February 06, 2019

NEW poll: 60% of Albertans would consider voting for a separatist party — and so would 53% of Saskatchewanians

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I’m not surprised: Sixty per cent of Albertans would favour a western separatist movement. That’s the result of a new opinion poll by Angus Reid.

Here’s their headline:

Decades after Reform’s rise, voters open to a new ‘Western Canada Party’. And by that, they mean a new federal party, to run in Canadian elections, like the old Reform Party did, to promote a western point of view.

Angus Reid says a new pro-western party would immediately be in first place across the west, and would literally get 40 per cent in Alberta. Could be.

Of course, it would depend a lot on the leader; I think a lot of westerners are disappointed in the weak sauce of Andrew Scheer. Maxime Bernier, who calls himself "the Albertan from Beauce," actually has more of a chance that others might think.

Now look at the real question in the Angus Reid survey:

Would you be in favour or opposed to your own province joining such a western separatist movement?

Forty three per cent of BCers and 45 per cent of Manitobans are strongly opposed to the idea, although 35 per cent of BCers are open to the idea, and 36 per cent are open to it in Manitoba — before such a party even is formed.

(And remember, simply having a western separatist party doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll separate. It might just mean you want to negotiate a bit more firmly than rolling over every time. It's worked for Quebec.

(Furthermore, I’m not sure what use the United States of America would have for an independent Quebec. But I’m pretty sure Donald Trump would know what to do with Alberta...)

And Albertans, I think, know this, if you look at these poll results. Again, without even advocating, 60 per cent of Albertans would immediately support such a project — and half of those supporters are “strong”. That’s a landslide, folks.

So what does this all mean?

I think it means that all of the existing political entities have failed the west.

Obviously the Liberals, but the NDP doesn’t much like it either. And the Conservative Party? Well, the stats speak for themselves: People prefer another party to it; they prefer separatism to it. That’s sad.

Of course other institutions have failed, too. The mainstream media is in many ways the worst; but so are the courts — which are the primary means to attack the oil patch and pipelines. People are fed up.

Remember, though:

They called Preston Manning a bigot for standing up for the west. Thirty years later, that playbook still seems to work. Get ready for it again.

NEXT: One of our most popular guests, consultant and lawyer Manny Montenegrino, comes on to talk about the U.S./Canada trade war I discussed earlier this week. 

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commented 2019-02-06 21:25:28 -0500
Look Cal White,
Alberta & the prairies can get its political act together in a new york minute.
BC would be the absolute wild west from hell. There would be outright war here without a federal power holding everyone together.
If you want to go, go. You haven’t, your fault you stayed.
No judgement… but if you want to go, go.
BC will be fine.
commented 2019-02-06 21:19:31 -0500
Its all in the south Cal White.
The coast holds the power.
commented 2019-02-06 21:14:48 -0500
But how many of those B/C seats are interior?
commented 2019-02-06 21:13:42 -0500
Thanks Cal White.
I needed that. I’m rusty.
commented 2019-02-06 21:11:55 -0500
Hi Karen,

Thanks for the clarification.

No. That is not in the constitution. It was the clarity act of Dion, which has not been tested, and the clear majority was left in doubt. It also applies to provincial referendums, not federal. Personally, though supporting western separation, I would want a clear 60% support.
commented 2019-02-06 21:11:04 -0500
BC has 42 seats while Alberta has 34 seats Cal White.
Its a bigger fish THAN ALBERTA. Its the biggest in the west.
I for one am sick and tired of whinning and complaing huxters threatening to leave because they want a lollipop from Big Daddy in Ottawa.
God, grow up already.
Frankly, there were some nuts wanting sepratism in the past that the gov’t didn’t sponsor.
Dougie Christie from WIP was no gem in my opinion.
Do I think the gov’t should try and swindle its way into national unity?
No. Do I want my province separated covertly into a fascist or communist state??? HELL NO!
The cops don’t bother me in the slightest. I’m not afraid of my reputation to ANY ONE. I can think for my self and be self accountable like an adult. The tricky part is finding an adult in many areas of politics.
commented 2019-02-06 21:08:01 -0500
HERE IS THE FIRST BIG POLL—-PPC in 3rd just behind Cons and Liberals!

Andrew Stevenson wants me to say NOT VERIFIED YET. Always be positive !
commented 2019-02-06 21:03:44 -0500
Cal White,
You need a strong representation in Ottawa of votes to break under section 91 or 92? I’m rusty. You need half of Canada to vote a break in the country I think.
commented 2019-02-06 20:47:56 -0500

Why would the prairies look to either B/C or Western Ontario?

We would look South. The majority of European pioneers came from there. Second most from Eastern Europe. Eastern Canada is a distant third. Most of the First Nations were cross border.

Also, regarding B/C. The interior is not the lower mainland and Island. NE B/C definitely not.
commented 2019-02-06 20:30:21 -0500
Alberta is slowly being destroyed by Trudeau and Notley, and I don’t much changing by electing Scheer and Kenny. The Alberta independence party has just over fifty candidates nominated for the next election.

commented 2019-02-06 20:26:53 -0500
At best Sheer is a RED TORY and more like an appeaser
red tory = more liberal than a liberal
commented 2019-02-06 20:22:13 -0500
The west can’t get anywhere without BC and half of Ontario.
Or you run in every constituency so the rest of Canada has a chance to toss out the west.
commented 2019-02-06 20:13:24 -0500
I really wonder how many Canadians are truly happy with the way Canada is constituted and would favour tearing up Daddy Trudeau’s Constitution and starting over?
commented 2019-02-06 20:10:57 -0500
I reached voting age under Senior. Lougheed came to power in Alberta after, and said wait. Preston Manning said wait because the west wants in. Klein said wait because he had a great rapport with Chrétien. Harper said wait because the West was now in. We are now back to Junior, and F… waiting.