December 05, 2018

Catherine McKenna is jetting to the global warming conference in Poland — with “126 of her closest friends”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Catherine McKenna is our environment minister, and she has a lot of great advice for you and me, about making "smarter energy choices."

Now look at this new headline:

Analysis: Which countries have sent the most delegates to COP24?

COP24 is a fancy way of saying the 24th annual UN global warming conference. COP stands for "conference of the parties." The parties in this case means the countries — parties to the global warming treaty.

But of course, it really is a big, lavish party that moves from city to city, each year.

Of course, Catherine McKenna will be there, and she’s bringing 126 of her closes friends along!  

More than 22,000 people are jetting to Poland to talk about using less energy: 13,898 from countries themselves; 6,046 from NGO and lobby groups. And 1,541 media. I’m not going to call them journalists, because real journalists aren’t allowed in — only those who comply with the UN agenda.

I know this, because our own Sheila Gunn Reid is going to Poland, and the UN refuses to accredit her. And they specifically said, when rejecting her accreditation request, that it’s because McKenna’s delegation blackballed her.

But tonight I'll show you some of the official Canadian delegation going along with Catherine McKenna.

There's a chief negotiator, a deputy chief negotiator, a negotiations manager, and just plain old "negotiators" who specialize in stuff like "Climate Finance" and "Indigenous Engagement." The total number of negotiators is 16. That's more than we had for NAFTA.

Then there's our "Ambassador for Climate Change" and her "Advisor."

Remember, the provinces send people to these junkets, too. And not just provinces; Indian bands. Canada’s Indian bands have real problems — unemployment, social dysfunction, crime, substance abuse. And they have real environmental problems, too, especially drinking water issues. Is the 24th annual meeting of the global warming mafia really the best way to spend five grand in airfare and five grand in hotels to get over to Poland for a party?

The union propagandists are out in force, too. And “youth delegates” — junior propagandists who will pump global warming message tracks into their schools and universities.

There are others on the list — lobbyists; environmental activists; they’re the same thing — they always managed to feather their own nest. 

Every single one of these people is working to destroy Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and yes, don’t kid yourself, Ontario’s auto industry too.

So the next time you hear Catherine McKenna or Justin Trudeau talking about the middle class and jobs, just ask them why 126 jet-setters went to Poland to campaign against Canada’s heartland industries. And be ready for a lot of vocal fry in response.

NEXT: Andrew Lawton of the True North Initiative joins me to talk about Trudeau's $595 million bailout/bribe to Canadian media.

Andrew says that from now on, journalists should disclose their membership in Unifor, in the interest of transparency.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-12-09 23:05:58 -0500
Hey NDP Sucks,
If they eat the salad, they contribute more C02. They’re C02 remitment killers.
commented 2018-12-07 15:51:55 -0500
This meeting has nothing to do with Climate or the Environment. It was always about defacto redistribution of the worlds energy.

“Words exist because there is something important to talk about. Words also embody basic beliefs. In this context, it is very useful that the ever-green Climate Change News has published a Glossary of the 32 technical terms they think are most important in Katowice.
Analyzing this list tells us a great deal about what is really going on there this week. To begin with, not one word on the list addresses climate or climate change.”

(I say so-called because the USA is still developing. It’s also important to recognize that the more these rich developed nations are forced to reduce their fossil fuel use, de-industrialize and pay money to developing nations like China, the less developed and wealthy they will become, the lower their living standards will be, the less they will be able to make the never-ending payments.)

This goes hand in glove with the UNs Migration plans. The idea is to impoverish the western industrialized nations while at the same time flooding them with unemployable inbreeders. They cannot sell wealth redistribution on it’s own merits so the bundled it with the fraudulent Mann Made Global Warming scam. Everyone(but the elites) will share equally in misery, starvation and genocide.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”
Winston Churchill

He had things to say about Islam too. Look it up.
commented 2018-12-06 17:33:27 -0500
You know what I’ve realized about Canadians? You are wonderful, law-abiding people. But, I believe the Canadian electorate is far too Naive about their nations politics and what Trudeau is doing TO Canada! Everyone has a duty to be as best informed as possible. Today, unlike years in the past, EVERYTHING has become political and up for the Radical change! Canadians MUST know what is going on in their halls of power.
commented 2018-12-06 17:05:11 -0500
Where in hell are the Conservatives on this climate change LIE & HOAX! TRUDEAU foolishly repeats his wish for Dictatorial powers!!!!
Andrew Sheer and the Oppo SUCK!
commented 2018-12-06 17:01:19 -0500
McKenna as all Libs in Canada lives as if THE RULES DON’T APPLY to her.
This woman is a Marxist. Hello? Quit with this B.S. about “climate change”!
“If we don’t stop climate change now we’re all going to die?
commented 2018-12-06 16:46:09 -0500
We already know the COP24 hypocrites will be burning a huge amount of jet fuel and lighting up the place with their propaganda viewer screens. What about the menu? They go on and on about cows creating CO2 and lecturing us about eating beef and other meat. I bet these greedy communists are going to be pushing up the price of food by newer and better techniques to make life financially unbearable for farmers. Somebody needs to get these people on video pigging out at the beef buffets.
commented 2018-12-06 14:17:47 -0500
The liberal gangsters at work spending money like drunken sailors!
commented 2018-12-06 13:09:30 -0500
The auto industry has been decimated and Trudeau shrugged. Oil is going nowhere – literally. An ever increasing carbon tax will be imposed where one does’t already exist. Its all part of puppet-master Butts stated grand plan to make Canada a non-carbon based economy.

