July 04, 2017

PM forgets Alberta on Canada Day: CBC apologists scramble to fix Trudeau’s Freudian slip

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

By now, you’ve probably heard about Justin Trudeau not mentioning Alberta in his speech commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday

Canada’s Prime Minister rattled off all of the provinces and territories in his speech over the weekend, except Alberta.

He then awkwardly got back up on stage and offered a half apology, but was it really a mistake and are Albertans overreacting?

Trudeau’s only real mistake was that he revealed his true thoughts.

We already know he hates Albertans just like his dad and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau did.

But over at the CBC, they seem to think it was just honest human error.

Watch my video to see how Peter Mansbridge spent his last day on air coming up with excuses for the Prime Minister.

Let’s face it, the CBC just wishes this was a “mistake, but it took a Canadian-born celebrity living in Los Angeles, Sandra Oh, to first call Trudeau out for forgetting about Alberta.

You know things are bad when a Hollywood celebrity comes across as more down to earth, less elitist and less tone deaf than our public broadcaster and even our Prime Minister.

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commented 2017-07-06 01:20:59 -0400
See Jimmy R, that’s why I just cannot take you seriously. There’s nothing you bring to the table except the same-old same-old. The unsupported bigotry is all yours, and the elitism of thinking you are representative of “real” Canadians or (now) are the arbiter of what constitutes “rational conservatives” vs. “batshit crazy conservatives” is all yours; however any attempt to come up with something cogent or reasoned to support your beliefs is via a link to someone else’s opinions.

(Factually, by the way, embracing the extreme right IS Canadian, as is embracing the extreme left, or the exact middle, or none of it at all, because we have a tolerance in this country which allows for any of that.)

As for Canadaland’s opinions, so what? Should I find some link on Breitbart that says all liberal progressives are baby-killing Marxists to cancel out Canadaland’s piece?

And guess what? I’m neither a Proud Boy, a Three Percenter, or a Soldier of Odin. Here’s an apparently new concept with which you may want to familiarize yourself:
used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.

In other words Jimmy R, there is a fringe right; there is also a fringe left. By definition, that’s what constitutes the spectrum. If you see anyone who doesn’t agree with you, anyone that posts on The Rebel, or anyone you think is suspiciously non-progressive enough for your liking as somehow uniformly representative of the far right, then you haven’t quite clued in to the whole “spectrum” concept. And, sadly for you, you have no idea what DOES constitute the far right.

Then again, given your classification of Western Canadians (except BC) as “not real” Canadians, you seem content to view the world in a very binary fashion. “If you’re not A like me, you must be B, and I don’t like B”. So I guess you’re consistent, at least, in your interesting take on existence.

If you were at all a student of history, you would know the pendulum never gets pulled too far from the vertical before forces arise to pull it back to true. Everyone has a baseline left / right affinity. The further the pendulum swings left, the greater the number of people who suddenly find their natural affinity has resulted in them now being to the right of the pendulum. Take it further left still and you only increase the number of people on the opposing side of the pendulum. The further it swings and the longer it remains out of true, the greater the reaction to bring it back to balance. So the more groups like Antifa are given free rein to practice their SA tactics of intimidation, or the more people feel their culture to be threatened, the more groups like Proud Boys and Soldiers of Odin will grow. And they’ll be Boy Scouts compared to what will eventually show up, on both sides. That Canadaland, or anyone, thinks this is revelation speaks more to a general ignorance of history than it does to the sagacity of the story.

So buckle up boyo, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Hope you’ve got your safe space picked out, it’s not going to be pretty for anyone.
commented 2017-07-05 22:37:16 -0400
Allan Peterson,

If you enjoyed reality – you would know that Canada is a liberal country compared to the US – almost European in many regards.
commented 2017-07-05 22:34:26 -0400
Jim Webb,

I disagree with many Canadians. The difference is that they don’t shit all over Canada like many Albertans here do and demand the country be something that it’s not.

Also there is a difference between reasonable and rational conservatives and batshit crazy fringe conservatives of which The Rebel caters to. It doesn’t make you a Canadian to embrace the extreme right.

You might learn something here:

commented 2017-07-05 22:02:12 -0400
I really do appreciate Jimmy Reece’s invitation to join the cool kids and get a lobotomy just like his. In spite of this generous offer I think, I’ll pass. I enjoy reality far too much.
commented 2017-07-05 19:08:42 -0400
Someone might be licking wounds for a while.

