March 05, 2015

NEWS: German police detain 9 suspected of arson attack on newspaper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons

Rebel Staff

9 people aged 16-21 were detained on Wednesday after a series of raids on 12 apartments.

 The Local reports that the group, who are of German, Nigerian, Cameroonian and Turkish origin, are suspected of carrying out an arson attack on the Hamburger Morgenpost back in January.

They are believed to have thrown a manhole cover, rocks and incendiary devices into the building.

Police and prosecutors also suspect the group vandalized a high school the day before.

The attack came after the paper reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad on its front page with the headline “This much freedom must be possible.”

Prosecutors, however, haven't officially said the cartoons were the reason for the attack.

The Hamburger Morgenpost reprinted the cartoons just days after jihadists attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris killing 12.

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commented 2015-03-06 23:03:04 -0500
too bad they are but small children 16 year olds ! what is truly a serious crime is that we are not teaching our Children to think rationally and understand What the WORD PROPAGANA truly means because the propaganda is corrupting the minds of the very young Islamic wars have historically used children in the front lines 7 years and older. an uneducated mind is one that is ripe for Exploitation ant the lure is 69 Virgins awaiting heaven . No longer 69 its only 2 there is a shortage of virgins. Just one more lie the ISIS is using ,
Uneducated girls are girls who cannot question the Morals of a pedophilic Male Society. this is a part of the propaganda that they do not preach ubtil they have hodld of the girls .

commented 2015-03-06 00:24:17 -0500
Both great points Pete & Joan.
I have found that you really have to be careful when you look into these things about Islam, the Qu’ran, the Hadith, etc. It is quite easy to get sucked into the rhetoric and the apologists justification and reasoning.
You really have to be deeply cemented in what you believe, and why you believe it.
“See to it that the light that is within you does not become darkness.” -Luke 11:35
I’ve heard a preacher in addition say: For if the light that is within you were to become darkness, oh how great the darkness indeed.
commented 2015-03-05 22:14:10 -0500
The cartoons were not the reason for the attack. The reason for the attack is intolerance.
commented 2015-03-05 21:01:41 -0500
Quit with " the prophet" designation. False prophet sure. He was a psychopathic war monger. 64 war campaigns in 10 years. Pedophile rapist, slaver, murderer facist. Everything in the Koran is against all that God has shown about love of humanity. If you can’t see that Islam is a pagan cult devised by satan then you have no soul. They pray to the moon God Ilah. Pagan false god. I can look into Obamas eyes and see an abyss as deep as the pits of hell. Every word a lie. Even the illuminati say he’s not part of them. Something much worse. The antichrist. What we know of God is less than an infant knows of quantum physics. An infant can still be taught whereas you cannot. Pray people. The Holy Spirit is the only way to defeat evil. Even satan can quote scripture. Islam wasn’t a religion of peace until is was almost eratticated by the crusades. That liar said atrocities were done in the name of Christ. Imagine the world if the Catholic Church hadn’t intervened. Ruled by satan. And it’s spiralling down now. Ignorant and appethetic. ( I don’t know and I don’t care)