Green energy hasn’t worked. Electric cars are a drain on the electrical grid – which we are told not to stress and therefore have punitive taxes on use. Yes, get rid of pollution, but CO2 is not pollution, and virtually everything on planet earth, including planet earth, releases CO2 into the atmosphere. We, the public – citizens – are expected to pay for the pie-in-the-sky fears of a few who really don’t understand “climate change” and that it would be happening even if mankind (humankind?) never existed.

So, in the big scheme of things, the government will be wasting a few million for the Liberals to party with like minded fools. It won’t mean much other than photo ops and self-congratulations on a conference well done. Impossible objectives will be agreed to, but never to be accomplished. We will still be footing the bill for the party, the planet will still evolve as it would without us, and we will get stuck with the bills for implementing this fool’s errand. All this to prevent a 0.7°C increase over which we have no control.
commented 2018-12-06 12:40:46 -0500
- I’m sure there will be a taxpayer bailout coming for farmers who think correctly. The Liberals clearly see themselves as aristocrats who can jet set around the world & spend a fortune on themselves & their pals while lecturing the peasants on the evils of having a large carbon footprint. The Liberal spin – since they sent over 300 delegates to the Paris COP they’re actually cutting back by about 67%.

- The Trudeau Unifor journalists all blinking in unison will make people trust the mainstream media even less than they do now.
commented 2018-12-06 10:44:55 -0500
Will any one from the TO RED STAR be in this 126?
commented 2018-12-06 10:43:41 -0500
Great show!! Nothing much to say about Climate Barbie other than she is a huge embarrassment to Canada. In regards to UNIFOR/UNIONS in general, Union leaders do not give credit to its members to think for themselves when it comes to Politics. In my experience with UAW/CAW/CUPE and others, many members will vote with allegiance to a given party, contrary to what union leaders say publicly. In the past Union Leaders getting in bed with a given Political party has not been persuasive with members.
commented 2018-12-06 03:26:40 -0500
Climate Barbie and 126 of her “closest friends”?… Jeez, the taste of genuine Kielbasa must have made the rounds in Ottawa recently methinks?….
commented 2018-12-06 01:33:20 -0500
In From There to Here, I wrote: “Also climate change is big business: For the media catastrophic climate change makes for sensational stories. For Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) it helps raise donations. They tell you that the world is coming to an end, so donate so they can fight the evil villains. For Politicians, they can claim to be saving the world. One actually had the tenacity to suggest that the oceans would stop rising and the earth would heel because of his election. For Businesses, it is good to look green. For the Environmental businesses there are subsidies, guarantees, carbon credits and bail outs to be had. For Consultants and other Professionals, there is the business of advising business and NGO’s on how to navigate the rules, and obtain grants, subsidies and guarantees. For Academics and Universities, there are research grants and other public and private money to pursue. Climate Change is big business; I call it the Climate Change Gravy Train.”
commented 2018-12-06 01:22:53 -0500
After the Paris COP I wrote my: Are You a Climate Change Hypocrite? challenge. Regarding Poland, well I don’t think I need to change a thing.
commented 2018-12-06 01:01:01 -0500
Robert Greeley-
More like McKenna’s entourage get’s sunburned by all the solar power they bask in.
THAT’s funny.
commented 2018-12-06 00:02:49 -0500
Wasn’t called an “energy crisis” in the 70’s also…yet still here we are…with Trudeau II and McKenna… flappin their pie holes….
commented 2018-12-05 23:50:21 -0500
Its a mistake to even call a Government Department that has an agenda attached to it.
The Ministry of the Environment “and climate change”?
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?
If it were to be found anthropomorphic climate change was not that big a deal (in the 70’s it was Global Cooling) what do they change their name to and what would they do for a paycheque?
Maybe the Ministry of the Environment and Benign Behavior?
The Intergovernmental Panel on Nothing to see here?
They can claim the climate changes with or without humans but adding the name to their “department” implies its a thing that needs to be acted upon. Meaning a tax for you and endless holiday meetings in exotic locations.
commented 2018-12-05 23:50:10 -0500
Maybe a pair of massive balloon socks of Trudeau’s flying into a windmill..
commented 2018-12-05 23:36:57 -0500
We need something that has to wake up the rest of Canada…Something more outrageous than Trudeau…IMO..It should be outrageously funny?..To catch Canadians attention for the very serious situation that was orchestrated and brought down on us Canadians from the Trudeau Crew..
commented 2018-12-05 23:34:30 -0500
Robert Greeley et al-
Okay. I’ll finish the joke for you.
Robert Greeley et al says, “Whose there?”
I say, “Communism”.
Robert Greeley et al says, “Communism who?”
I say, “Comm-u-nism happy?”
Communism. It sucks the fun out of everything.
Please share a chuckle. Being blantantly robbed and backhanded guilt can really crush a person’s spirit. Rise above it, don’t lower yourself to it.
Thanks Robert Greeley et al.
commented 2018-12-05 23:25:06 -0500
Yah yah. Eco nuts are liars and crooks. They love green energy! Your green for their energy.
commented 2018-12-05 23:23:35 -0500
Robert Greeley et al-
Knock knock? 😄
commented 2018-12-05 22:45:59 -0500
So disgusting a waste of our tax money I have no words. Slimy hypocrites. Well…there’s two words. That’s my best shot.
commented 2018-12-05 22:44:41 -0500
Ezra: What you failed to mention last night is that Cooked Apple is gay and very proud to promote the gay agenda. This was his moment to tell the world he’s going to ‘push this agenda and if you don’t like it, shove it’.

