September 17, 2016

Pipe bomb EXPLODES at Marine Race on Jersey Shore

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Another attempt at a mass casualty attack in the USA.

According to NBC New York:

A device exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey, Saturday morning as about 5,000 runners were set to participate in a 5k Marine charity race and police are investigating another suspicious device found in the shore town, authorities said.

The explosive device went off in a garbage can on D Street and Ocean Avenue at about 9:30 a.m., police said.

The bomb was supposed to detonate a second device which failed to go off, but would likely have increased the potential for lethality and damage.  

Police are also investigating another "suspicious package" in Seaside Park.

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commented 2016-09-19 00:59:01 -0400
Right you are , Bob.
I Iive close to the US border so I can get Amurican radio. It amazes me how many conservative voices are heard down there nationally. Here there are none. We only get a heapin’ helpin’ of the CBC and other LSM compost of the news.
commented 2016-09-18 13:19:25 -0400
Al Peterson—-Trump will be making hay over this.
CTV News- Net criticized Trump for saying a bomb went off in Jersey; They said it was premature, even though the blast shook buildings a block away. CTV also said the streets were empty because of a delay , making out that it wasn’t serious. 29 people were injured.
There is no place to go for TV news in Canada. CTV is as bad at Censoring and lying as CBC. When Sun Network was still around, I stopped watching Fox News, now I’m back. They may be occasionally biased , but they tell the truth most of the time.
commented 2016-09-18 10:38:28 -0400
Out time is coming..
commented 2016-09-18 00:41:14 -0400
So my guess is that an armed American put a hole in the dead knifeman?
commented 2016-09-18 00:39:26 -0400
I sure hope Trump will be making hay over this one.
commented 2016-09-18 00:36:47 -0400
And still we let them in.

Not one more.

Hillary R Clinton will you please go NOW!
commented 2016-09-18 00:04:22 -0400
Every Islamic terrorist attack between now and Nov. 8 will give Trump another 2% in the polls.
commented 2016-09-17 22:46:19 -0400
Another massive explosion in Manhattan police believe is an IED and Canada wide search for Mohamed Hersi. I also heard of an incident in a mall in Calgary in which a man was stabbing people in a parking lot and a shooting rampage in Philadelphia.
commented 2016-09-17 20:42:02 -0400
Let’s not be so quick to judgement.
Afterall there was one other terrorist attack in the US which was supposedly ‘not’ inspired by islam. April 19, 1995.
Ready your arms.
Coming to a location near you.
commented 2016-09-17 20:06:11 -0400
Obama’s America and there are still people who wish to turn it over to Clinton.
commented 2016-09-17 19:32:43 -0400
Ahhhh, the “religion of Peace” succeeds in spreading more of it’s “peace” in the world. This time in New Jersey.

Don’tcha just love how Islam spreads it message of peace and love?

The main stream media is right to suck up to and lust over this wonderful religion!

And we all know that it is those terrible Christians that are the real problem … right?
commented 2016-09-17 18:55:52 -0400
Go Hillary go and take Justin and Rachel with you..
commented 2016-09-17 16:20:15 -0400
If the attack had gone as planned, it would have put Trump over the top in the electoral college. Guess we’ll have to wait for Hillary to collapse on stage at the debates for that now.
commented 2016-09-17 16:19:41 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,752 Attacks, 201,977 Killed, 283,103 Injured…. that we know of.

However, this particular explosion had nothing to do with Islam, I’m sure. Nor did it have anything to do with the LDS or the Mennonites…. it was the AMISH!! So I have to disagree with both Bob and Robert.
commented 2016-09-17 16:18:15 -0400
One would think that the muslano’s would settle down right now and not add fuel to the Trump campaign to vett and expell non conforming and hostile savages from the country should he be elected president.!
All Islamic acts of terror give further Creedence and position to Donald Trump’s campaign to
“make America great again”
and hopefully pulling Canada along in the wake that he creates moving forward dispelling globalist attempt to secure our nation in their vision and rub the floors of the international community with our elected
(joke and add nauseam) “prime civil servent”
I am glad that no one was hurt during this attempt to injure innocent people just going about their lives and I believe that Donald Trump is good for his word and he will make every effort to keep the people of the United States of America safe and prosperous unlike the hypocrite administration that is ruining our country yes our country not his for his own personal gain.
commented 2016-09-17 15:49:53 -0400
Bob, I think it’s really the LDS.
commented 2016-09-17 15:35:21 -0400
Those Mennonites are sure getting frisky.