July 12, 2017

Political double-talk not enough to quell BC NDP’s TransMountain opposition

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Rachel Notley insists that she backs the twinning of the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline, the upgrades to a project that will help Alberta get its oil sands product to new markets.

Completion of this project will diversify Alberta’s customer base and get a better price for the oil which is why it’s crucial for the province.

It has already been approved by the federal government, but there’s fierce opposition coming from the new incoming government in British Columbia.

Premier designate and NDP leader John Horgan is vowing to put a stop to it, having made it clear that he’ll use every tool at his disposal to end the expansion.

At the Stampede Investor Forum earlier this week, Rachel Notley said she had a chance to talk to Horgan, but that she only touched upon the most important problem that exists between the two provinces.

In what amounted to making excuses, she noted that Horgan hasn’t been elected as Premier yet and that these conversations are best had between the two of them.

Notley dutifully vocalized her concern about oil workers but said, “we've capped oilsands emissions, which means — and this is really important — it means the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline will not lead to higher oil sands emissions.”

It seems the only leader that’s being honest and cutting through the political double speak is federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, though he suggests he’s not confident that Trudeau has the political will to do what’s best.

The final decision for this project is up to the federal government and it has been approved, but can we trust politicians like Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau to do what they say?

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commented 2017-07-15 09:52:15 -0400
KM had a spill at Merritt, BC, a few years ago. To understand the destructiveness of a toxic, tar sands spill, Google and read, “Michigan oil spill effects could be repeated here,” by Michelle Barlond-Smith.
commented 2017-07-13 10:16:48 -0400
Earl Richards said, “Kinder Morgan’s pipeline is a stupid idea in the first place, because there is no equipment to clean-up a dirty, tar sands spill.”

Oh Earl, stop the foolish talk.

1. The Kinder Morgan has had no spills since it was built 1953. That is 64 years of no spills.
2. It is not tar. The oil sand has no tar in it whatsoever. None. Zero. Zilch. Nota! Using that liars term indicates how childish you really are and clearly indicates you have no intellect for a debate with facts.
3. And if your comment is any indication of the intellectual level of the average BC resident, then there really is not much intelligence there to insult. However, I think most BCers are far more intelligent than your comment suggests that you are.
commented 2017-07-13 09:56:56 -0400
Holly: “Issues surrounding pipelines being built are made up by politicians. It seems the only leader able to cut through the Trans Mountain doublespeak is Andrew Scheer, the leader of the federal Conservatives.”
The only leader to cut through the doublespeak? Andrew Scheer, who whipped his MPs to vote in support of a motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord, an issue “made up” by leftist and globalist politicians?

Andrew Scheer: “It’s a matter of political will. We have already seen the PM cave to political pressure”.
We have already seen Scheer bow to political correctness and the media by whipping his MPs to vote in support of a motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord!

Holly: “We should really be paying attention to what Scheer says”.
And what he does! Like his whipping his MPs to support the Paris Climate Accord; in essence sending a message that the Conservative party believes and supports the hoax of climate change? On that basis, should he not be joining the NDP and Liberals in arguing to keep the oil and gas in the ground to save the planet?

Holly: “Only believe them (our politicians) when they act on what they say”.
Like acting on an endorsement of the Paris Climate Accord, as Scheer whipped his MPs into doing?
commented 2017-07-13 03:03:07 -0400
I trust Trudeau to screw up the country.
commented 2017-07-13 00:26:07 -0400
but…but…but…i thought rachel said we had social licence now…HA!
commented 2017-07-12 23:06:27 -0400
Kinder Morgan’s pipeline is a stupid idea in the first place, because there is no equipment to clean-up a dirty, tar sands spill. This stupid idea is an insult to the intelligence of the British Columbian people. The toxic, tar sands are riddled with cancer-causing, carcinogens. Remember the Kalamazoo.
commented 2017-07-12 21:18:23 -0400
It ain’t gonna happen
The Eco LEFTARDS in this country have won the trifecta
Only the Chinese , that’s the Chinese from you know , communist China make it happen , or the European Union, or combo of the two
commented 2017-07-12 20:58:18 -0400
Sweetbabyjeezis Rebel DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR SOUND LEVELS!!! This low volume video has been going on for the last few days.
commented 2017-07-12 19:53:39 -0400
July 22, 2017: Hopefully a right of centre merger.

May 5, 2020: NDP booted.

2020-2024: Provincial referendum about Alberta’s place in the broken federation of Canada.