July 12, 2016

Political wonks and beer lovers on same side in fight to free our suds in Canada!

Brian LilleyArchive

We love our suds all across this country. In fact, there’s a Supreme Court case that brings the constitution into the question of whether we can move beer across provincial borders.

Political wonks and beer lovers alike have been following this case closely.

Watch my video as I explain why it’s important that this gets resolved in favour of freedom and what’s best for Canadians, rather than the Liberal elite who are moving towards something called “Managed Trade”.

Beer lovers and political wonks say it’s simple.

Stick to the constitution and free our beer!

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commented 2016-07-13 13:24:00 -0400
Scott, you’re really down with all this lefty control freak bureaucratic tyranny aren’t you?

If you were at all interested in “banning” things that do people harm, ban big government because it has killed over 300 million of its own people in the 20th century alone – after that I suppose the next most deadly toxin mankind was exposed to was organized religion which has murdered literally millions of “heretics” of the true faith in the millennia.

There are only two true evils in this world my friend and a solution which causes temporary mild euphoria isn’t one of them – men who presume to speak for God and men who presume to speak for mankind are responsible for more human misery than a simple bottle of beer – alcohol pales in comparison to the ruin these two mindsets have caused.

Get your perspectives corrected: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOTE5.HTM
commented 2016-07-13 11:09:45 -0400
Beer is generally Evil. I have seen so much devastation because of it that it should be banned. The Liberals want no restrictions to their abuses. And drugging your blood stream is an abuse, and many peoples lives are destroyed by it. Not only is it a waste of money, It pollutes the family, gives many children Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, crashes cars and separates families and gets girls pregnant.
Like many other things you can put cross bones on the package and they will still smoke or drink it. Some even huff gasoline.
We cannot say, Oh well, you just cant stop people from doing what they do. And if that is the case, then lets save some money get rid of the police and let people follow the speed limit using their best judgement. As if the Gov’t has ever relied on peoples best judgement. They seem to like a $5000 fine for those who drive without insurance. Why not let them use their best judgement.
Its time we limit the use of alcohol.
If the Liberals are trying to get it into every store, then its got to be wrong.
commented 2016-07-13 03:45:37 -0400
NDP Sucks – it’s obviously the taxes that the provincial governments shamelessly impose on all booze to keep their roads paved… As I’ve noted before, and observed two years ago after moving from Nova Scotia back to British Columbia:- “Iceberg Vodka” from NFLD is three bucks cheaper on Vancouver Island. than it is in Digby, Nova Scotia, and that’s over 4,000 miles further west!… Need I say more?…
commented 2016-07-13 02:09:45 -0400
I drink Molson Canadian once a year, on 1July. The rest of the time I like Old Milwaukee or Kokanee. If you like watered down brew try a Coors Light.

Why the hell is government so fricken chintzy about letting private breweries sell their product in other provinces? Same thing with wine. What gives? The big boys can’t handle the competition or what is the problem?
commented 2016-07-12 19:31:19 -0400
First off Brian, stop drinking the Molson piddle water before it turns you into a liberal cupcake – I hear its the official beer of the gay Olympics and the LP. – get a good crafted stout or porter or Double IPA inta ya and stop with the rainbow sudz – it’ll give you a limp wrist hoisting it.

Secondly, when politicos are open to removing any inter-prov trade barriers for beer, you know it isn’t going to help small/independent craft brewers because the big mega brewers already have national branding available in all provinces – a Molson or PBR or Miller or Bud or Export or Blue or Coors is the same bland fizzy yellow girlie beer in NB as it is in BC – big brewing and protection of their national brands is WHY inter-prov trade barriers in beer export exist. These trade barriers exist to protect captured markets from the superior quality small craft brewers and imported Euro beer – it was erected by brewing/retail monopoly friendly politicians.

I have a hard time believing either they of the mega corporate brewers will willingly give up 1% of their captured market to free trade and free market enterprise.
commented 2016-07-12 19:06:41 -0400
Canada does not exist except in the eyes of the romantic laurentians. It used to until 1968, or more specifically 1982. Not now, though there was hope through Chrétien (1/4 Albertan) and Harper (fully absorbed Ontarian into Alberta). Hence, I only care about The Western plains which have had to fight for recognition since 1870. Rest of Canada can go to gosh darned heck.

The Party of the Liberally Corrupt of course wants its cut. That is why the federation is a failure.