March 29, 2017

Peel student told, “God loves only Muslims”; computer lab becomes mini-mosque: Is this Canada?

David MenziesMission Specialist

I recently attended a meeting hosted by Concerned Parents of Peel Region and spoke with a mother who described some of the problems with the Board’s accommodation of Muslim religious practices in public schools.

Watch as she tells us of some troubling incidents her daughter has been subjected to, including watching a computer lab room become a mini-mosque and being told by a Muslim student that “God only loves Muslims”.

One can hardly blame this mother who immigrated to Canada so she and her family could enjoy our freedoms, for being concerned about how we are turning a blind eye to the Islamization of Canadian values.

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commented 2017-04-05 16:48:40 -0400
If the Muslims are allowed a prayer room in all schools then Christians should be provided with the very same rights. If our system cannot respect the rights of all Religions within the schools by providing adequate prayer facilities, than the prayers must take place at home!

Let us be tolerant & respectful, but also let us be realistic. Time to stop catering to the Muslims!
commented 2017-04-01 13:38:54 -0400
Islamophobia FOREVER!
commented 2017-04-01 13:36:32 -0400
Thank you idiot diversificationists! It’s really not working is it? It is just like the American Democrats who are dividing the populations among DIVERSE groups, calling some groups insulting names to divide and conquer, and keeping all groups from being made into a unified MELTING POT…Trudeau your diversity is an illiterate, unlearned and completely primitive idea that divides us all into tribes, with you making one tribe MORE SPECIAL than the others…

We MUST get Trudeau, the liberals and the NDP OUT as soon as possible and return Canada to the melting pot where all are treated equally under the law…no M103…and no more Muslim ascendancy…The Trudeau government is a DANGER to freedom loving Canadians…
commented 2017-03-31 19:35:26 -0400
David Menzies is not afraid to handle these difficult stories. The larger picture is, will they be allowed to multiply until humans must stand shoulder to shoulder on our earth? We were told in the seventies, (which we all got the meaning) that the earth cannot sustain the huge population of humans. So while we restrain our numbers, they are filling our schools like rabbits. This, too, must be addressed and controlled, for the sake of our planet.
commented 2017-03-31 18:40:43 -0400
Islam professes that Jesus did not die on the cross and, therefore, did not resurrect.
It is also taught that Jesus was actually Muslim.
commented 2017-03-31 18:39:31 -0400
Canada doesn’t have any values, anymore. They are being defined by any minority group that has a Liberal political representative (MP).
Catholics and Protestants should now submit a bill for Christianaophobia.
Imagine if Jesus’ name could no longer be used in movies, TV, by comedians, by anyone. And we all know that JC is used as an noun, adjective, adverb…pretty much any possible way you can think of.

Christians are represented by some of the Conservative party.
Can we name anyone who would table this bill?
BRAD TROST is the only one standing up and saying NO to the lot of them.
commented 2017-03-30 23:14:42 -0400
“Inshalla” is not hen scratch ink on paper…it is what happens every day. If Allah blessed the moslems above all others then the moslems would be fools to leave places like Pakistan and come to kuffar Canada.

The fact that Caliph Bigdaddy cannot attend the hadj in Mecca is clear evidence that he is not blessed by Allah…the fact that he will be a dead man before next Ramadan means that Allah is not listening to his prayers. The fact that Allah is not delivering him victory over the enemies of Islam is evidence that Allah is not moved by his prayers.

Allah causes the sun to shine on everyone and the rain to fall on all. The fact that so many moslem lands are deserts that cause their residence to seek a better life elsewhere is clear evidence that Allah does not favour them.
commented 2017-03-30 16:14:35 -0400
Plainly this is a clear case of islamophobia, be nice to see what the punishment will be. All the taxpayer paid facilities are above all submitted to muslim prayers, don’t you know.
commented 2017-03-30 11:17:30 -0400
Andy you have got that right. Islam is the only religion in Canada which gets any consideration. The rest of us can go to hell. We don’t have religion in our schools any longer, so what is this about? This is hypocritical blatant bulldozing. Everyone but Muslims are being pushed out. They are telling us our only choice is to submit! This is so wrong on so many levels, I don’t know how they think they can get away with it. If they are not forced to turn this around and keep it out of our schools, it will be a giant step for Islam in this country. If we don’t control Islam in our own country, Islam will control us.
I don’t know about you but I’m really not into that. Demographics are everything. Tip it and all that will be left is submission.
commented 2017-03-30 02:10:16 -0400
To paraphrase that famous line from Orwell’s Animal Farm- Evidently in Peel County, “All Religions Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others…”
commented 2017-03-30 00:15:31 -0400
WILLIAM COLLINS commented 10 hours ago
“Public schools are supposed to be secular, leftists made it their goal to ban the Lords Prayer and God save the Queen. They got their wish. Why aren’t they standing up to stop this madness? It sounds to me like they are scared to oppose a violent religion over a peaceful one. Total hypocrites!”

