January 22, 2016

Political correctness on the podium: Transsexuals will be competing against women and men at the Olympics

StaffRebel Columnist

In the latest case of political correctness finding its way into sports and competition, the IOC has allowed male-female transsexuals to compete against women at the Olympics.

As Breitbart reports, “if they declare themselves women and reduce their testosterone below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to competition, they can compete against ladies.”

What's more, genitalia does not serve as a prerequisite. According to the official guidelines, “To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.”

So, if you 'identify' as a female that means you can face off against women. You know, the ones with vaginas. And ovaries. And emotions.

Outsports.com reported that the IOC held a “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” in November at which they created the new guidelines, loosening prior rules adopted in 2004 to allow transgender athletes into the Games.

Under the previous rules, transgender athletes must have undergone external genitalia changes.

It's clear the IOC didn't look into the likes of Fallon Fox, a transsexual MMA fighter who competes against women.

In a fight two years ago, Fox's opponent, Tamikka Brents, was knocked out 2:17 into the first round. She suffered a concussion and told Whoa TV, “I've never felt so overpowered ever in my life.”

“I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor,” she said. “I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right.”

In addition to men being allowed to compete with women, the new rules state that “those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.”

Imagine for a second this is a sport in which judges decisions play a factor – such as snowboarding or diving. What's stopping the criteria for high scores being lowered for transsexual athletes?

In New York, women can be hired as firefighters – a job that involves SAVING LIVES – despite failing a fitness test.

One such woman, Rebecca Wax, did not pas the Functional Skills Training test. An insider revealed to the New York Post that, they allowed her “to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard .”

So, not only are these new rules by the IOC dangerous for female athletes, they're poised to make a laughing stock of the games as a whole.

With political correctness everywhere in our society – with the latest example being this fiasco and the lack of nominations for coloured people at The Oscars, when will the madness end?

In this sick, sad world we are creating, everyone gets to play and everyone gets a medal.

No one goes home unhappy and the national anthems are replaced with deafening silence.

Every culture has an equal representation – except white people, because they're evil.

And every religion too – especially Islam, but not Christianity, because Christians are bigoted.

Women compete with boys who like to wear dresses.

The sponsors are rainbows and flowers. Not Coke and McDonalds, because capitalism is greed.

There are no countries to represent. Because we're all on the same team.

And there's no one doing commentary at the games. Instead it's just a laugh track.

Because it's so pathetic.

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commented 2016-02-04 12:44:47 -0500
I’m simply stunned that most people have not boycotted these games decades ago. They are not worth looking at.
The original games allowed only Greek citizens. Women could compete only in chariot and equestrian events (where the horses did all the work).

Modern Olympics spoiled that. The IOC is the planet’s most corrupt sports organization.
1. They allowed games to be located outside Greece (hugely bad move!)
2 They allowed women to compete in all sports (women do not have the same ability in physical sports)
3. They invented winter sports (skiing, skateboarding are not sports, they’re personal diversities)
4. They allowed the country with the biggest money output to host the games :>(

The day they decided to hold the Olympics outside of Greece was the day the games died. I’ve boycotted these sad excuses of sports ever since. It’s all politics and big money, nothing else.
commented 2016-01-30 20:09:11 -0500
I guess Canada stands a chance at winning some gold medals in the next Olympics… LOL
commented 2016-01-26 08:16:53 -0500
Better hope they are not in a predominantly Muslim country/area for any of these games.
Are transsexuals Homo or Lesbo? Guess it really doesn’t matter.
They’ll be getting bashed. If their smart, they are all Sprinters ;)
commented 2016-01-24 03:29:24 -0500
jenner ain’t trans, he only did it to stay out of jail. within the year he’ll be saying that his body is rejecting the transformation, more headlines.
commented 2016-01-23 14:41:33 -0500
Wouldn’t it make more sense for the fairness obsessed left to have transexuals compete against transexuals only?
Or tell them to get their own Olympic style games and leave the one that exists alone.
commented 2016-01-23 13:57:42 -0500
I appreciate the Rebel brings up this ludicrous idiocy of gender ideology. You would not have thought it possible, that a sane man (woman) could come up with stuff like that. But it is simply the next installment of humanity going berserk in a long line of perversity. People have lost any common sense and of course are incapable choosing between right and wrong properly. And this is why ideologues the likes of Obama, Trudeau and Notley are elected.
Also dear Rebel, why are you not reporting on the fight between the catholic school boards and our “fine” government here in Alberta? Is this too hot an issue??
commented 2016-01-23 13:44:01 -0500
done with the Olympics over this crap. How pathetic is this, One has to wonder what new low the lbgt or whatever they call themselves will sink to next
commented 2016-01-23 13:42:17 -0500
acuuna lol just about spit my coffee on the keyboard lol keep up the good comments love it .
commented 2016-01-23 11:13:17 -0500
won’t bruce jenner’s testicles look good in a sync-swimming outfit.
bahahahahaha! woman of the year….bahahahaha! you gurls have become pretty worthless when the woman of the year has nuts!
where is the outrage? haha… ballroom jeans for gurls! bahahahaa!
commented 2016-01-23 08:28:13 -0500
They’re going to force through their genderless society, no matter what the people say! And this is how they do it, one barrier at a time. It’s like boiling a lobster. They don’t realize they’re done for until it’s too late.
commented 2016-01-23 05:19:31 -0500
I want to be a dog and enter myself in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the Sporting Division!
commented 2016-01-23 04:14:04 -0500
Women’s leagues are essentially handicapped leagues. Men’s leagues can be and probably should be open to all competitors. Women who feel like being men are unlikely to be competitive, even with hormone injections. The problem is going the other way. Women’s leagues will pretty much become dominated by men who feel like women and natural women will pretty much become excluded from the top ranks of sports. A market will spring up for men who aren’t all that competitive with other men to start competing in women’s leagues.
commented 2016-01-23 03:20:26 -0500
I can already picture a sports team getting stacked with transexuals.
commented 2016-01-23 01:09:01 -0500
I wanna wake up and have this all be a bad dream.
commented 2016-01-23 01:04:35 -0500
Call it Mind Disorientation. We are all being set up for when the hammer falls.
commented 2016-01-22 22:27:02 -0500
This shit is just getting funnier all the time…………. sad but funny
commented 2016-01-22 22:21:15 -0500
Didn’t the old Soviet bloc nations do this already by changing men into women?
commented 2016-01-22 21:56:27 -0500
I can taste that Special Olympic gold right now.
commented 2016-01-22 20:15:14 -0500
I hate to say it, but it’s time for another world war so that things can get back to some sort of normalcy. Sadly, I can not think of another solution.
commented 2016-01-22 18:40:09 -0500
LMFAO!!! I don’t watch this crap, but I will now. Too bad Seinfeld (the show) wasn’t around anymore. There’s at least of material that could come from this latest nugget of Olympic rabble.

Separate knob!!! Separate knob!!! Why separate knob???
commented 2016-01-22 18:20:14 -0500
Man, the insanity increases by the hour! I will definitely boycott the Olympics from now on. Is there anything the left don’t try to destroy with their evil Marxist ideology?
commented 2016-01-22 18:16:22 -0500
So a he/she cannot compete in the male events – only the female events

As far as I am concerned – the x and y chromosomes decide.

The dick between your legs does not

I guess it is time to boycott the Olympics.