December 13, 2018

How Poland resists “Islamification” and defends Christian identity

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, The Rebel's Sheila Gunn Reid joined me from Poland, where she's currently reporting on the UN Climate Change Conference, to discuss Poland's history of domination by foreign powers and how it shapes the country's politics today.

Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939; both regimes hated Catholicism and wanted it removed from the Polish identity. And they failed.

Poland has a long history of fighting to keep their culture alive. It's one reason they've resisted the influx of mass Islamic migration that nations like Germany, France, and the UK have fallen victim to.

Poland was able to survive Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, now their enemies are the globalist elites in the UN.

Visit to watch all of Sheila Gunn Reid's reports from the UN Climate Change Conference.

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commented 2018-12-15 22:04:22 -0500
The Polish could always take a joke and shrug it off as words only..

You freak-in snowflakes should do more History Courses..

Doreen H.. Is there a link that you can pass on about the anti Christian rant?..I’ve been hearing about it..
commented 2018-12-14 15:31:40 -0500
In his own words: Trou d’eau’s interview in the Debate Post March 28/18 shortly after he left the AG’s private island & appointed Ahmed Hussein as his immigration minister: “CHRISTIANS ARE THE WORST PART OF CANADIAN SOCIETY”!
Chapter 98 Verse 6 – Mohammed wrote:" Lo, those who disbelieve, among the people of the Scripture [Christians and Jews] and the idolaters, will abide in the fire of hell. THEY ARE THE WORST OF CREATED BEINGS"!
Sounds chillingly familiar, doesn’t it?
commented 2018-12-13 21:42:02 -0500
Hey Andrew Mirlach
What a great post !
Illustrating the history of the heroic Poles
commented 2018-12-13 21:06:02 -0500
It sure is true that we don’t know what we had until it’s gone. Poland is a lesson to us who value freedom and despise tyranny.
commented 2018-12-13 20:30:12 -0500
Poland and is full of heroes standing up to the evil treasonous globalist poisonous filth and their plans of mass Islamification of Europe.
Germany has tried to exterminate the Poles many times in the past and now Merkel is attempting to do the same once again this time through forced migration of Islam. The Poles will never surrender their beloved country to evil. All of Eastern Europe is following the heroic lead of the Poles and the Hungarians ….God bless them for trying to protect their people and culture.
commented 2018-12-13 20:23:10 -0500
I remember when.
commented 2018-12-13 19:09:39 -0500
Travelling to Poland on business, I was surprised at the near-negligible security needed for the major public events I attended – no bollards, fences nothing. The Pro-EU protesters were allowed to gather nearly beside the military/civic units, and only chanted when a politician was speaking – not when the military/firefighters or the clergy were doing ceremony or speaking. In the evening at festivals, young women strolled carefree, young men ( and women) decanting from Pubs were well behaved, and families with children of all ages walked home in the dark from restaurants. I wonder why ?
commented 2018-12-13 18:24:16 -0500
They have been defending “Islamification” for a long time.

“While they have a long and illustrious string of adz-kickings under their heavyweight championship belts, the Winged Hussars’ finest hour came during the epic Battle of Vienna in 1683, when the Ottoman Turkish armies were busting nuts across Eastern Europe looking to conquer all of Christendom. With the main body of the Holy Roman Imperial army completely surrounded and besieged by over 200,000 Turkish warriors, the badass Polish King Jan Sobieski led the single hugest and most balls-out cavalry charge in history. Their wings fluttering and zipping like creepy, spear-flinging birds of prey, three thousand Winged Hussars plowed into the Turkish force, driving them back, plundering their supply train, and driving the Turks from the field. It would be the furthest West the Ottoman Empire would ever advance, and it was the Poles who had finally stuffed them like Shaq blocking a layup attempt by Verne Troyer. Honorable mention during the Battle of Vienna has to go to the Ottoman Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa, who personally charged out to try and help his men, fought in hand-to-hand combat even after his entire bodyguard was annihilated, and only escaped after saving the Holy Banner that once belonged to the Prophet Muhammad from falling into Christian hands. Mustafa was rewarded for his heroism by having his head chopped off and delivered to the Sultan in a velvet bag, but what can you do – there’s just no pleasing Sultans sometimes, especially when you’ve just let three thousand Polish Hussars completely rout a force roughly a hundred times larger than them.
They just didn’t realize that this is how the Winged Hussars rolled. These guys were nuts – they never backed down from a fight, always went completely balls-out all of the time, and looked at ten-to-one as an exciting challenge rather than a suicide charge. Total insanity. "
commented 2018-12-13 17:55:20 -0500
We have allowed our traditions, history, and religion to be stomped on. Its time to take it back. Islam’s job is to spread Islam. It is more than happy to fill Canada up with their non western ideology. If we don’t fight back with ours, that is exactly what they will happily do.
No special accommodations for Islam, no accommodation of Sharia whatsoever. Western countries get to champion their history, traditions and Judeo Christian religion above others in their own countries, just as Islam does in Islamic countries. Islam should never be allowed to supersede Christian religions in a western country. Demographics is everything, globalists know it and are abusing it.
Do you know one thing that Islam never ever is?
commented 2018-12-13 15:17:49 -0500
Canada is becoming a very filthy degraded country. There’s no way Canada would ever uphold the Catholic church let alone any Christianity or Judaism. Canadian tradition and moral values are now spit on and laughed at with the approval of the government and all new and trendy insane groups who are praised by educational systems, MSM etc. Canada is rotting into the status of the pit of hell.
commented 2018-12-13 12:37:14 -0500
Poland is a shining example to the rest of western countries which path they should have chose!! Poland has the backbone to stand up to Islam and give them the middle finger!! Well done Poland keep it up hopefully some of that will rub off on Canada. This is the problem Canada hasn’t suffered a hardship of being ruled by a dictatorship,and now we are about to find out.Canadians should be looking at Poland and learning from what they had to endure because the evil regime is on our doorstep. However our education system doesn’t teach the world events of the past,our youth have no clue what it’s like to be in the shackles of a dictatorship,instead they are brainwashed with climate change and immigration programming!!