June 17, 2015

Polls reveal power shift: NDP rising, Liberals dropping -- and there's one big reason why

Brian LilleyArchive

Yet another poll is showing the drop in public support for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

The New Democrats meanwhile are on the rise while the Conservatives are stalled.

What is driving this?

I think I know the one big thing that's contributing to the Liberals' fall. Do you agree?

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commented 2015-06-20 18:06:32 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva, I suggest you book a flight and spend a few months in Venezuela. Maybe you will return and actually understand something about politics, particularly leftist policies and rhetoric.
commented 2015-06-20 11:48:25 -0400
@jimmie . . . . "I laugh at the notion that Obama is some kind of hard core liberal. Liberals and progressive learned that Obama really isn’t all that different from Bush. Center left. " ? ? ?
Obama is far-left, you must be watching the CBC . . . LOL
Obama is the most radical president in memory . . . he makes Jimmy Carter look like a capable conservative.
Obama has created the poorest US recovery in the last 100 years . . . far-left ObamaCare is a disaster . . .
Obama will have DOUBLED US debt by the time he leaves office in Jan 2017.
You must be watching a different movie Jimmie . . . it seems you and reality seldom meet ! ! !
commented 2015-06-19 18:33:05 -0400

Thank you for acknowledging that it’s Harper that continues to fund the CBC. I think some of the CBC whiners here forget that important point. Blame Harper for your tax dollars going to the CBC.
commented 2015-06-19 18:24:39 -0400
Got to agree with you Peter, when you say Harper is to left leaning. He has done a lot of good things, but neglected others, like defunding the cbc, which is will be his biggest liability in the upcoming election. I’m all for the cbc but not with my money. Right now I see the political landscape as Lib-lite, Socialist & Communist.
commented 2015-06-18 23:06:36 -0400

Are you against Harper’s announcement today to give money to the TTC?
commented 2015-06-18 21:20:32 -0400

And what is so left leaning about Stephen Harper?
commented 2015-06-18 21:16:03 -0400

Well then why do you think Stephen Harper is in the position to lose this election if the conservative party is so kick ass? While you may be happy, it would seem like many Canadians are not happy with the conservative party – be it in Alberta or in the upcoming election. Why?
commented 2015-06-18 21:14:01 -0400

I laugh at the notion that Obama is some kind of hard core liberal. Liberals and progressive learned that Obama really isn’t all that different from Bush. Center left. And that’s why liberals are disappointed with him.
commented 2015-06-18 18:30:02 -0400
I concur with Kelvin on the Liberals. As for the NDP, I think you need to take what they believe for granted. That’s the mistake Americans made about the Messiah. A little research would have shown them that Barrack was one of the most liberal policy makers the nation had. And what a mistake it was voting him in. Let’s not make that mistake with the NDP. We know what they believe and it is damn scary.
commented 2015-06-18 18:28:30 -0400
Well Jimmy, I base my decision on who I vote for on a few criteria.
1. What is the historical record of the parties.
– - – the NDP provincially have decimated the economy of every province they governed. Not good.
– - – the Liberals federally have done adequately, but they are pathological liars. Not good.
2. What party fits what I believe to be the best way to move the country forward.
– - – The Conservatives hold the most amount of policies with which I agree.
– - – The Liberals are pathological liars.
– - – The NDP are far too socialist. The economy would suffer funding their socialist policies.
3. What is the party leader like.
– - – Justin is an airhead. He truly does not have the intelligence, maturity, or stature to be a PM, imo.
– - – Thomas has the intellect, the maturity, and the stature (demeanor) to be PM, but he is NDP. Back to point 2C.

So even though Harper has made his share of mistakes, and is not my ideal Conservative (too left leaning for me), he is still the best choice for me.
commented 2015-06-18 17:13:07 -0400
I already have lived through to many liberal governments for my life time, ad scam, the national energy policy, and the list goes on and on the recovery time to fix the country after these guy bilked it is to long, look at the difference between our country and the U.S. After the bubble in 2008 who recovered quicker? The record is self explanatory between liberal and conservative
commented 2015-06-18 16:33:27 -0400

I will take my chances despite your hyperbole. If the NDP or Liberals are so horrible as you seem to think – guess what, they can be voted out in the next election.

