November 05, 2016

Politicians on the right Rally 4 Resources: “Mr. Trudeau, tear down that wall”

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Rally 4 Resources event at the Alberta legislature to support Canada’s oil and gas industry, saw a pretty good turnout for the middle of the week on a workday. Their main message was directed at getting pipelines built.

The Rebel caught up with politicians at the event to get their take on why it’s so important to support the industry and oil and gas infrastructure projects, asking what they would say to Justin Trudeau to get these projects rolling.

National Energy Board approval processes have been stalled and the Liberals continue to insist there’s no confidence in our regulatory system.

One thing is certain, there’s a lot of support coming from politicians on the right side of the aisle when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

The message is clear: Alberta relies on these critical projects getting built in order to get people back to work and Canadian prosperity depends on it too.

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commented 2016-11-06 19:24:40 -0500
Centrist no countries in the middle east were Muslim until they were annexed violently.
commented 2016-11-06 15:01:17 -0500
Centrist libertarian… I’m still waiting to hear your plans how you’re going to take a wrecking ball to the wall that Trump would build lol..
And if you look at your word structure on the post I was referring to, the way you wrote it makes it look like you were speaking to the northern borders and could be interpreted that way. and if Mexico still held those states they would be living in the dark ages to nobodies advantage.
you’re just another big tough guy keyboard warrior.
commented 2016-11-06 05:15:16 -0500
LEVITICUS 2013 does not know that 10 states in America’s southwest used to be Mexico and was annexed violently. That happened decades after they tried to do the exact same thing with Canada in the war of 1812.
commented 2016-11-06 03:02:03 -0500
Shouldn’t there be a heavy tax on foreign oil, to penalize and discourage blood soaked oil from being brought into Canada? Oil that funds carnage and chaos all over the world? Shouldn’t anyone found supporting and buying conflict oil be seized and tried as traitors to Canada? Shouldn’t we be encouraging the use of domestic oil for the well being of our own nation? If our great and noble leaders think the rest of the world doesn’t have confidence in our oil industry standards, surely they can’t have any confidence in countries that don’t hold a candle to our standards? If they honestly believe that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be any problem proving their theory. Approve the pipelines and let private industry fund it. Nothing out of the public purse. If those pipelines fail, then too bad for private industry. If their theory is wrong and pipelines succeed, then the entire country wins big time; Including the government. In light of that, there shouldn’t be any hesitation in approving pipelines to both coasts! Not now. But, RIGHT NOW!!!!
commented 2016-11-06 01:22:32 -0500
No, Jay Kelly, she does not support pipelines. However, she does support a manufacturing industry where they make hats and slippers from imported Danish cats.
commented 2016-11-06 01:15:55 -0400
The Premier of Alberta has been so adamant in support of pipelines that easterners wonder if she is part of Confederation.

Probably Canadians in Ontario and east have to accept that the Premier of Alberta is going to be in favour of pipelines.
commented 2016-11-05 21:56:24 -0400
Centrist libertarian said..
“If Trump builds his wall I will knock it down with a wrecking ball because all the land north of that border rightfully belongs to Mexico.”

To the first part of your statement I say
“real good luck with that”
To the second part of that same statement I say you should either buy a map and have a real good look at it or paid more attention at grade School in geography class because everything north of the USA belongs to Canada..
And speaking to everything else that you wrote on the post below this one is so screwed up with spin that it is not worth critiquing to show you the fault of your own logic.
Get over the fact that the majority of like-minded thinkers are supposed to rule in democratic societies… I’m sure you have heard the saying “great minds think a like and fools seldom differ” that pretty much explains the frustrations of the minorities that are making their desperate effort to control the masses.
commented 2016-11-05 20:08:37 -0400
Let’s see one component of the existing Wildrose Party’s policy on the Environment believes that “the Government of Alberta should reduce greenhouse gases by advancing, implementing, and cooperating on technology, research, conservation, and alternative renewable energy sources”. With respect to “advancing … alternative renewable energy sources” that sounds an awful lot like the NDP’s “commitment” that “Alternative and renewable energy sources are part of Alberta’s energy portfolio”. The Carbon Tax is intended, in part, to finance those “alternative renewable energy sources”. So, what’s Wildrose’s beef?
commented 2016-11-05 19:34:54 -0400
The Trudeau liberals don’t care about western Canada, most specifically Alberta in particular.
For whatever reason, they seem to want to ruin the most productive and economically viable industry in the entire country.
The Trudeau liberals would rather bail about a quebexican company that should have gone bankrupt 20 years ago.
Essentially, they like to waste money on giving handouts to a company that can not sustain itself… and put sanctions and political red tape and beurocratic BS around an entire industry that is the backbone of the economy.

Absolutely ridiculous!!! Trudeau and his supporters are either mentally retarded, incompetent or are purposefully trying to destroy Canada. I think it’s all three
commented 2016-11-05 19:34:01 -0400
The invisible energy minister was not present to present the government point of view? Why? Is she invisible? I give credit to the one visible MLA from the Non-Democratic Party being there and doing the invisible energy minister’s political job. Oh, well, the invisible energy minister is also an invisible MLA.
commented 2016-11-05 19:28:32 -0400
Build a wall along the Manitoba – Ontario border, arrest Suzuki, Gregor Robertson, & Notely, along with every other “progressive” lawyer/judge/politician/radical environmental activist/professor/SJW for treason and deport them all to Ottawa. Then separate from the rest of Canada, bringing Nunavut, NWT and the Yukon with us. After all, JT’s policies will hit the northern communities the hardest. We could then start over from scratch, severing all ties with the UN and building a justice system and an economy built on individual freedom, small government and on Judeo- Christian principles. It’s a pipe dream, I know, but at this point in my life dreams are all I have to look forward to.
commented 2016-11-05 18:42:22 -0400
Time to build the wall, never mind tear it down.
commented 2016-11-05 18:34:59 -0400
No problem holding this event on a “work day” because all the resource workers are unemployed due to off shore political agendas being played out in the province.
commented 2016-11-05 17:52:16 -0400
as long as there is a liberal PM and the natives in Canada mining and oil and gas are over with.