Thanks Mr. WEBB for those gems!
commented 2017-07-05 17:58:17 -0400
Then Jimmy R, why not actively promote and agree with it? Good bye and good luck, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, etc.? Why the necessity to repeatedly demonstrate at every opportunity your bigotry of “Albertans” or “the West excluding BC” if separation of the allegedly cantankerous bits is what you want? Ever study the break-up of Czechoslovakia? Not content to just shake hands and part company?

The answer is because you cannot comprehend of any Canadian holding a contrary view to the allegedly enlightened position you say you’re the poster boy for; differences of opinion scare you silly, and you’re scared shitless of the results if separation ever comes to pass. I’d direct you to an examination of the foundations of the societies that evolved in the various regions of the country to explain why whatever separated out of the West would be just fine, port or no port, but that’s clearly wasted effort.

A final word from here, because I’ve now got the full measure of your arguments (kept hoping for more, but just keeps going back to bigotry). Despite your assertion, I do not think most in the West, or in Alberta, have contempt for Canada as an entity, or in its history on the world stage; but I’d suggest just about everyone has utter contempt for the liberal-progressive “real” Canadian attitude you say you represent.

If you are right, and you truly are representative of all liberal-progressives across Canada, then congratulations, I cede the floor to your Pyrrhic victory. Pyrrhic because it would mean that all liberal-progressive “real” Canadians can only therefore be as bigoted as you; that those holding contrary view to the “real” Canadians WOULD, in fact, be well served to separate, to protect themselves from the “progressively” worsening Canadian experience. In your victory comes your undoing.

But please…do continue with the bigotry….
commented 2017-07-05 16:10:11 -0400
“…. could you just explain again how you square up being an anti-West (except BC) bigot with the notion that you are a “real” Canadian representing “real” Canadian liberal-progressive values?”
Jim Webb, or Justin for that matter.
commented 2017-07-05 15:42:52 -0400
Jim Webb,

As I said – I would love to see Alberta try to separate.

Enough talk about it Albertans because of your contempt for Canada – let’s see some action.
commented 2017-07-05 15:25:00 -0400
LOL, Jimmy R your continued unwavering fixation on Alberta continues to be amusing. Puerile, and paranoid, but amusing nevertheless.
If you really think Alberta is a blot on the fair face of Canada, and you hate all Albertans so much, I would think you would be more than happy to see us separate (probably Sakskatchewan and Manitoba too, since on a different post you said all Western Canada (except BC) were not real Canadians).
But instead there’s invective either way; we’re lousy if we stay, and apparently you’d be happy if we attracted world derision if we left.
Even setting aside the laughable contention that whole regions of the country are so homogeneous in population as to be capable of blanket classification, one is left with the conclusion that the “problem” with Alberta / the West (except BC) originates not so much with the regions and the people living there per se, but in fact originates from within you.
Given that your earlier posts on a different thread indicated you self-define as the archetypal liberal-progressive, a “real” Canadian as you put it; and given the liberal-progressives currently at the trough in Ottawa have defined Canada as all about the tolerance and the inclusion, could you just explain again how you square up being an anti-West (except BC) bigot with the notion that you are a “real” Canadian representing “real” Canadian liberal-progressive values?
commented 2017-07-05 12:22:30 -0400
Just wondering if Alberta doesn’t exist, do we have to pay federal taxes and since we don’t exist can we stop the transfer payments to Ontario and Quebec or Canada. Maybe its time to separate, we are no longer a Dominion from sea to sea. The only part of Canada that really matters is Ontario and Quebec! Confederation is not working either. there is a divide between freedom and Tyranny and the east embraces Tyranny and the West embraces freedom (minus the NDP they aren’t wanted)
commented 2017-07-05 12:17:34 -0400
Liza said, “All I see of our representatives save for a few shouting in the wind, are middle of the road cino’s turning what they call a ‘big tent’ party into a liberal spin off.”

I completely agree.
It makes you want to smack them upside the head until they either change back to real Conservatives they call themselves to be or admit that they are Liberals and go to the Liberal camp. Enough of this riding the fence!
commented 2017-07-05 12:10:57 -0400
That should equal about 400 billion plus.
commented 2017-07-05 12:10:27 -0400
Drew said to Jimmy, “I want that 110 billion PET raped us for back.”

