03-24 22:54:10 -0400
I have a really hard time understanding the logic of a “right” merger.The PC’s are not conservative.
Alberta’s teachers being paid the most in Canada is not a NDP created problem. That and all the rest of the inflated overpaid civil service bureaucrats was a disaster. The NDP doesn’t consider that legacy a mess, they love it. The PC is NDP lite.
Get past the mob shaming of every thing the media says about WR.
commented 2016-03-24 22:22:42 -0400
Lloyd Sawatsky
Are you now switching your main point from candidate selection for Greenway to leader of the Wildrose? If so then a leadership review/change has not been mentioned. Jean was selected less than a year ago and Wildrose went from being declared almost dead to the official opposition party.

Jean may not be the best leader but I think he will do for now. What is required is a merger between Wildrose and the PC’s to consolidate the right wing vote and prevent another NDP victory. The PC’s have to flush out the Liberals in their party, such as Sandra Jansen. If this is not possible the PC voters deserve to know that they are in fact voting for Liberals.
commented 2016-03-24 22:10:09 -0400
@lloyd Sawatsky

Okay, so the WildRose cannot choose good candidates and the PCs are as corrupt as the NDP and federal Liberals.

So what is your suggestion? What do we do now? Sounds like were basically hooped as Conservatives in Alberta.
commented 2016-03-24 21:37:29 -0400
I was born and raised in Saskatchewan on a farm. I saw first hand what the NDP did to small business and to farmers in the times where they were in power. To see that criminal Romanow hired by Notely boiled my blood. The PC’s in Sask. were damaged by Devine and others and the only way to bring that province out of the dark years was to change regimes. My entire family was and is instrumental in helping achieve that. When Hermanson was leading the Sask party they were wandering in the wilderness like the Isrealites. He was a good man. I know. But he was basically as inspiring as a brick. The wild rose has this problem now. The leader for all intents and purposes is probably a good man. Inspiring,…..not so much. Listen, I am a Wild Rose supporter. I voted for them in my riding Alberta Buck and I have some very spirited discussions about the PC’s and Wildrose. The Sask Party finally came together when they convinced the Mennonite Farm boy from Sask. to take a run at the leadership. the rest is history. But Brad toned down the rhetoric, convinced Liberals, PC’s and even two NDP if I am not correct to put aside the bickering and seeing who could pee higher on the power pole for the greater good of the province. The small time bickering had to quit. The PC’s still think they are the answer. I disagree. I want a conservative gov’t that can count, and add and subtract. Not too much to ask? I hope not. The NDP have lots of dirty tricks up their sleeves. They have some of the vilest, despicable NDP has beens working for them. I want a party for Alberta. The person who can achieve this will get my vote. Win back the province, we can sort the rest out later. Saving our province comes first and foremost. Alberta Buck and I agree on that. Like most Mennonite people, Brad Wall didn’t have to grandstand and make speeches. He does what most of us Mennonites do. We won’t tell you how to live. We will show you how we live and let you decide. Knock off the schoolyard fighting. This problem is bigger than any man’s or woman’s ego. We have a province to save. For God’s sake people. Focus.
commented 2016-03-24 21:19:03 -0400
Alberta Buck- I wish the Wild Rose were close to as extreme as you believe they are. It’s one of those things people and media get to just claim without having any real facts to support it.
The reality is most people don’t care about social justice warrior’s issues.

How many elections have the WRP ran in? They get larger support every single time. Deal with it.
commented 2016-03-24 21:08:19 -0400
Lloyd Sawatsky

Have you seen the winners that the NDP have sitting in the Legislature and you talk about the Wildrose nominee in Greenway. The problem is that the PC’s need to either rebrand to Liberal or kick all of the Liberals out of the party. The right wing voters who cast their ballot for the PC’s do not know what or who they are voting for.

There are bigger fish to fry right now such as merging the PC’s and the Wildrose and ensuring the NDP nightmare does not happen ever again.
commented 2016-03-24 19:50:33 -0400
Peter, I happen to agree with some of the points Alberta Buck is making. The Wild Rose has nominated some real winners in this province for the last 2 elections. I am as socially conservative and morally conservative as they come. With that stated, I cannot understand why this party( Wild Rose) needs to run people who are not in good standing in the community. The candidate in Calgary has quite a reputation apparently. See Calgary Herald for more info. Really,….this is the best they could do? come on. I know Alberta Buck personally. What he is saying has merit.
commented 2016-03-24 17:14:30 -0400
Alberta Buck. You really got yourself lathered up over nothing. Calgary Greenway is an ethnic minority section of the city. Political party had less to do with the winner than religion. The winner, Prab Gill, is Indian. Manmeet Bhullar was also of Indian heritage.

The Wildrose actually did better in this election than in 2015, coming in second vice fourth. The PC Liberal winner is incidental in the overall picture of the entire province. Your entire statement is one huge rant. What are you getting so excited about?
commented 2016-03-24 13:29:34 -0400
All this “proves” Ezra is that the red Tory oligarchy is still willing to split the right of center vote, risking an unwanted default leftist government, rather than concede personal ambition to conservative principle.
commented 2016-03-24 11:50:27 -0400
Jay, 30% is about normal for turn out in by-elections, so you can stop making a big deal about it.

" … except maybe an upward trend for Trudeau supporters."