Ezra: Your commentaries are excellent. You are like a fine wine just getting better and better. Thanks.
commented 2018-12-05 22:44:00 -0500
“Catherine McKenna loves telling the rest of us how to live.

But interestingly, it seems she prefers to give advice than take it.

While lecturing all of us on what to do, McKenna still flies around the world, racking up a big carbon footprint and using tons of fossil fuels.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way!

On Twitter, Gary Lamphier has nominated Catherine McKenna “to live fossil fuel free,” and calls on her to “accept the no-carbon challenge.”

“I nominate Catherine McKenna to be the first Canadian to live fossil fuel free. Will you accept the no-carbon challenge, Catherine ??? @cathmckenna

Gary Lamphier
I nominate Catherine McKenna to be the first Canadian to live fossil fuel free. Will you accept the no-carbon challenge, Catherine ??? @cathmckenna

Shawn McRae
Replying to @lamphieryeg and 2 others
No more hot showers for you or your family Gary! Just one solar-powered outdoor bathtub to share with your neighbours. Embedded video

8:04 PM – Dec 3, 2018
Twitter Ads info and privacy
526 people are talking about this
Twitter Ads info and privacy

This is an amazing opportunity for McKenna to really live true to her principles. After all, there’s no better way to show you believe in ending the carbon economy than going 100% carbon free!
Plus, while others may say that Canada has high emissions because our country is incredibly spread out and it’s super cold here compared to almost every other country, McKenna doesn’t let little things like facts get in her way. She says we need to slash our emissions and devastate our own economy, even while China gets to keep polluting.

So, she can really lead by example and accept the ‘no-carbon challenge,’ showing how ‘easy’ it is to live in Canada without using any fossil fuels or using anything related to the fossil fuel industry."

“It should be really easy, since McKenna keeps saying how easy it is for the rest of us!

Help share this post and informally nominate Catherine McKenna to accept the challenge!

Spread the word far and wide!"


Spencer Fernando"

Photo – YouTube
commented 2018-12-05 22:38:58 -0500
Check out Spencer Fernando’s site:

“In the House of Commons, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked for unanimous consent for a motion calling on the Trudeau government to reject the UN Global Compact on Migration and secure the border.

The Liberals refused to give unanimous consent, defeating the motion and making their position clear: The Trudeau Liberals are glad to sign over Canada’s sovereignty to global institutions and give away control over our immigration system.

It’s a disturbing day for Canada, when our own government won’t protect Canadian sovereignty."
commented 2018-12-05 22:38:43 -0500
George Orwell was high school required reading in the eighties, do they even read in high school anymore?
commented 2018-12-05 22:26:05 -0500
Absolutely outrageous. This would never pass if it was a conservative government. These drunken liberals are completely unaccountable
commented 2018-12-05 21:44:09 -0500
The most used fuel for generating electricity is still coal, world wide. Alas, Trudeau is still running around planting wind powered generators and wondering why they don’t generate, most of the time. Then what about the Solar Panels that get dirty or covered in snow and ice. Meanwhile climate idiots grow in strength every year and all run off to their Hot Air Summits , creating carbon when ever they open their stupid mouths.
Stop the world, I wanna get off.