April 14, 2016

Are Manitoba Liberals leaning towards the PCs rather than the NDP?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tom Brodbeck of the Winnipeg Sun talks to Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media about the upcoming election in Manitoba.

He says there is a "'time for a change momentum'" in the province.

Brodbeck also notes that a Sun poll revealed many Liberal voters' "second choice" selection was the Progressive Conservatives, not the NDP as you might expect.

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commented 2016-04-16 04:04:54 -0400
It has been a while since I read the Winnipeg Sun, but I recall Tom being my favorite writer there.
commented 2016-04-14 18:20:25 -0400
They all ways vote in conservatives after yeas of financial ruin, and then msmers bastards start to do their thing when a little needed austerity is practiced
commented 2016-04-14 12:52:32 -0400
Winnipeg Free Press editorial after Tory-friendly poll -


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