No, they are not hypocrites. They are liars, Here is why they do what they do: The short Version The Long Version
commented 2017-03-29 20:27:09 -0400
“Anyone remember when Canada was a civilized Country.”
Yup. And it wasn’t all that long ago. A lot has happened in a short time and it’s all bad.
commented 2017-03-29 20:25:57 -0400
What could these control freaks do that could be more offensive to even more people! It is as if they are intentionally trying to whip things up. Peel school board is chocked full of Nazis, real socialist, leftwingnut stasi. They must be getting large compensation to be this ‘full on hard nose dictator’. Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Suesue or both. Muslims are the only people who count, and the annoyance of the rest of the population is starting to show. Patience and tolerance is wearing thinner and thinner.

So as frustrations rise, Justin will say, “See! We have work to do, Islamophobia does exist”, then all sorts of Suesue globalist rules, regulations and laws will be instituted to keep the unruly ‘racists’ in line, so agenda 2030(?)can be implemented smoothly.

The left from Justin right on down to school boards, are poking us with a stick until we snap.
commented 2017-03-29 18:52:45 -0400
Anyone remember when Canada was a civilized Country. The Cancer started, the moment the first Muslim stepped on our shores. It multiplied rapidly right after King Trudeau the First was Crowned. Unfortunatly Trudeau the First spread his seed and spawned something that makes the Devil look like Alice in Wonderland.

We now have Canadistan.
commented 2017-03-29 17:59:07 -0400
M-103. Passed on the same day as the anniversary of the creation of Pakistan. By pure coincidence. By an MP who was born in…Pakistan. By complete fluke, of course.
commented 2017-03-29 17:08:13 -0400
She can say this and get away with it because she has brown skin.

If I said this stuff I would be labelled and we all know it.

The truth is no longer wanted by the lieberal and smug Canadian populace as a whole.

She nailed it.
commented 2017-03-29 17:06:44 -0400
thank you , Marty Ashfield. Well said!
commented 2017-03-29 17:03:09 -0400
David Menzies, excellent report. Please keep us updated.
The Peel District School Board is going to be shocked at the number of parents who will no longer stand for muslim primacy in public schools. Kevin J Johnston is mobilizing Canadians to fight this corrupted school board. The woman David Menzies interviewed summed up the situation very well. There are many reports of non-muslim students being relegated to second class students within their own schools; some are being bullied and some of the students face muslim proselytizing on a regular basis. It is shameful the Board and school Administrators are allowing this to happen.