Plus interest and converted to today’s value of the dollar. And while you are at it return the hundreds of billions in equalization payments that have gone out east from Alberta too for the past 30 years.
commented 2017-07-05 11:52:46 -0400
I would really love to see that – the country Alberta, who would be endlessly mocked around the world for thinking that they were too good for a great country like Canada.
commented 2017-07-05 11:42:23 -0400
Holly delivered another great video. Our votes are always just seat fillers, as the east has already chosen their PM. We really have no reason to stay. The country is too large and diverse to be able to keep each part together. I wish that Albertans would see the problem and call it quits. We can make a strong country that represents the population here and makes laws and taxation for itself. We don’t need the east, we don’t understand them, and we don’t get on with them. Why don’t we make Jt’s dreams come true, get on our horses and ride into the sunrise.
commented 2017-07-05 11:15:41 -0400
JIMMY….Why would you ever come out west for a BBQ? How could ALBERTA beef possibly be GOOD enough for you?
commented 2017-07-05 11:05:33 -0400
JIMMY REESE…..If you were raped for half your life you wouldn’t complain???? Lets try this….the fucking leeches east of Manitoba send Alberta a large portion of your money to Alberta for 50 years. We will toss you a crumb every now and then. A crumb. See how you like it. The numbers don’t lie. Check out the history of transfer payments. All you ever do Jimmy is COMPLAIN about Alberta. Tit for tat asshole.
commented 2017-07-05 10:54:33 -0400
Oh it was no mistake. Trudeau was sending a message to the ONE province who constantly complains about Canada.
commented 2017-07-05 10:52:06 -0400
Does anyone for one minute think Diaper Boy would have EVER forgotten to mention Ontario or Quebec? EVER…. and fuck the cbc
commented 2017-07-05 10:51:44 -0400
Liza Rosie,

So states and provinces should separate if the rest of the country votes in a way that you don’t like? You don’t believe in the whole voting process?

By the way, BC would not be joining Alberta in any sort of West separation, so I guess Ontario and BC can merge.

Alberta would never have the balls to separate. The backlash would be huge.
commented 2017-07-05 09:43:54 -0400
Are you all pretty much tired of this clown at Liberal Land?

Look. You have to be pretty dense to prepare a speach where you begin naming the names of all Provinces of the Country of which you are the Prime Minister and forget to name one of the Provinces. You have to know that missing one would be a huge mistake.

If we buy CBC’s cover, “he simply made a mistake”, well then he is just plain incompetent.

Maybe he just made a simple mistake with the Kadhr announcement on July 4. Will the CBC again claim he didn’t connect the dots to July 4? Again. Incompetent.

This guy does not have what it takes. He is in way over his head. I repeat. Way over his head.
commented 2017-07-05 09:33:43 -0400
All I see of our representatives save for a few shouting in the wind, are middle of the road cino’s turning what they call a ‘big tent’ party into a liberal spin off. Useless, ineffective and the end result will be the same crap with a different face.

If they are doing this because they think it will get them elected and then plan to put things back in order, they had better give us some signs of it soon.(that game is a hard one to play). However I question that votes will be lost from disenfranchised conservatives who no longer feel represented.

Trudeau’s ‘Freudian slip’ is no surprise and tells us what we already know. I’m surprise he got Saskatchewan past his lisping lips.
commented 2017-07-05 09:31:32 -0400
If our current Conservative representatives cannot only manage to oust Trudeau, but also stop pandering to the behaviour which allows the infestation of cultural Marxist, post modernist globalists to grow, then what other choice is there to SAVE Canada but to cut off the rot so it doesn’t terminally infect the rest of the country? A split country can always regroup as one if the time ever arises that the east does something about their disease. Could it be that it is exactly what the doctor ordered?
commented 2017-07-05 03:24:23 -0400
Oh please. Trudeau did it on purpose.
commented 2017-07-05 02:12:56 -0400
Jimmy funny how not caring about pride makes on a homophobe right.
commented 2017-07-05 02:12:28 -0400
Jimmy Reece is that why CBC ignores stories that do not fir their narrative? They are not interested? LMAO!
commented 2017-07-05 02:11:29 -0400
Jimmy Reece if that does not interest you then you are pretty ignorant. And i was merely pointing out that you and Kelly are scared of reality. And i am right.
commented 2017-07-05 01:25:23 -0400
Drew Wakariuk,

Is everyone here required to post in every single thread or just the ones that interest them to post a comment?
commented 2017-07-05 01:22:42 -0400
Peter Netterville,

I am not complaining at all. I reminding her per the surprising BBQ invite.