June 19, 2019

Greenpeace Philippines: Trudeau's garbage ship is "waste trafficking"

Jessica SwietoniowskiRebel Correspondent

Yesterday, I sat down for an interview with Lea Gurrero, the Country Director for Greenpeace Philippines. I asked her about the conflict between Justin Trudeau and Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte over Canada's Garbage Ship and how common it is for nations to export their waste to the Philippines.

Because most waste is discovered accidentally during spot checks, Lea believes many other cases haven't been documented and that Trudeau's "Garbage Ship" is only the tip of the iceberg. Japan and South Korea have also been caught exporting illegal waste (including syringes and adult diapers) that was "misdeclared as recyclable".

Waste exported to the Philippines and Indonesia often ends up in open dumps and fields once used for farming, further amplifying the environmental and economic damage of Canadian waste.

According to Lea, the solution is waste minimization and reducing the use of plastic packaging.

WATCH the full interview to see how Lea is pushing for President Duterte to enact a ban on waste imports. Also, please visit GarbageShip.com to see all of my reports from the Philippines.

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commented 2019-06-21 11:44:18 -0400
Just bring the trash back to Canada, and put it in a landfill.


Libtards are sooo stupid, they couldnt empty a boot full of piss, with the instructions written on the heel.
commented 2019-06-20 20:23:49 -0400
I will never take Greenpeace seriously. Their agenda may be different in other Countries, but in the West they are hypocrites. They will drive their fancy (i.e.: Range Rovers) gas guzzling vehicles to a Demonstration/Blockade on the West Coast. Then, hop into their (made from petroleum) Kayaks and Canoes, to block Tankers. Most are no less hypocritical than McKenna. Suzuki being the best example.. If a Company in the Philippines was paid to take this waste, then it should stay there. Let the Philippine Government go after the scammers. This should not be a Canadian problem…
commented 2019-06-20 10:27:25 -0400
Rebel staff, can you please join https://parler.com
The freedom of free speech is so refreshing.
Or if you guys can at least create a share button for the site.
commented 2019-06-19 19:24:32 -0400
The President “is known for trash talking”. LOL!
commented 2019-06-19 14:09:35 -0400
I saw my shi? come sailing home, sailing home, sailing home………
commented 2019-06-19 14:09:16 -0400
Taking care of your own garbage, what a concept. I am impressed with the Philippians taking control of their own backyard. I like that Duterte kicks butt. Countries need to put the kibosh on trash traffickers. I am embarrassed for Canada and who ever knew that this was going on and the effect it was having on the countries ending up with this trash.
Great interview Jessica, great interviewee as well.
published this page in Videos 2019-06-19 12:34:24 -0400