September 04, 2018

Poll Finds Brexit Voters Not Deterred by Project Fear

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Project Fear might still be pounding the drum for a second referendum and fabricating scare stories, but it isn’t working on Brexit voters. A poll commissioned by LBC has found that 70 per cent of those who voted Brexit are happy to leave the European Union even if it means longer queues at border control, and a majority would still leave even if it means the cost of food increases.

This tells us something really important. It confirms that people voted to leave the European Union not necessarily because they thought it would bring us major economic gains, but instead as a way of rejecting mainstream politics. Brexit voters, much like Trump voters in America, wanted to destroy a system that they believe disadvantages regular people – and I’d agree with them. I am one of them.

The poll even showed us that Brexit voters are willing to enter a recession for the sake of Brexit.

The results are significant as Project Fear has already claimed that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost, diabetics would lose access to insulin and cancer patients would die waiting for treatment. Despite the scare tactics, Brexit voters are steadfast – they want Brexit, they want to regain power from bureaucrats in Brussels, and they’re even willing to make a few sacrifices for it.

The economy is important, and I’d like to see a smaller government with lower taxes, but, like most Brexiteers, I’m primarily concerned with protecting our borders and ensuring the safety of our citizens.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that I think most respondents to this poll knew what was really going on with the question. I doubt that most Brexit voters believe the country would slip into a recession after Brexit anyway, but regardless, they’re happy to take it on the chin if it does.

So, Gina Miller can continue her campaign if she likes. She can carry on appearing on national television claiming that a No Deal Brexit would “literally destroy the UK”, or even cause riots that the Armed Forces would have to control. The people aren’t listening to her – and when she’s proven wrong, I hope she never shows her face in politics again. The same goes for the rest of the disgraceful Project Fear operation.

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commented 2018-09-05 19:37:10 -0400
Time is running short, where are Farage, Johnson and Davis? Time for action is now, not next Christmas. Glory Glory Halal-ooh-yer.
commented 2018-09-05 14:07:02 -0400