You make it sound as if this election will mean forever. Let’s see what kind of job the NDP or Liberals do – if they do a great job, then that’s awesome. If they do a horrible job, then you can say that you were right and vote conservative in the next election. It’s time for someone else besides Harper to have a swing at the bat.
commented 2015-06-18 15:52:12 -0400
Every time you get the progressives and the separatists fighting it out for power they end up imploding, I’m not sweating this election………… And I’m from Alberta
commented 2015-06-18 15:44:23 -0400
So Jason, you think bill C-51 is the focus? Just askin’.
commented 2015-06-18 15:39:48 -0400
Jimmy proclaimed, " It will be nice having two liberal/progressive countries working TOGETHER again. "

To the destruction of both. Yet another reason why the NDP can never take the PM chair.
commented 2015-06-18 14:28:16 -0400
Simple. Bill C51. The NDP is actually feasting on both Liberal AND CPC declines. We may very well see the a NDP government come the fall. The only thing that might stop it is Harper advising the Governor General to not sign his bill into law. We didn’t believe the polls in AB to our peril.
commented 2015-06-18 12:56:19 -0400
Oh and by the way – Hillary Clinton will be President. It will be nice having two liberal/progressive countries working TOGETHER again.
commented 2015-06-18 12:49:58 -0400
Stephen Harper is done. Welcome NDP.
commented 2015-06-18 09:09:48 -0400
If Malcair and his elitist leftists/union thugs/ Quebec separatists were smart, they would concentrate
during this round on finishing off the teetering Liberal house of cards, but they aren’t, so they won’t.
commented 2015-06-18 08:56:35 -0400
Well said Peter.
commented 2015-06-18 08:45:01 -0400
Gordon Ross said, "Canadians have come to their senses and are going to vote against the corporate controlled parties. "

What, in favour of union controlled parties? Oh, now that is much better! NOT

Gordon said, “The NDP are the best option that put people first.”

The NDP say they are for the people. They all do, but none are. They are all for the interest of themselves. The NDP are liars just like the rest. Socialism has not worked out as a system of government in the history of the planet. The NDP are socialists. Connect the dots.

Gordon said, ". . . poor international reputation . . "

That is provably a false statement. Stop believing the lies fed to you by your NDP lemming friends and go read up on international sites for yourself. Canada’s reputation has not been higher for many years and it is directly because Harper is an excellent statesman who stands for principles rather that being washed around in the tide of popular public opinion.

Gordon said, "and have a terrible ecological record "

That once again is not true. The CO2 emissions created by Canada has been steadily decreasing while Harper has been in office. It increased while the Liberals were in office. That is assuming you think CO2 is a pollution. I don’t. The science is not settled. No science is ever “settled”, especially one where the facts do not support the GW lie. Now, dumping raw sewage into the ocean, land fill sites, toxic chemical wastes. Those are pollutants!

Gordon said (with the usual leftie insult attached), “Thanks for the very entertaining spins boys and girls.”

Gordon, that is exactly what you have been doing, spewing the leftie lies fed to you by the left wing main stream media. And you have obviously chosen the path of believing all the lies as opposed to thinking for yourself.

