Elections Canada influencers paid $650K for no work MUST pay it back!

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Hundreds of thousands of Albertans are out of work thanks to Liberal and Alberta NDP energy policies, Grassy Narrows First Nations Reserve is still poisoned by mercury, and our veterans are asking for more than Trudeau is willing to give.

But a bunch of liberals just got paid for doing nothing.

After public outcry, Elections Canada has cancelled its program to hire social media influencers to try to encourage young people and those who live pretty well exclusively on the internet to register to vote in the 2019 election. But not before spending most of the $650,000 budgeted for the social media campaign. 

According to the CBC, after four rounds of vetting, Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault said the "past activities" of some of the influencers could be perceived as partisan — and decided to drop the project.

This was a weirdly cultivated list to start with (a lot of liberals if we’re going by careers and making snap judgments): talk show hosts, activists, athletes living on grants and sponsorships, lifestyle bloggers, and YouTuber creators who haven’t been threatened with deletion or completely demonetized altogether.

There is not a single farmer, hunter, outdoorsy guy or gal, blue collar fella, vaguely conservative woman, Robbie Picard, Bernard the Roughneck or Farmer Megz. You know, the type of people with pretty broad social media reach who advocate for their specific causes and have a loyal, dedicated audience.

It looks like the Liberal government is trying to get the vote out from a specific demographic that watches and follows these people: Liberal-minded millennials. 

The Rebel is the largest YouTube news channel in the country, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that our people aren't the kind of voters this government wants to activate.

To try to explain this taxpayer-funded disaster, like I pointed out earlier, Elections Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Stephane Perrault, said that the partisan opinions of these people only came to their attention after the fourth round of intensive vetting.

Utter baloney. These influencers had already been fully vetted by Elections Canada because they'd already been paid!

Let’s put this into normal terms. If Revenue Canada gives you a tax refund that’s too large, they will chase you to the end of the earth to get every single penny back. 

Well, I want these people who have done absolutely nothing to earn their taxpayer-funded paycheck to get the same treatment a normal law-abiding Canadian would when they are accidentally overpaid on their tax return due to a bureaucratic processing error.

Actually, I don't even want it to be that bad, because if the government gives you $5 extra on your tax return, they harass you for months and months until they get it out of you. 

I just want these people to pay it back after being asked nicely to do so since they haven't done a damn thing to earn it.


Elections Canada must recover each and every penny that has been spent on this wasted project — although, I don't think they'll listen to me on my own. But if we can attract thousands of signatures from ordinary, law-abiding Canadians, we'll have strength in numbers and they'll have to take notice.


That's why I've started a petition calling on Stephane Perrault, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, to demand that these influencers repay the Canadian taxpayer for the work they were paid for but didn’t do. Paying people with taxpayer cash for no reason is a slap in the face to Canadians of all creeds and affiliations, so, please sign our petition below. Together, let’s right this wrong!

Sign the petition!

We demand Elections Canada recover our hard-earned taxation money from these so-called "influencers". 

Will you sign?