February 02, 2016

Peter Hitchens assails Trudeau's marijuana policy, Trump's candidacy and more

William HadrianRebel Blogger

Peter Hitchens is a renowned British conservative columnist who writes for the Mail on Sunday, and is the author of bestselling books including The Abolition of Britain, The War We Never Fought, and The Rage Against God.

Hitchens is a skeptic of the Left's policy on mass immigration into the U.K. and is a critic of the West's increasingly liberalised culture.

Many of the same ailments the United Kingdom is currently suffering from are the same issues affecting Canadians thanks to our newly elected Liberal government.

I wrote to Peter Hitchens to ask him about pot legalization, Ontario and Alberta’s new sex education curricula, and the Liberals' policy on Syrian refugees:

REBEL: In terms of mass immigration in the U.K. you’ve said that it was the Labour party’s deliberate intention to, quoting Andrew Neather, “rub the right’s nose in diversity" by encouraging large swaths of migrants from the Third World.

Canada's Liberals, who promised during the election to vet 25,000 Syrian migrants, have now, upon forming the government, increased that number to 50,000.

Do you think the Canadian Left shares the Labour Party's stated intentions; that is: to alter the nation's demographics?

I cannot say. The interesting thing about Andrew Neather’s remarks was that they were made in a public place, a rare admission of what we might suspect but could not know. Also, Canada is an utterly different country from Britain, a small island which until recently had an ancient settled population without significant cultural, linguistic, ethnic or religious differences. Beware of seeking too many parallels. Countries are 9 or were, anyway, before globalisation different from each other.  I would have to live in Canada for many years to give an answer to that question, anyway.


REBEL: Staying on the topic of mass immigration, it seems that the cultural tenets of Islam are acquiring more mainstream acceptance in Canada.

The current Prime Minister, when speaking at an event called “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” said that such an event “is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance.”  Why is the Left so eager to align itself with Islamic values, but is quick to throw Judeo-Christian values under the bus?


This isn’t universal on the Left. People such as my late brother were consistent in disliking all religions, which Utopians who understand their own opinions really have to do. Most people aren’t consistent, and the Left tends to dislike anything established or associated with parents or other authority figures. It’s what they’re like.


REBEL: Prime Minister Trudeau says the nation's policy on marijuana is not working, and that the legalization and regulation of this substance will help keep it out of the hands of our youth. Do you agree with such an argument, and if not why?


No.  I have not noticed "regulation" keeping drink and cigarettes out of anyone’s hands. These opinions are based on profound voluntary ignorance and willful stupidity. My reasons are set out in my recent book The War We Never Fought.


REBEL: You are a vocal critic of our increasingly sexualized culture, as evidenced both in mass media and in our children's education. Currently in Canada, in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, new guidelines teach students that there are six genders, and permit grown men who believe they are women to use girls’ washrooms.

At a time when English and math skills appear to be on the decline, why are such policies considered priorities on the Left, and what do you believe is the overall intention of such policies?


As far as I can discover, sex education of all kinds was devised by radicals to destroy inhibitions and self-restraint, in language and then in behaviour, lessen the authority of the family and undermine the Christian belief in monogamy and fidelity. It’s working well. So it continues. Bizarrely, its proponents claim it is aimed at reducing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It has never done this, and indeed they have grown worse since its introduction (though the "morning after pill" has begun to reduce the pregnancies). Yet despite this failure, it continues apace. Either its proponents are stupid and unobservant, or they’re not being candid about their aims.



You've written that the rise of the Trump phenomenon is a symptom of failed conservatism. I was wondering if you could briefly explain this.


It is very simple. In the sleep of reason, monsters are born. In the absence of any intelligent, reasonable conservative movement, empty vessels emitting fake conservative noises will gather support. What else is there to explain?




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commented 2016-02-02 22:05:04 -0500
Hitchens’ “In the sleep of reason, monsters are born” is probably a paraphrase of The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, an etching by the Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco Goya created between 1797 and 1799. I understand that Peter Hitchens for a time was an ardent socialist, but lost that fascination after having spent some time living in Russia.
commented 2016-02-02 21:51:17 -0500
I really admire Peter Hitchens. He is really good writer, thnker, and voice of reason in an ocean of irrationality, political correctness, and ignorance. I wish there were more men and women ho had Peter’s intelligence, common sense, and courage. He is worth reading and taking seriously.
For my conservative friends who may not consider matters of faith any importance I suggest you read and learn what Mr. Peter Hitchens has to say on the matter. His brother, Christopher, thought religion was something that poisoned society but Peter was 180 degrees to that position. In my opinion all of the issues that concern us everyday are answered by faith at one level or another.
commented 2016-02-02 20:12:52 -0500
Anyone who thinks the legalization of marijuana is going to prevent police from wasting resources on pursuing criminals that dabble with the sale of marijuana is not of sound mind. I urge everyone to have a quick search and look at the top 2 most seized items at border stations in this country and you will see the reality. I’l give you a hint, they’re both legal substances. Here are some facts… in Colorado, the state that this country looks to as the holy grail of weed guidance, has some serious things to say about it. Crime has increased 12% between 2013-2014, THC potency has increased by 4% leading to more accidental overdoses and pet deaths, DUI’s have sky rocketed, revenue on sales was a meager 0.7% of the total revenue for the state, homelessness has dramatically increased and there are more marijuana dispensaries than there are pharmacies! Does legalizing marijuana seem like a wise choice? I will ask this final question.. if we had known in the early 1900’s that tobacco (and alcohol) use would have dramatic and irreversible societal damage, would it be moral in allowing full scale legalization and distribution?

For anyone interested, see the link below.

commented 2016-02-02 17:02:44 -0500
Marijuana is already readily available to anyone who wants it, including underaged kids. The purpose of legalization isn’t to make sure no kid ever gets it (that would be even more impossible than the war on drugs); it’s to stop squandering police and court resources on a drug that is no more harmful than cigarettes or booze, to stop stuffing the pockets of organized crime and instead send that money to government so that (in theory anyway) government can lower other involuntary forms of taxation, and to improve the safety of the product with the audit trail and liability of any other consumer product.
commented 2016-02-02 16:58:56 -0500
The current G.O.P is a fake conservative movement .——go TED go.
commented 2016-02-02 15:52:36 -0500
The Left Wing of Politics Is at war with ethics and freedom, they see complete control of the population, with strict law enforcement, as a tool to achieve this. Islam and Sharia law is our future, as long as we allow Trudeau to control us.

There is only one answers. Trudeau has to be stopped, with his foolishness. There is no such thing as a non radical Muslim, they believe in Islam, it is impossible to believe in this and not be radical. Islam is the dogma of death.
commented 2016-02-02 13:28:28 -0500
“In the sleep of reason, monsters are born.”
wow…what a great line with an ominous warning.