October 22, 2016

Peter Kent: UN’s ban on Rebel journalists should be raised in Parliament

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Former Conservative Environment Minister Peter Kent knows first hand what UN climate conferences are like, so he was the perfect person to talk to about the United Nation's blacklisting of our journalists from the upcoming COP22 meeting in Marrakech. 

The Member of Parliament for Thornhill told me he thinks this is a matter worthy to be raised during Question Period.

PS: If you're outraged about the United Nations' attempt to stifle freedom of the press, please SIGN our petition at LetUsReport.com


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commented 2016-10-24 14:25:37 -0400
We need non-partisan media is what I meant because with Rebel it is really going down to a lowest common denominator and not really wanting anything improved, so in the end it is really going down to which party you want to win and lesser of evils, which I despise because that does nothing for the common people.

We should have free and fair elections as is stated in the Elections Canada Act, instead of mainstream parties dictating what is fine for us. I look at it from that standpoint. I don’t care about culture wars because to me parties in the end when they are elected are the ones which dictate that. Defeating mainstream parties and their culture war agendas can only be obtained by having power from the elected branches.

The way that can be proven is by Harper putting people to the CBC hierarchy and thus being left without checks and balances for 9 years. The same with Trudeau now wanting a more open media and probably appointing people as well. All governments stay in office for a predetermined period of time.

You probably do not know this but anyways parties will always do what guarantees them the maximum time in office. That is why Rebel is no different from the mainstream media because they only want change in the mainstream lexicon not through the system.

Minor parties can only change the system forever by pushing parties in a preferred direction to benefit the nation.

And Rebel is part of the mainstream because Liberals and Conservatives and NDP agree with the War on Terror and just because there is heated debate that does not discount the fact that the wars have been ongoing for 15 years. That just proves that Rebel wants to make people passionate about it and continue the wasted money used on the wars and just flog the dead horse known as funding NATO and being part of the war economy jobs program.

So, no, Rebel is very much mainstream in that they want the war economy to continue, failed balanced budget amendments which will mean lesser GDP and massive structural deficits, and that will not reduce Canada’s overall debt because we are in debt to the private bankers, another fallacy which is never brought up by Rebel.

Therefore, Rebel is very much trying to reform things but in the mainstream where reform can never occur.

What Canada needs is a multi-party democracy and real debate in our legislatures, parliament and council chambers. Otherwise, talking heads will feed us misinformation which cannot be vetted because op-ed obviously comes from somewhere and if they are an arm of the Conservative party perhaps they are getting information from them. That is not journalism and it cannot be trusted because the purpose of parties is for their members to be elected and re-elected. That should be obvious to anyone with even half a brain. Well, I am on a forum where people believe everything told to them.
commented 2016-10-24 14:11:00 -0400
So yes Rebel is for never-ending war, using private banks for money creation, for debt-based economics and for Canada going down the road of most Western nations on economics.

Do not forget they won’t even touch how Ireland had low corporate taxes but still had the issues of banks going bust and a corrupt elite class.

They won’t even talk about how their manufacturing left with moderate conservative governments.

So this whole notion of liberals being bad on economics and conservatives being good is a fallacy and that only preaches to the converted.

I reject mainstream economics because it got us here with the slowdown times under Bush from 2003 to 2005, which was dubbed the slowest growing period since WW2 before the Great Recession occurred in 2008-09.
commented 2016-10-24 14:08:32 -0400
The classical liberals and libertarians do not agree with in some cases banning abortion, more freedom-taking security approaches like C-51 and they do not agree with never-ending war. Just check out what Ron Paul used to stand for and what the Libertarian parties in Canada and the USA stand for.

That I can agree with yet people on here believe to be against war means to be a left winger. No, it means to be a non-interventionist and against war. Yet, right wingers from the Libertarian party and left wing nationalist and left wing non-interventionist parties are against that.

So, to suggest that libertarians or classical liberals are for what Rebel is for is a lie.

I am a civic nationalist because I want nationalism without war, for unity, and for ensuring we have full employment and that we use the Bank of Canada for public money creation instead of selling ourselves to the IMF as Rebel wants because they never talk about Rocco Galati suing the Bank of Canada.

So no Rebel is not discussing every issue or what isn’t discussed. They are only discussing what is fine for their point of view.

Just like how Rebel never talks about decriminalizing recreational drugs. I thought Rebel was supposed to claim to be classical liberal when they have shown themselves to be populists and anti-Islam.

I don’t think nationalists or libertarians would be for such an approach.

This proves that Rebel is the same as Breitbart and has drank the koolaid, and once Levant and company claimed to be for libertarianism when they are anything but.
commented 2016-10-23 19:34:33 -0400
John seems confused – John if you expect the Rebel to be unbiased you wasted band width ranting about it. Thr Rebel has never cklaimed to be unbiaed – they state that they give the other side of the story (opinion) you don’t see in the MSM – this is the purpose to be a counter argument to the manstream media narrative – this they do.