Enjoy your corruption while you can. Says a lot about your moral character when you love the corruption that is called “Trudeau Lieberals”.
commented 2016-03-24 11:43:37 -0400
There was just 30% voter turnout, which means that 8.5% of eligible voters went PC, 8% Wildrose, 7.2% Liberal and 6% NDP.
There does not seem to be much of a political movement there at all, except maybe an upward trend for Trudeau supporters.
commented 2016-03-24 11:02:34 -0400
The PC winner is a lying liberal groupie!
commented 2016-03-24 11:01:33 -0400
This isn’t sour grapes, this is the reality. We are all grateful that the wicked witch of the west came in fourth! Another reality check for Rachel and her destroyers.
commented 2016-03-24 10:51:11 -0400
@ Alberta Buck

No sour grapes, just nothing to say … until your sermon. Everything stayed the same since the corrupt PCs took the seat again. More of the same PC corruption.

“Questionable candidates and extremism is not going to form government in this province.”

What is questionable is not the WildRose candidate, but the PC socialist wearing a blue tie. That is known as being a liar.

And please do elaborate what in the WildRose party do you call “extremism”?

Your attack on the Christians here is what I would expect from a left/socialist, but then you do support the Politically Corrupt party, so I am not surprised your morals are shit.

It seems, Alberta Buck, based upon your tantrum you need to do some growing up.
commented 2016-03-24 10:18:56 -0400
Can’t help but notice how quiet all the WR crew on here are….bit of sour grapes getting to you folks possibly?

Snap election…no matter what your political stripes, they had to call an election within 6 months of the unfortunate passing of Manmeet Bhullar, everyone knew this was coming. So it was called in 4 months…why wasn’t everyone ready? I’ll admit, even the PCs were caught with their pants around their ankles. This was dumb and irresponsible on the part of both the PC and WR. And to cry foul and say it was a “snap election” is simply a childish attempt to create an excuse, in your case DG, because your chosen ones lost.

Like it or not, the PCs won it. Damm rights this says something and if things are going to get back online in this province, the WR better pull its head out of its ass and start paying attention. Questionable candidates and extremism is not going to form government in this province. Not sure why you have such issue understanding this. I’ll certainly admit, I wasn’t very impressed with the Trudope connection to the PC candidate, but then if the Rebel and Sheila had done their diligence on the WR candidate they would have found he has a bit of a past of believing he is somehow kind of above the law with his chain of liquor stores. Funny how I had to read about that in the Herald, now why is that?

Now a lot of you that support the WR, make your stanch Christian beliefs and position well known on here, well perhaps its time you all start to practice what you preach. What’s that one again…taking the plank out of your own eye before complaining about the speck of sawdust in your neighbors….I could say many more…certainly you’re not just a bunch of Sunday morning ones now are you?

Given the position and obvious support of this site, can’t help but wonder if its being backed by the Mormons same as the WR, has to be a reason that only one side is being told, and so called reporters seem to be taking sides, where have I seen that before, oh yes of course, the CBC and the sewer rat Rob Fyfe over at CTV…so whats the matter Ezra and Sheila, thought you both was supposed to so much better? Why do you only “report” what fits your own narratives? Is it because your real supporters tell you what to say maybe?

Time to leave the egos and personal feelings at the door folks, and get with reality if you truly want to put an end to the carnage of the NDP, get it thru your thick skulls, the PC party is not dead and its time some serious talking about merging the right back together before you’re all screaming about how Notley called another “snap election”.
commented 2016-03-24 09:51:42 -0400
Time for Alberta farmers to dupe their manure on the doorsteps of the legislation.

Notley is at war with Alberta – eradicate the enemy Alberta.
commented 2016-03-24 09:33:13 -0400
And also this was another snap by-election called by Rachel, nobody really had time to prepare. So given that, the WR did very well in comparison to the NDP.
commented 2016-03-24 09:15:27 -0400
I really like Brian Jean! I read his letter to WR members and he said that the WR lost by thousands in the May election, and only lost by hundreds in this by-election. It shows that WR is growing. It’s too bad that this will encourage Rick McIvor to think the PC’s stand a chance in the next election, but they don’t. I hope Rick does some soul searching, and does the right thing for AB, not his ego.
commented 2016-03-24 09:10:53 -0400
Wanted the WR to win but ecstatic the nutcases got thrown to the basement. Meanwhile the ever delusional Nutley says “It’s by no means a rejection of the ndp”. Hahaha!
commented 2016-03-24 01:10:10 -0400
The by-election was Wildrose’s to lose. They chose a lame candidate. Brian Jean is an awful leader. There was no coherent campaign other than Jean’s passive aggressive love affair with Ric McIver. If Wildrose had a half competent leader who was interested in his own party this would have been a cakewalk.
commented 2016-03-23 23:36:06 -0400
I too am disappointed that the riding went PC, but the bright side is that it didn’t go NDP.
commented 2016-03-23 22:49:09 -0400
If the Alberta NDP caucus becomes convinced they are going to be turfed by the voters in the next provincial election, they will likely turf Notley first themselves, as the PC’s did with Redford. Build the resistance.
commented 2016-03-23 22:14:50 -0400
Looks like by elections in Mumbai
commented 2016-03-23 21:55:03 -0400
What a horrible voter turnout, especially in times the way they are. I guess it is true that people don’t care. It is good to see that the NDP is back in their tail end charlie position though.