March 08, 2016

Meet the NEW political dissidents: Europeans fighting against “the million Muslim march”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over the past week, we’ve shown you the massive wave of Muslim migration that’s changing Europe. Tonight, political dissidents fighting back: in Parliaments, in the media and even in synagogues and churches.

Let’s start with Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels, who has had over a hundred Muslim patients. He explains that a deadly mixture of honour and shame is at the heart of radical Islam. 

We’ll introduce you to Aia Fog of the Free Press Society in Copenhagen. That’s also where we also spoke with Tania Groth, who is setting up a pro-Danish, pro-freedom NGO called PEGIDA.

What irony that PEGIDA has been described as fascist by its opponents. I’ve never seen a group more concerned about being peaceful — Tania literally kicked someone out of a march once for giving the finger to screaming leftist protesters. It’s radical Islam, and its theocracy, that’s fascist. But funny enough, hard-left-wing anti-fascists in Europe have sided with radical Islam.

We talked with Danish journalism Mikael Jalving, who works at the Jyllands Posten, the newspaper that published the “Mohammed cartoons” in 2005. He tells me what that’s like today — are they safe? Are they afraid of being the next Charlie Hebdo massacre target?

Jalving is lucky enough to still have a job in journalism. Popular blogger Peter Jensen was drummed out of a job, and even out of Norway, for daring to stand up forcefully to political Islam.

We also talked with journalist turned activist Ingrid Calrqvist who was also our interpreter in Malmo, Sweden.

Ingrid pulled together a dinner for us in Copenhagen, where many of these people came to meet us. I felt like it was an underground meeting. In that room were half the anti-Islamization activists in Copenhagen.

But it also felt underground in that no-one there had real power — those with power, the power to do things, were frozen with indecision, or more accurately, frozen in fear of being called political incorrect, or the ultimate four-letter word in Scandinavia, being called racist.

Then we flew next to Stockholm, Sweden. Our guide was Jan Sjunnesson. He led the perfect liberal Swedish life — he married a woman from India; he taught at university. But when he started speaking out against the ideological threat posed by political Islam, he was let go from the university...

There are seeds of hope, politically, in Europe. I think the European Union is going to break up, for one thing.

Is it too late, though? It’s not too late for us here in Canada and the United States. But what can you do in a place like Sweden, that has major cities that are now nearly 50% Muslim?

We asked a Swedish parliamentarian, Kent Ekeroth. His opposition party, the Swedish Democrats, has as its central campaign platform restricting immigration.

He’s a smart guy. I think his party will form government one day. But will it be too late?

Go see the Eiffel Tower now, before it gets the World Trade Center treatment. Go see the great cathedrals of Cologne, Germany, and Notre Dame in Paris, go see them now while they’re churches. They’ll be mosques, like the Hagia Sophia became, soon enough.

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Finally, the patriotic underground is coming alive. Watch out, big brother is watching you more closely than the invaders.