George Dyer, thank you for posting the link. I think Trudeau should hear this more often; at every public event! When one person is escorted out, another should take up the cause and publicly ridicule him! Ruin all of his press conferences, call him out for absolutely every breach he has committed.
commented 2017-03-29 16:13:20 -0400
No rambling commentary from this guy.
This lady nailed it, plain, simple and to the point.
Forwarded link to my liberal/ndp open borders family, no Easter dinner invite for me.
commented 2017-03-29 15:57:13 -0400
It has been said many times by many people, and I have called for it many, many times myself – WE CANADIANS MUST GET RID OF SHEIK MOHAMED bin TRUDEAU.
The only way to stop the spread of Islam and the take over of Canada by Muslims is to rid ourselves
of this asshole that got elected by the idiots of Canada.
I do not believe that any sane, sensible person voted for this SCUMBAG named Justin Trudeau.
Why can’t we recall this asshole who was elected by the CBC and a whole gaggle of pot heads?
What has this SCUMBAG done for Canada that can be considered positive?
I am so sick of this bastard and what he has done to Canada and what he will do if left in place.
commented 2017-03-29 15:19:30 -0400
I don’t get it. The plan is supposed to be to work with “moderates” to keep extremism at bay and out of our communities. Instead, we are normalizing extremist values and marginalizing moderates by importing extremist influence and backing Sharia values and blasphemy laws. I’ve heard Muslims that have been part of Canadian society for years say that in recent years they feel a lot more pressure from their communities to behave like “proper Muslims” (e.g. cover up, isolate themselves from us, be less secular). It’s one thing to welcome people, and its another to purposely sabotage and alter our own society, casting aside our western values and replacing them with extremist ones that belong to a small percentage of people. It isn’t the aspect of religious practice that really concerns me. What I see for our soon to be future are terrorists and criminals (e.g. vandals, rapists, human and drug traffickers) who will be protected by entire communities. People in these enclaves will feel too intimidated to rat anyone out and will want to be accepted by their community, not be seen as traitors. Reasonable people will be brought into the extremist fold and will not dare to betray their own. Anyone leaving will be ostracized and (possibly) fearing for their own safety. Just like Palestine, their community leaders will sell the need to have a jihad “war” with us, for whatever reason. They will honour martyrs and celebrate when non-believers are maimed & murdered. If we do anything back to them in retaliation or to enforce the law, their narrative will be that we are evil, hostile, bigoted people out to harm them. They will play the victim card, as they do now. They will even fabricate stories to play on people’s sympathy to advance their own agenda (as they do now.) I used to think that Israel’s situation was entirely different, but once these enclaves form, it will pretty much be like living beside Gaza and the West Bank, even in Canada. The western world will suffer intifadas just because we are western and exist in close proximity to these ghettos (though they will have excuses (e.g. offensive books, films, videos, local traditions, Canada’s involvement in wars, not enough privilege!). Our efforts to coexist will be in vain. Especially when we do eventually try to control the security of our own country. This further victimology will nourish their growing hate of us and support their “at war with us” narrative. The extremists’ ultimate plan is to eject us and take over (just like they want to do in Israel and have already done in several African and Middle Eastern countries). Muslim brotherhood has actually published plan books on how to invade the west. This will be allowed to happen because we would rather deny moderates the freedoms they came to Canada for in favor of kowtowing and indulging fundamentalists who happen to hate secularism, western values and non-believers. Fundamentalists have certainly been very consistent in their strategy and transparent about their agenda. I cannot believe the majority of Canadians have not yet clued in to how this will all unfold or seen any of the telltale signs!
commented 2017-03-29 14:54:36 -0400
The entire school board for Peel region has to be fired. (Kevin Johnston is working on this.) The laws (if any legitimate ones even exist) that are permitting this bigotry need to be investigated. Canada isn’t going to turn a blind eye to the islamists who are trying to impose their bullying tactics to force islam on all students especially when no other religions have the same privileges. All religions were booted out of the public school systems a few years back, and it was probably islamists who pushed for this. Obviously people who pay taxes in this region do not want to support this. I think m103 should be scrutinized extremely closely under the microscope to prove that islam is not a religion but a political power structure and then it can be abolished permanently.
commented 2017-03-29 14:49:51 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,036 Attacks, 212,415 Killed, 293,960 Injured that we know of.

PS: Only one new attack since yesterday, and only two people killed. Slow day for “the Religion of Peace”.
commented 2017-03-29 14:48:16 -0400
That day, way back in the eighties, when a taxi driver won an inhuman rights commission case allowing him to come to a liquor store just to tell you he would not drive you if you carried alcohol in his cab was the start of the downhill roll we now watch with amusement (some of us). If you search The Five Stages of Islam online at American Thinker, you will get an idea where this came from and why it has only gotten worse.
commented 2017-03-29 14:33:39 -0400
Pierre was bad enough in the 70 and 80s, shoving his socialist horseshit down everyones throat, but junior has taken the Trudeau brand of treason to a new level. ISLAM. You just know were heading for a showdown. This shit has to stop now, no matter what it takes. I wont allow my kids or grandkids to be subjected to islam. No matter what it takes.
commented 2017-03-29 14:30:07 -0400
Public schools are supposed to be secular, leftists made it their goal to ban the Lords Prayer and God save the Queen. They got their wish. Why aren’t they standing up to stop this madness? It sounds to me like they are scared to oppose a violent religion over a peaceful one. Total hypocrites!
commented 2017-03-29 14:11:15 -0400
Muslims are people too. However mis -quided. The problem is islam. Worldwide, the problem is islam. It is islam that needs to be banned, mosques leveled to the ground. Muslims need to be shown the truth about islam. Many muslims have recognized this and have distanced themselves from islamic teachings.
We in Canada need to open our eyes and learn from what is taking place in Europe. Our PM and his cabinet are wrong. We need a non confidence vote.
commented 2017-03-29 14:07:43 -0400
“Fuck a duck. Canada is being destroyed.”

You can thank the Trudeau Dynasty (both senior and junior) and the red tent sheeple.
commented 2017-03-29 13:48:32 -0400
If you don’t like living in Saudi Canadia, then leave. There are still a few non-Islamist western countries to go to. Saudi Canadia (formerly known as Canada) is not one of them.