Do you care to debate any of your rhetoric? As you might have noticed, debate is not stifled on this site like it is on the self proclaiming freedom of speech sites, like the CBC. There you can say what you like as long as they agree with it, otherwise “Content Disabled”.
commented 2015-06-18 00:36:07 -0400
Let’s see…the NDP Marxists, the Liberal cultural Marxists or the Conservative liberals. All in all, still gotta go with the least of the evils, namely the Conservative liberals. Sure do wish we had a federal Wild Rose conservative party, though.
commented 2015-06-18 00:26:25 -0400
The trolls are out on this thread – what pro harper crap- he’s been good ? oh my. Canadians have come to their senses and are going to vote against the corporate controlled parties. The NDP are the best option that put people first. You like the spy bill p[olice state, crap economy, wars and poor international reputation, you want to take on Russia and have a terrible ecological record then harper is your lord and master (well his corporate bosses are) you want someone to go along in a coalition and try to appease Canadians on corporate agendas then go liberal . Thanks for the very entertaining spins boys and girls. By there way our lovely ally that harper gave the Canadian Wheat Board to and we are selling arms to now that Sweden won’t – the Saudis – are on track to behead over 200 people this year – they make you ‘jihadis’ look like amateurs. Chew on that.
commented 2015-06-17 23:50:35 -0400
If the NDP win federally . . . well, let’s just say that can’t happen . . . for the good of Canada.
commented 2015-06-17 22:33:32 -0400
Le Bebe is leading, as we all knew he would, his liberals to a third straight disaster. The question is, what will happen to the Liberals when their celebrity leader has destroyed the party? There must be a lot of back room, Liberal, good-ole-boys who think that Mark Garneau looks pretty good right about now.
commented 2015-06-17 22:21:13 -0400
Does anyone wonder if George Soros funded groups are influencing the Canadian political process?
commented 2015-06-17 22:12:41 -0400
NDP & Liberals have no chance to win. When it comes to actual voting Canadians will sober up and vote the Conservatives back in.
The NDP are practically bankrupt. Mulclair looks like an Gary thug looking for a brawl.
Trudeau is just stupid.
commented 2015-06-17 21:37:26 -0400
Who cares if the NDP runs first – they will split the socialist vote.

And Conservatives will get their majority again.

chrechian won in the 90s with 36% of the vote only because of the Conservative vote split.
commented 2015-06-17 19:28:14 -0400
Canadians are infinitely pragmatic. Those who lean to the left side of things are not going to vote Lieberal despite their so called affection for lefty ideals. Go for the real thing. The Dippers who do not hide their Socialist leanings. Doubtful there will be any terrorist events in Canada prior to the election. The Socialists and the Jihadists know full well that would galvanize Canadians into re-electing a Gov’t that has shown itself (against much opposition opinion) to tackle the issue head on and protect Canadians. Expect some Islamist demands or activities if the Dippers do gain Gov’t. The gloves will be off now and given the Dippers track record, they are more likely to sacrifice individual Canadian lives to maintain power than to address the issue. Also, getting themselves elected is the only way they will be able to shunt aside the 4 million dollars or so of taxpayer money they owe Canadians!
commented 2015-06-17 19:12:46 -0400
I agree with Brian that the ads have chipped away at Trudeau’s image. But I also think Canadians have picked up that Trudeau’s handlers are loose canons. Trudeau has developed a pro-jihad personna.

Trudea has actually improved. His public speaking skills are quite effective. If only the words weren’t coming from his mouth …

As for Tom Mulcair, he appears as calm, competent, confident; someone reliable. Also, the NDP has been busy targeting grass roots municipal leaders with deals and promises. They are espousing Conservative values. I attended a talk on human trafficking by my riding’s NDP candidate (to check out the enemy, so to speak, as I always do in election years) and he expressed traditional Conservative values, including tough on crime and prayer for victims.

So why have the Conservatives fallen? I think the very vocal, far-right minority, among them Libertarians who actively demonize Harper, have done considerable harm to the brand.

The Conservatives can’t win so long as the public think the majority of us think ISIS atrocities are an acceptable way to silence voices that don’t agree, especially to silence the Charter right of women and gays to free expression.

Michael Coren has a large following; he has documented the vicious attacks he’s been the target of from the vocal, far-right minority just for exercising his Charter right of free conscience.

The majority of Canadians are a sophisticated people who don’t tolerate bigotry.

Even though the Conservative Party of Canada is about as inclusive as it gets, if the public thinks we find acceptable ISIS atrocities as too many on this site recently agreed to, they won’t vote for Harper.

And that’s a shame. Because the Harper Conservatives are the only party actively opposing jihad-motivated atrocities, whether they are in Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Britain, Sweden, Russia, China, Australia, honduras, Mexico, Canada … well, you get the picture.

Exclusivity of opinion is NOT a Conservative value. Conservatives value free expression, free conscience, respect for difference, and inclusivity. That is what won us power, not the condemnation of those whose views and lifestyles differ from ours.

One thing might catapult the Conservatives into another term in office – another terrorist attack. Let’s hope that isn’t needed and that Conservatives begin to unite around common goals instead of hating all and sundry diverse views.