July 04, 2016

POLL: Almost 30% of Americans think Obama sympathizes with ISIS, but is it any wonder?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Quinnipiac conducted another one of their well-regarded polls last week. This was question 54:

“In the wake of the recent Orlando shooting, Donald Trump has suggested that President Obama may sympathize with terrorists organizations such as ISIS. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?”

Here’s the answer:

29% of people agree with Trump. 65% don’t.

So, more than two to one disagree with Trump.

But it’s still incredible that nearly one third of Americans actually believe their president is sympathetic to ISIS.

But can you blame them? For more than two years, Obama has been half-hearted in any military efforts against ISIS. Obviously the U.S. military could wipe them out in weeks if they wanted to — just like they wiped out Saddam Hussein’s much larger army in 2003.

And Obama has been on a constant apology tour of the Middle East, since his first major foreign policy speech in 2009, in Cairo, Egypt, where he deliberately introduced himself as Barack Hussein Obama and bowed to Saudi kings.

Yeah, I can see why a third of Americans don’t believe Obama’s heart is in it.

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commented 2016-07-06 09:42:14 -0400
The American economy is still in its hole, ISIS is on the march, Syria is a land of dogs fighting over scraps, Dindu Lives Matter is chimpingout again and again with the presidency’s support, higher education is a trash pit of “progressive” faculty and out of control students, the border with Mexico is still loose and there are hordes of Illegals, and lastly it’s planned for hordes of refugees to get into the nation. All under Obama’s presidency.

But hey, men in dresses get to go into the ladies’ bathroom so surely Obama was a top-notch president.
commented 2016-07-06 09:30:12 -0400
Go away “progressive.” Obama is an Affirmative Action President with a fittingly underwhelming performance. Over sampling Democrat voters doesn’t make it better.
commented 2016-07-05 23:38:11 -0400
Reje, check your figures. Barak Obama has a current approval rate of about 50%. Quite high for a sitting president.
commented 2016-07-05 19:12:55 -0400
Obama’s presidency has the lowest public satisfaction since Carter’s:


Of course, considering the state of America this late into Obama’s presidency:



That’s what you get from the Affirmative Action President.
commented 2016-07-05 13:49:43 -0400
“Silent majority”? That’s a good one .The results don’t agree with your claims, so you simply make up your own results and ascribe it to some sort of nebulous conspiracy.
commented 2016-07-05 13:25:14 -0400
The other 70% are the silent majority and were afraid to answer truthfully because speaking up about such things these days can be intimidating.
commented 2016-07-05 09:47:50 -0400
2/3 of Americans think Trump is an idiot?

Faith in humanity restored, somewhat.
commented 2016-07-04 23:51:38 -0400
Well Jay time will tell. We will see what happens when Putin gets over there (and does what we should have)maybe you are right and they can’t be destroyed then again you may be wrong. I wonder if his planes will make a difference, our selfie PM didn’t think so.
commented 2016-07-04 22:57:50 -0400
Levant writes: “Obviously the U.S. military could wipe them (ISIS) out in weeks if they wanted to — just like they wiped out Saddam Hussein’s much larger army in 2003.”

It is not so easy. Hussein had a national army that the U.S. could target and attack. ISIS is a non-governmental insurgency that seemed to spring up in several places at once as a perverse grass-roots reaction to U.S. and other foreign military action in the region. Not so easy to wipe out something like that.
commented 2016-07-04 22:43:48 -0400
You can find 30% of the population to agree with just about anything.

55% approval, according to latest polls. That’s significant.
commented 2016-07-04 20:02:39 -0400
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commented 2016-07-04 19:40:30 -0400
The other 70% don’t know who or what ISIS is.
commented 2016-07-04 19:20:13 -0400
Of course he does. Only 30% of Americans are paying attention.
commented 2016-07-04 18:46:13 -0400
I’m only surprised it’s only 30% who think Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. He only criticizes Christians. I don’t care what country he was born in, his father was a muslim and his middle name is Hussein. I believe, because I read somewhere the Muslim Brotherhood are in the White House. I don’t understand why he’s not impeached for the way he’s trashing the constitution or why Hilary hasn’t been indicted. A mystery! Now this Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch thing, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck! Unless of course Bill and Loretta are having an affair as I commented sarcastically in another email.
commented 2016-07-04 18:32:04 -0400
I am waiting for the modern day Lee Harvey Oswald.
commented 2016-07-04 18:19:45 -0400
Canadian Mongrel commented – "My polling question would be: “How many Canadians believe Baby Doc has been bought off with Arab oil money.”

You’d have to poll outside the country to get an informed response.
commented 2016-07-04 18:17:21 -0400
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commented 2016-07-04 17:52:50 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,275 Attacks, 198,237 Killed, 278,564 Injured.
commented 2016-07-04 17:51:15 -0400
If Obama was on the side of Isis, what would he be doing differently?
commented 2016-07-04 17:50:14 -0400
Muslims are allowed to lie in order to get the job done, he lied about not being a Muslim
commented 2016-07-04 17:46:04 -0400
Anyone who saw how the Russians miraculously found the ISIS oil tankers (out in the open) and summarily blew them to kingdom come would naturally think the same.
commented 2016-07-04 17:43:59 -0400
My polling question would be:

“How many Canadians believe Baby Doc has been bought off with Arab oil money.”
commented 2016-07-04 17:35:13 -0400
The poll tells me 30% of Americans are informed about their compromised government and 65% remain in either denial or blissful ignorance.

Last year retired 4 star admiral Ace Lyons revealed the Obama administration was “fully infiltrated” by the Muslim Brotherhood – which are the political wing of radical Islamism. He said the MB is calling the shots on Obama’s ME policy – which is no policy at all.

This should not surprise informed Americans who know that Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro) was documented as a practicing Muslim in Indonesia – Obama claims he’s no longer a practicing Muslim, and I believe him – so in Islamic eyes this makes him an apostate, which is worse than an infidel and that makes him vulnerable to a death fatwa – maybe he cut a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to quash the hit Islam would put on him in return for pulling up stakes in the ME?

The way he pussyfoots around Islamic terror, it’s easy to believe he’s compromised.
commented 2016-07-04 17:33:13 -0400
I don’t believe Obama sympathizes with ISIS. And I don’t believe he’s a Muslim, either.

But I do believe that he is so terrified of Islamists, he believes that compliance will prevent the next attack. Worse, because he doesn’t really understand the enemy, as many liberals do, he gets his advice from advisors who maybe sympathetic to Islamists, if not secret supporters of their cause.

Obama is the PC president: do not name the enemy, because they will harm you if you do.
commented 2016-07-04 17:28:11 -0400
Obama is a muslim – he’s just sticking up for his own kind.
commented 2016-07-04 17:16:42 -0400
Sorry Ezra, but I have to disagree with you on getting Canadian pollsters to ask certain questions. They are private companies and will ask whatever questions they are paid to ask. It’s getting the results published in the MSM that is the challenge, especially when the results don’t comply with the JT/PC narrative.