October 27, 2017

Poll: 4 of 10 Voters Secretly Support Trump

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

Four in 10 voters support President Trump but stay silent about it, a new poll says. 

According to the study, Trump supporters may even be hesitant to tell pollsters about their views, thus Trump's actual support may be significantly higher than some polls suggest. 

If almost 40% of voters are afraid to tell people they might approve of Trump or agree with his policies, maybe there are some voters who are afraid to tell pollsters they support him in a horserace question, or approve of his job as commander in chief. Our polling numbers were steady during 2016, and showed a very competitive race between Clinton and Trump but there were moments when it was hard to discern how well Trump was performing in certain parts of the country.

While the numbers do not differentiate among most subgroups, there does seem to be a partisan element to this issue when it comes to whether voters agree or disagree with idea of being afraid to admit they support or agree with Trump. Among groups that are more likely to lean Republican or support Trump, they were most likely to agree they do not openly share their support for Trump. Voters who are Republican (58%), NRA members (51%), Veterans/Armed forces (48%), NASCAR fans (54%), voters who earn $50k-$75k annually (51%), and most surprisingly 58% of those who say they sympathize with ANTIFA, all agreed with the idea they tell people they don't approve of Trump but secretly support some of his policies.

To many, these findings are likely not surprising. The left and the mainstream media have a seething hatred for Trump, anyone who expresses even modest support or sympathy for the president is at risk of being branded a racist or bigot. 

The results reinforce the idea of a "silent majority." Trump supporters may not be out in the street protesting with picket signs, making their voices heard, but that's because they're busy working. These Americans may be quiet about their views, even when asked about who they support, but on voting day they show up at the polls. 

Last year before the presidential election, nearly every poll showed that Hillary Clinton would win handily. It came as a shock to the nation's leading journalists and analysts when Trump won traditionally blue-leaning states, such as Michigan and Wisconsin. 

As the left continues to tirelessly vilify Trump, it has become difficult to gauge just how strong the president's support base is. But one thing is for certain: left-wing elites and the mainstream media would be stupid to underestimate the silent majority. They did it once, and they'll be in for another rude awakening in 2020 if they do it again. 

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commented 2017-10-30 12:57:37 -0400
“Rick Plesnik commented 19 hours ago
It is remarkable despite the electoral fraud going on (California in particular), the endless bashing in the MSM that Trump won. The average working taxpayer in the U.S. woke up and voted. That is what happened.”
Oddly enough, there’s no substantial evidence of widespread fraud specifically in California. It’s become a talking point, but never with any evidence beyond that one survey which actually enumerated how many legal aliens enrolled for Obamacare and had nothing to do with voting. There were of course a few scattered cases, but that happened outside California as well. Of some interest, the only actual legal charges were mostly lodged against a couple of people that voted for Trump more than once – they were afraid of vote fraud so they countered it by committing a bit of it of their own.

Of course, in terms of raw numbers, more “taxpayers” voted for Clinton. The electoral college said otherwise, but that’s a product of vote efficiency rather than raw numbers.
commented 2017-10-30 02:36:20 -0400
It is true that the U.S. electorate was shocked at the accusations that Trump’s election team colluded with the Russians who were trying to get Trump in over Clinton. The criminal charges and the accusations continue. Even without Russian interference Trump might have won.
commented 2017-10-30 02:33:25 -0400
commented 2017-10-29 18:21:07 -0400
It is remarkable despite the electoral fraud going on (California in particular), the endless bashing in the MSM that Trump won. The average working taxpayer in the U.S. woke up and voted. That is what happened. Too bad in Canada, the idiot voter installed a sharia loving communist!
commented 2017-10-29 12:57:41 -0400
“Leviticus 20:13 commented 13 hours ago
An extra 40% of people support trump but they’re afraid to say so to be labelled things that they’re not like racists "

You can say many things about Trump supporters, but being “afraid” of expressing their support isn’t one of them.

It says some of his policies. That may or may not translate to votes As I said, he’s not universally wrong, so I would say that I do agree with some of his policies. Few, but not none.. I would never vote vote for him since the big picture is so awful. You would probably answer the same thing about Trudeau (does he not have a single policy you can agree on?)