As for pimping a political party yeah they do that, but so do other media. Personally I’ve always found the Rebel and Levants opinion vehicles before this, to polemicist – controversy gets people talking. This is good.

However polemics are wasted on those who drop all semblance of civility who do not want to discuss only drum beat a narrative not discuss it on merit or lack there of.

I think the Rebel opinion and news contributors display a good swath of ideological diversity – libertarians, populists, conservatives, classic liberals – something for everyone – but debate on the show issues seems to come from partisan axe grinders who do not even view the content before they post their negative , and often, incorrect takes on the segments behind the paywall.

You really can’t comment with any credibility if you’re not hearing what’s being talked about and the points put forward. That is something the site owners need to work on.
commented 2016-10-23 12:23:39 -0400
@john Siciliano:
“The really why Rebel is a poor organization is because they are simply just following Fox”

It is funny reading this leftist stupidity. The Rebel does not get a billion plus from the idiot substitute dram teacher. Sites like the Rebel are growing in strength because the mainstream media are nothing but a bunch of Liberal hacks, liars and cover up artists. Muslim terror attack… don’t give the name….insanity…blah…blah…blah.. People want the truth and that is not available on CBC and other MSM sites.
commented 2016-10-23 03:12:55 -0400
This is precisely why Canada needs to excuse ourselves from the United Nations run by a bunch of 3rd world despots. The United Nations is a NWO organization that we should have no part in. They will soon be dictating how our municipalities are to be run ,what kind of fertilizer you get to use on your front lawn and the kind of vegetables you get to grow. Telling the UN to pound sand would be a good start to getting our nation back ,after we hopefully punt our little Marxist into next week asap.
commented 2016-10-23 02:31:23 -0400
Cameron Ezra is not the only person working for the Rebel idiot. When did he ask JT to get strictly him there to report? OH YEAH NEVER! Maybe a loser like you should try some facts for once in your life.
commented 2016-10-23 02:29:46 -0400
Cameron that was based on one show you halfwit. And the media party are not reporters they lie and omit, that is not journalism.
commented 2016-10-23 02:28:42 -0400
John S you are a sheep , not us. Now go cry like a baby some more. Did your party get any seats? Maybe try figuring out why?
commented 2016-10-23 02:27:49 -0400
DH CBC is broke all the time. You are an idiot.
commented 2016-10-23 01:26:47 -0400
J.S.; Take breath man! You sound like someone lost in the woods. Put a little bug spray on and calm down.
commented 2016-10-22 23:57:59 -0400
John Siciliano said: "They have the nerve to suggest that a party with seats is not mainstream even though many media organizations backed Harper during his time in office? " So , John, when your party should get voted in and they have a seat then will they be mainstream too?
commented 2016-10-22 23:40:25 -0400
I never thought of Conservatism as an Ideology—-
I just thought We were responsible folk that didn’t waste and spend money on stupid things that we can’t afford.
That idiocy is for Liberals.
commented 2016-10-22 23:25:32 -0400
John Sicliano and D. H. Chaissson

What I have said below is a little deconstruct , the message is that your passage in their All Construct _ jobs he’s getting spellecthwi 550 .
commented 2016-10-22 23:15:48 -0400
Ezra in court says he not a reporter or a journalist. Claims he only an entertainer. Now after that is sent by someone to the UN council to judge if they should let him go or not… when refused he claiming he a reporter. He goes begging to Justin T to make the UN call him a reporter and let him in. That’s the funniest thing ever.
commented 2016-10-22 22:58:04 -0400
John Sicliano and D. H. Chaissson
Your ability to express your opinion on the website goes without notice . Those right of center will happily express their opinion along side right of center opinions. Unfortunately in the same context where Muslims regurgitate " Islam is the religion of peace ", The DNC spews " the Democrats are the party of the middle class and beyond. " In Western times , the freedom movement was agitated not by slavery of a realist , but by edonomics.
commented 2016-10-22 22:46:10 -0400
The people here are only interested in playing culture wars and backing their preferred party. That is not something which will reduce our overall debt federally, provincially and municipally. What will do that is having a minor party call for the use of the Bank of Canada much like the old Socreds and the current Canadian Action party and the Progressive Canadian party.

I just see the attacks by people on here against what they deem as the media party as just joking around and not serious discussion because as many suggest online to be objective requires a tad bit of liberal thought because objectivity is liberal meaning it requires moderation, study, and presenting the facts without partisanship and just reporting and having independence. I see none of that from Rebel.
commented 2016-10-22 22:42:21 -0400
DH….. Give the Rebel $1.4 billion same as cbc and lets dance. As long as JT,Notley and the rest don’t take every penny we have, there will be funding for the Rebel and it will grow. Too many of us now. DJBT et all
commented 2016-10-22 22:34:11 -0400
So yes conservatism is a mainstream ideology.