The same poll puts his approval at 44%, which is again basically whatt he got in the election indicating his support isn’t growing. That’s well above the herd’s aggregated average, and from Zogby, a pollster with a propensity for huge outliers.

|"William Elder commented 13 hours ago
HEY YO TTROLS!! – The GOP will gain a 15 seat majority in 2018 and Trump will be returned to office in 2020 with 400+ electoral votes – come here in the after math to be roundly mocked. "

I don’t think he’ll even run, but if he does, I see losing the Senate in 2018, holding Congress in 18 but barely, and 230 in 2020. He’s got a lot of strong states but the swings were somewhat of a fluke, with no indication he’s strengthened. That’s based in opinion polling which has shown a consistent downward trend, and the observations that the GOP held special elections, have gone from high-teen % leads in 16 to 4% this year mirroring the President’s own declining support.
commented 2017-10-28 23:47:24 -0400
HEY YO TTROLS!! – The GOP will gain a 15 seat majority in 2018 and Trump will be returned to office in 2020 with 400+ electoral votes – come here in the after math to be roundly mocked.
commented 2017-10-28 23:05:34 -0400
The left supporting trolls on this site can’t even see the damage they’re responsible for when it’s dangled right in front of their faces… An extra 40% of people support trump but they’re afraid to say so to be labelled things that they’re not like racists and bigots or worse fired from work or the targets of violence by leftist fringe groups.. wow… The freedom of speech is almost been silenced and the stupid leftist fux don’t even see it and further they don’t understand they’ll to be the first ones sacrificed when it’s time for “the cleansing” to happen..!! When the cleansing it does start the lefties will be selling out whoever and whatever they can to save their own necks and doing so without conscience..
No lefty has ever been known to sacrifice himself for the good or has died with dignity.
All the leftists we’re set on fire by Hitler prior to World War II and into the war as well before the maniacs were brought to heel..!! Who is going to liberate Canada to save us from ourselves.??
But remember folks the most important lesson of history is that “it’s written by the winner”
commented 2017-10-28 21:33:18 -0400
Let’s just say if we had a choice to have President Trump as our Leader or trudeau?..We all know what the msm..cbc..radio stations etc. would say….wouldn’t we…

President Trump is draining the political cesspoolians down the toilet where they belong..
commented 2017-10-28 12:41:03 -0400
I guess if Oprah decides to run in 2020, it would be prudent to investigate if she has ever been attendee at Bohemian Grove.
commented 2017-10-28 12:00:58 -0400
My dislike of Trump is not universal. He does have the occasional good idea. So, I would fall into that 38% of people that disapprove in general, but who may approve of “certain policies”.

That doesn’t mean I would ever vote for him. Consider it an acknowledgement that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
commented 2017-10-28 01:11:01 -0400
commented 2017-10-28 01:10:20 -0400
Frank Hohimer the article is about people not saying their true support and Justins numbers are down a lot right now, so you think he will lose? Or is that just some anomaly? Please tell me why one is accurate and the other is not, LMAO!
And Hillary is not the only person creating votes for Trump, the entire left acts like children and people see it, just because it is not on CNN and FB and Twitter hide it does not mean that it does not exist.
I will be reminding you of this in 2020.
commented 2017-10-28 00:39:21 -0400
Trump winning in 2020 is no slam dunk. Hillary and her baggage will no longer be an issue. Hell, Oprah could run and beat Trump.
commented 2017-10-27 23:11:09 -0400
Trump will enjoy a massive win in 2020 and the DNC will become a coastal rump party.
commented 2017-10-27 22:32:32 -0400
Then explain why Trump’s approval numbers are in the toilet at 38%.

It also doesn’t help that Zogby polls have been called the least credible.

Sorry Kristin, but this is bullshit.
commented 2017-10-27 21:15:12 -0400
That number will become public when lefty violence incites retributive justice from the working and tax paying class of folks supporting the “basement dwellers”.
commented 2017-10-27 20:19:59 -0400
This all about getting back at Progressivist-Sodomites and forcing them into mental illness.

The upcoming scream-fest on the anniversary of the election will be hilarious.

And then there’s the rumour that Hillary Clinton wants another shot in 2020.

I suspect that the Left will soon be slashing their own wrists.
commented 2017-10-27 19:48:45 -0400
Jan G, great post!
commented 2017-10-27 19:00:10 -0400
Kristin: the left media will never admit they were/are wrong.
Wait until the Canadian media start on Andrew Scheer. He’s smiling now but it’ll be a lynching.