You never see the small parties get airtime. They are largely ignored and people on here somehow believe that small parties are some mainstream?

The people on here must be dyslexic in terms of their thinking.

They have the nerve to suggest that a party with seats is not mainstream even though many media organizations backed Harper during his time in office?

What nerve these people have?! They believe their own propaganda!!
commented 2016-10-22 22:29:37 -0400
The really why Rebel is a poor organization is because they are simply just following Fox News and theBlaze and trying to co-opt those movements in the United States much like how CBC, CTV and Global in one way or another protect the mainstream parties aka the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP by not wanting minor parties represented. That is why I fight against Rebel. They hate choice much like the CBC, CTV and Global and City. Canada needs a multi democracy otherwise we are just lying about being open, tolerant and caring about democracy and choice. We are really just an oligarchy with the trappings of choice. DH Chaisson is correct about what the UN said about Rebel and the fact that they are really just promoting themselves and the fact is they agreed that they are not journalists but op-ed types. That means their talking points which they read from teleprompters just reinforces the fact that the Rebel cannot be verified and they are just spewing garbage and preaching to the choir. They are also just an organization that is just an arm of the Conservative party. If they were like Beck and did bring on smaller parties, I would give them some props and some credit. They are just showing themselves to be the most extreme forms of conservatism but still part of the Conservative party.

That shows Rebel for who they are as an organization which is to be the most extreme form of conservatism and backing their mainstream choice. How sad it that?! It is very sad because it shows that that is their version of the lesser of evils.
commented 2016-10-22 22:25:03 -0400
Levant and Gunn Reid are just preaching to the sheeple on the right that will believe anything that conforms with their ideology which is true because journalism means to have objective points like the sky is blue everyone can agree on that. Another point is challenging foreign policy and many other issues, but people on the right are set in their ways and believe they are in a fight for good versus evil when that is really just emotion and they need to be woken up. I actually believe CBC, CTV and Rebel and mainstream sources which Rebel is one of them because they represent the conservative side which has seats in parliament and therefore is mainstream is not a good source because it is really just reinforcing the fact that the system is rigged for all people that do not believe in liberalism, conservatism or social democracy. Get it Yvette. That is why I am here because DH Chaisson and you and mostly everyone on here is a mainstream person that wants to pat themselves on the back and say yup yup keep bashing without knowing Rebel is just speaking the most extreme of their side but really just still supporting the Conservative party. That is what I am fighting about.
commented 2016-10-22 21:44:25 -0400
D.H.Chaisson……“Oh Kelvin”, oh Kelvin……..no, DH, you’re the one wearing the tin foil hat & Kelvin is right, people like O’Keefe from Project Veritas infiltrating these Democrat scum bags deserves a lot of credit. Furthermore I think that Holly & Sheila are two of the best & just because you don’t like the truth, you have to insult them, a liberal can never give credit when & where it’s due, no matter what.
commented 2016-10-22 19:48:49 -0400
D.H Keep on lying and denying , You are correct and we are wrong .

Mommy is calling you (DINNER TIME)
commented 2016-10-22 18:00:32 -0400
DH – If the Rebel goes “broke” there will be something to replace it – because the rebel and all alternate media would not exist is the MSM did its job and met the public demand for for opposing opinion and reporting flaws in sacred cows.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for Rebel to crash – Levant and co are survivors and there will always be a market for polemic – conformist -Zombie media is so boring.

Bweside’ that the lone voice out ot the corporate lapdog media disturbs discourse fascists like so much it worth it just to watch you show up and commit moral and intellectual suicide ranting over a glitch on the monolithic single party, single narrative state. The Rebel is poison to morbid conformists.
commented 2016-10-22 17:03:47 -0400
Good to hear Bill Elder about the 790 million global views, keep on truck’in Rebel Media. :)
commented 2016-10-22 17:03:22 -0400
Bill, it’s just a matter of time before The Rebel goes broke just like Sun News Network before it.
commented 2016-10-22 16:18:16 -0400
Oh, FY! – Levant/Rebel made the Drudge report today with 790 million global views today – no Canadian daily gets 1/10000th of that. It pays to be non-conformist in a world of sheep – gotta love the internet.
commented 2016-10-22 15:48:48 -0400
D H Chiasson-If you do not believe in what The Rebel is reporting or saying, then please do us all a favour and simply get lost. It strikes me that you have too much time on your hands, better spent at being a useful member of society.
commented 2016-10-22 15:43:52 -0400
It’s always nice to hear from Peter Kent – always good level headed argument – you see him inteviewed so little now that the conformist media all sing the same scripted narrative.

Chaisson is a petty axe-grinder with purple snit on for Levant – typical name calling with no substantial intellectual content